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Alright ladies here’s a little belated recap from my girls bday night in LA last weekend along with my current favorite LA spots. Pre-baby I use to head to LA all the time since the majority of my girlfriends live there. Needless to say nightlife after babe is a little different so now when I get a chance to go out it’s greatly appreciated! It’s been forever since I’ve done a big hotel sleep over with all the girls and we had SO much fun!

I’ve been wanting to stay at The London hotel for FOREVER and was so glad we booked it! The hotel was beautiful, location is great and the service was awesome! It seemed pretty family friendly so we’ll definitely be booking a little stay’cation with the fam there soon! Extra bonus they have cribs available! 
My birthday outfit (and I’m really loving the new statement earring trend!)
(Here’s a full shot…please excuse my very serious selfie face;) 
Wearing off the shoulder crop top by Nasty Gal, Zara skirt (similar here), Nine West leather clutch, Steve Madden heels and Erickson Beamon earrings.
My lovely lovely ladies! 
Love Laurel Hardware! From the outside it looks like a regular hardware store but inside its a stunning restaurant with tons of energy, fab cocktails and lots of great people watching!
We had dinner on this patio which turns into quite the hotspot around 10:00.
You know I love a good cocktail and they definitely have some great ones! 
After dinner we headed over to new Hollywood speakeasy spot “No Vacancy”.  There’s nothing quite like this place in LA! It literally looks like some sort of haunted house on a random side street. Once inside you go upstairs and pick one of the random four doors in the hallway. In the room there’s a woman laying on a bed to greet you. Next thing you know the bed slides out and you see steps leading down into basement which takes you into this beautiful victorian style house from the 1930’s with an old Hollywood vibe. The excitement doesn’t end there…they have a tight rope act, flame blowers and sexy burlesque shows! Highly recommend checking this spot!  

The next morning we TRIED to sleep in but being that most of us were mommies we were all up by 8:00! ugh don’t you hate that when you actually have a chance to sleep in but your body is still on kiddo time 😉 So we ordered room service, had some more girl talk and hit up the rooftop pool! 
After checking out we stopped at Joan’s on 3rd for lunch and then of course…..
HAD to stop in Magnolias! 

Always have to bring some goodies home for the hubby for letting me take the night off of mama duties 😉 I usually grab a few things to “try” but we end up dominating them all! If you haven’t tried their banana bread pudding you MUST! I’m not a big bread pudding fan but theirs is out of control! You also can’t go wrong with their cupcakes and peanut butter freezer pie!

 I’d love to know what your favorite LA spots are as well!?
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  1. Hey Andee! Those places look AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. That "No Vacancy" spot looks insane! I want to go so bad! I've wondered about the London for a while so glad you could give us an honest review 😉 also you seem to be at Pelican Hill Resort quite frequently… I would love to try out the pool there for a girls day. Is there a drop in rate for the day to use the pool/cabanas? Also how do prices look for the rooms? I see lots of instagrams of you and the fam there with an amazing room w/ a view! Would love to know more about it! Thanks a lot! Also, awaiting your updates for "shop honeybee" CANT wait! xo

    1. hi hun if you have someone staying at the hotel or villas there a $200 discount. Other than that i think during the week or maybe in the off season they'd be a little cheaper. The prices for the rooms are pretty expensive and honestly the service is NOT the best! Montage is Laguna is way better for about the same price. We had family staying in town and thats why we were so frequently but they had a Villa and not just a room so think that was why the view was so much better. If you're looking to splurge though i would just stay at Montage instead. id do a cabana rental at pelican or else just stop in for brunch on the weekend for an amazing view!

  2. You look gorgeous!!!! I live in Orange County and love to drive to LA every few months and chow on some amazing food. Can you please tell me what you are wearing on your lips? Your face is just perfect!!

  3. How fun it is to have a group of mommy friends that you can enjoy a night out together!! I love going to LA and eating at MASA Echo Park, best chicago style pizza in LA, Urth Caffe, my favorite latte and Sage Vegan Bistro on Sunset Blvd. Delicious vegan breakfast. You definitely have to try it. Also, love going to Magnolia's and Porto's Bakery for desserts

  4. Hi Andee! You look beyond gorgeous. I am actually planning a trip to LA next month and this has given me so many good ideas!! Your birthday outfit is fabulous. I was also wondering about your friends' shoes…. The one in the black dress with blonde hair?

  5. I always lurk, but I just wanted to say I love your blog. I love that you are very relatable for a fashion blogger who looks amazing after a baby… you don't seem like a total nut about food, you eat healthy but seem to splurge occasionally, and just seem down to earth. 🙂

    1. thank you for taking the time to comment Sara! I really try to be disciplined but at the end of the day you have to live life too 😉 So glad you appreciate it thank you xo

  6. Can I just say how much I love that outfit?! The crop top/skirt/earrings are perfection! You should seriously think about starting a YouTube channel! For makeup tutorials, hauls, Q+A's etc! With the blog audience you have I'm sure you wouldn't have a hard time being successful on YT as well 🙂 Just a thought but I was shocked to see that you don't make videos!

  7. You're whole birthday look is ridiculous!!!! I agree! You should start a style channel somewhere. You hit an all time high with this look, Andee!

  8. You look beautiful! Thank you for all of your suggestions. I literally am going to plan a girls trip and visit at least one of these places you've recommended! I have an unrelated question to this post. I recently ordered a Mara Hoffman swimsuit and I found they ran large. I am wondering if that was mis-sized or something. What do you think about there sizing? Thank you so much!!!!

    1. you know its funny you mention about the Mara Hoffman sizes. I ordered the same bikini style in a different color and the fit was totally different ;( hate when that happens. in the purple one i wear a small. I would just recommend purchasing from a site like shopbop nordstrom or revolve that always returns of swimwear.

  9. This is off topic, but I stumbled on pictures of Ava's nursery on Pinterest and I am in LOVE with the lavender color you used on the walls. Could you tell me the color name and brand you used? You are gorgeous too! Glad you had the opportunity to celebrate! Good for you, Mama!

    1. hi love (not sure if you came from that nursery forum…i tried responding on there but it wouldn't let me) I purchased it from Ace Hardware and the color is called Kimberly. Im not sure of the brand though! Hope this helps xo

  10. Hi Andee,

    I love your outfit! You look so hot. The clothes and make-up are A+++. I just looked up the earrings because I'm totally in love with them and my jaw hit the floor. Did you seriously pay almost $500 for them? Holy! I do not have that kind of cash to throw on costume jewelry. If you do, kudoos to you, I wish I had that lifestyle.

  11. Is that your engagement ring you are wearing on the picture in the black crop top and green skirt? It looks pretty. Can you post a closer view of your engagement ring? It looks huge. How many carats? <3


  12. Your birthday outfit was absolutely perfect! May I ask what size your NastyGal crop top is? I've been debating between XS and S, but can't decide which will be a better fit. Looking forward to your future outfit posts!

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