Leopard Love

There’s something about leopard print that adds instant sexiness to any outfit! I steer more towards leopard print accessories because in large quantities it can be a little overwhelming for me. I really have my eye on the House of Harlow leopard box clutch I posted on yesterday!

I had been drooling over these Miu Miu’s for forever and finally purchased them!

I’ve also been living in this leopard print scarf from Urban Outfitters lately! It reminds me of the YSL one but was only $30!

Also wore it for a night out in Baltimore last week. This is one of my best friends who is also prego!!

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  1. Your shoes are AMAZING! I ADORE leopard print even though some people say it's tacky I say you just have to know how to wear it!

    xo vanessa

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! Love the scarf too. BTW, I have been on the hunt for a camel colored top like the one you are wearing with your scarf. Where did you get it?

  3. YOu look so cute, i love the leopard scarf, it adds such a rocky vibe to your outfit, lovely!! & the camel pullover is nice too. I am really into camel and neutral colours and combined with leopard looks fab.

    Please can you do a what's in my bag post, please?!

    G, London Town! :)x

  4. You look fabulous sweetie! I love Miu Miu as a brand, and hopefully will own something as sexy as your heels one day. I personally love leopard, and have been wearing my leopard scarves a lot too lately.


  5. I am also leopard accessories girl – scarves, belts, clutches rather than tops, dresses etc.! :)i have been looking for leopard print shoes without them looking a tad tacky for some time now and i must say that these are one of the best leopard print shoes i've seen! i just love the colouring x

  6. you are a rock star for wearing those heels while prego!! you work it girl!! i'm a sucker for leopard print also- hard to resist, especially at urban outfitters prices!!

  7. thanks so much loves! @Anonymous totally agree all leopard print is NOT created equal!
    @PrettyAffair im SOOO excited to have a BF pregnant too! So awesome being able to share it with someone who is going through it all as well!
    @anoymous London Town thank you! I actually purchased it last Fall from H&M

  8. Hi! I looove your blog!! If you don't mind sharing, I am just curious…what do you do for a living? Do you work in the Fashion Industry? 🙂

  9. question for you – how long do you hang on to your shoes? i'm preggo too and have hesitated to buy shoes this season as I read that shoe size changes after pregnancy and my shoes will no longer fit. so i'm considering a few pairs that i might only wear for one season. is this what you do?

  10. i'm so jelly!! they are so fierce on you!! i've been looking for this too.. but i can't find them anywhere.. where did you purchase these from?? i though they were from several seasons ago?

  11. @Lisa yes they were and i kicked myself in the butt for not getting them! They sold out and ive been on the hunt for them for forever! They finally came up on ebay in my size new in box so had to take em! surprisingly they are super comfortable too!

  12. @anonymous I DEF hang onto my shoes for a long time! Thats why i dont mind shelling out a little extra cash for great pairs! I did hear something about the shoe size changing as well during pregnancy. Knock on wood mine havent yet and who knows if they actually will. Im hoping thats just another wives tale.

  13. Those shoes are awesome. Unfortunately, your shoe size changing during pregnancy is not a wives tale. It doesn't happen to many but it did happen to me. A whole shoe size bigger. I think you would have noticed it by now. Besides you are so healthy and I think it affects women when their weight fluctuates a lot

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