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Hi babes! It’s been a minute since i’ve shared some randomness on mom life and my babes so here’s a little Life Lately the Kids Edition…..

I shared a lot of snaps on SnapChat of Ava’s little party over the weekend. Her cake and cupcakes were both from Susie Cakes. If you’re in OC you have to try them! I swear they are even better than sprinkles. (are you girls on SnapChat too? I’ll admit it took me FOREVER to finally get on board bc lets be honest I felt overwhelmed with annnnother social media outlet…but it’s actually really growing on me. I like that it is a little more raw/unfiltered than all the other social media outlets and that I can actually chat with you girls too. If you follow me on there I would love to know what you want to see more of? You can find me under AndeeLayne)

I can’t believe my baby girl is four! I posted this picture on instagram a couple days ago and after reading through all your comments I couldn’t help but feel the love. It’s so crazy that so many of you girls have been following our little journey since before she was born and am just so so grateful for all the love you girls show. Blogging is a two way street and it’s so nice to have a group of amazing women and mamas that I can ask advice from too! So thank you to girls because as crazy as it sounds I really feel like I’ve come to know so many of you from here!

We had Ava’s party at this awesome spot called We Play Loud, that I highly recommend if you’re in OC. The place in general is super cute if you want to just go for the day and let the kids play but it’s was AMAZING for hosting a party too! It’s like a super clean and way better version of Chuck E Cheese. They even have a private enclosed section for babies and toddlers too! 
I mean how cute is this?! Ava even had her own reserved parking spot with balloons and was so excited!

So the staff greated us in the parking lot (literally 5 staff members) and carried in everything for our party. Balloons, Decor, Food…everything! They helped set it all up and then at the end while I was entertaining the guests, they cleaned up everything and put it all back in our cars! I mean talk about no hassle! Local mamas definitely check it out!! 
We had Ava’s party over the weekend so her friends from school could join. On her actual birthday we kept is super simple and I surprised her with a little ice cream sundae party at home.  We have this tradition in our house when it’s someones birthday we put a candle in every meal. For breakfast there was a candle in her oatmeal, lunch there was a candle in her PB &J and then for dinner there was a candle in her chicken nuggets lol. My stepmom used to do that for me a kid and it’s still a sweet memory I love and remember today. So it’s so fun being able to do that for Ava too. 
A couple weeks ago another class mama and I came in a did a special gardening project with Ava’s class. We got some little pots for them to decorate and some soil and seeds to plant. Now let me just say that I KILL everything you guys. Succulents are my best friend because they at least stand a chance in my house. Sooo…….

You would have thought I won the lottery yesterday when I peeked in our plant and saw a bean growing!! lol

Princess dress + Rain boots 
when you let your daughter dress herself….and it wasn’t raining 😉
Looks like we have two Elsa fans in this house 😉 Did you guys see my snap with Luca carrying this little Elsa doll? It is the cutest thing ever. My husband tries putting it away but I keep pulling it back out for him lol. He loves the material of it, so every time he touches it his little fingers go in his mouth like it’s bed time. Too sweeeeet!
Ugh this little man! He has stolen our hearts (especially my husbands;)
but let me follow up that statement by saying but lawwwwrd this boy is a handful. He is such good baby but I can TOTALLY see what everyone was talking about with the difference between boys and girls. He is into and climbing on everything right now. Did you notice the mattress of his crib is all the way to the floor already? He’s also is really into throwing his food right (soooo over that already). On the bright side he finally started sleeping through the entire night last month! YEAH!
A lot of you were asking about this top on instagram. I thought it was sold out because it was from last year but I actually found it on SALE now HERE. (I’m wearing the XS)

To keep the toys under control baskets are an absolute must at our house and lets just say Luca is obsessed with sitting in all of them! I came into the toy room a couple days and found this little hamburger in there ;)))

Well we have officially entered the birthday party madness stage. I seriously feel like there is one every weekend lately but Ava LOVES them. Did you catch this adorable princess party I shared on snap a couple weeks ago……

I mean seriously a dream! Where were these parties when I was growing up?! lol They gave every girl a princess make over and lets just say these little princesses were over the moon!

Mom life! (High Low Sweater (on SALE)// Boyfriend Jeans (another option HERE) // Comfy Ankle Boots (OBSESSED with THESE)
I still have a double stroller post for you ladies but this one by Stokke and this one by City Select (below) are our favorites. I’ll break it all down in a post for you soon! 

A lot of you were asking about my outfit deets on instagram so here you go…
Jacket (from last year but linked several I’m loving now in the widget below!) // Distressed Denim // Peep Toe Ankle Boots (also available in a pretty neutral color perfect for Spring/Summer)

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and since were talking all things babes today I wanted to share a quick round up of all the products we’ve loved over the last four years. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few but these were the first ones that came to my mind….

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and as always PLEASE share if you mamas have used any of these products too or have ones you couldn’t do without either!

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  1. Your baskets in your toy room are SO CUTE, and look large….can you share where you purchased them at please?

    1. thanks babe! We bought them from a local store here in orange county called Jux'ta'position. i really like them because they have wheels on the bottom as well! xo

  2. Andee I have followed you for years and I have to say this. You seem just as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside (which is like woah) You're one down to earth mama and I so enjoy following along with you and your cute fam!

  3. Oh my goodness it seems like every time I read your posts I'm nodding my head the entire time like yep us too! My daughter will be 5 next week and my son just turned 1 so we have the Frozen addiction at our house as well, the singing Elsa never gets a break from either of my kiddos! What a cute idea, both the candles in every meal and the little gardening party. I'm totally going to have to do that with my babes. I also am so with you on the boy thing. It's like they innately want to be gross, and rough and rebellious! Super sweet and affectionate one minute then pulling your hair and getting dirty the next! By the way I love you on snapchat chat. Since our kids are so close in age I like seeing how another mom does it all.

    1. awww thanks so much babe;) Life isn't always as glam as insta and blogging make it out to be 😉 Its chaos over here too most days but so thankful for my crazies! Thanks so much for following along love xoox

  4. Aww so sweet! Happy Birthday Ava (Cutie B) ! They are getting so big! Love all the updates! Wow you look so Chic and put together for a Mom of 2 little ones! Maybe it is not like that everyday but you make it look easy! Love your Blog!

  5. Do you know who threw that princess themed party? (i.e. what company – unless it was thrown personally by your friend)? It looks amazing!! Would love the contact for my niece.

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