IT’S’ A ???

Some of you may have seen our announcement a few days ago on Instagram but wanted to share the news that IT’S A BOY! on the blog today!

(The Sweeeetest little pair of Leather Chucks)
 We had an ultra sound at around 19 weeks and unfortunately my husband was out of the country so he couldn’t be there for the gender reveal! We had agreed to have the ultrasound tech write down the results and put it an envelope that my husband and I would later open together. Well I am we are the worst with any kind of surprise so after about two minutes of seeing the little baby on the monitor I told her to go ahead and tell me what it was! She laughed and said “noooo! I’m going to write to down and tape it shut and if you decide to open it once you leave the office that’s on you”.  So I left the office and didn’t think any more about that envelope. That is until my husband called 20 mins later and wanted me to open it and tell him over the phone. Well I didn’t take much convincing and as soon as I opened the envelope I saw the big letters “HE’S A BOY” and the ultrasound evidence to match. 😉

Growing up I always wanted three boys. I never thought of my self with a girl and now that I have one I just couldn’t imagine not having a girl! That being said I had just assumed that this time around was going to be another girl as well because my pregnancy had been pretty much identical to when I was pregnant with A. My husband is the most patient and sweetest man so if any guy was to have a team of all girls and be great with it, it would be him! Even though we both said we truly didn’t care what we had, i’d be lying if I said we weren’t a tad bit more excited to experience a little man in the house! 
Ava on the other hand was not as thrilled lol. When I told her that the little baby in mommy’s tummy was a boy you should have seen her face! Immediately the eyebrows went into a frown and she said “ohhhh I really wanted a girl”. Talk about heartbreaking. I grew up with older brothers so I thought  how neat of an experience for her to have a sister, someone she would be so close to but I hope she’ll be just as close to her little brother! So we are adding a little man to crew in February 2015!! I can’t wait for this experience (and to start shopping for him ;)))  
If you mama’s have any adjustment tips for life with two or how to introduce or ease your toddler into welcoming a new baby home PLLLEASE share! I know I’m going to look back and laugh at the days I thought life with one kid was exhausting 😉
Hope you all are having a great week and HAPPY OCTOBER! 
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  1. Congratulations! I have been a reader for about two years now, and I have a daughter 5 or 6 weeks younger than Ava. I am also pregnant with #2, and I am about 11 weeks behind you in my pregnancy (I am about to be 9 weeks now), so we will have very similarly spaced siblings, and I can't wait to read about your experiences as I prepare for the same. MH and I are totally convinced this one is a boy, so we will be surprised if we are wrong, but we haven't been brave enough to ask our daughter her preference yet. Have fun shopping for a little boy! I am sure he will be just as stylish as Ava.

  2. eeeepppppp! I know i already told ya on insta but im just so excited for you that i wanted to share the joy again! Honestly, your heart is about to explode with love when you see how sweet little boys are with their mamas. Its so fun having a little boyfriend, and although thats all i know and im biased, its just the best thing in the world and you should be soo soo excited. So thankful this little boy is healthy and growing strong! We have a secret on the way, this post makes me so excited for the weeks to come!

  3. My daughter was 20 months when my son was born. I really wanted her to have a sister (because I always wanted one), but it turns out, I think a brother was the best thing for her. They are SO close. I think the surprising thing about boys is that they're SO sweet! You expect them to be rough and tumble (and they are in some ways), but they're also so affectionate and loving (especially with their mommas, but with their sisters too!). My son can't get a "treat" at a bday party or wherever without immediately asking for one for his sister. He's always looking out for her, always thinking of her, etc. Sure, they also fight sometimes…I'm not trying to say they're perfect…but they're learning and their relationship melts my heart. I'm so grateful now that I got to experience one of each. =) Congratulations, you're going to LOVE it!

  4. So fun to have one of each!! We have a little girl and are due with the second next April!! We're hoping to find out the sex in a few weeks. Do you have any names picked out yet?

  5. Congrats! When we brought home the baby Ashlynn was 19m. We brought her a little doll with a carseat so she could play mommy too. Of course, that was something she was getting into at that age and I'm sure Ava already does, but it was special for her to have "Cami" and Cami would do whatever lil sis Kenley was doing. I think I overshared all the times Cami was doing tummy time or laying in the swing or bouncer when K was in the other. I always asked A if she wanted to help me with diapers (she'd get them for me and throw the dirty ones in the trash) and she loved helping burp the baby with soft "pat pat pat" on her back. I think just being included really helped, the biggest behavior issue was that she wanted to be held more the first few weeks, but I think she's getting worse now that K is mobile (the pushing, toy stealing, etc). I would just make sure you and your husband still make special 1 on1 Ava time and make sure she feels involved. I bet she'll love having a brother!

  6. Hi Andee – first off, Congrats on the BOY! I just had to comment today as I have been following your blog for a while. But I have a little girl who was born in May 2012 and I am also due with a little boy in February 2015 as well! This post is so funny b/c I also initially wanted all boys as I am not a girly girl and wasn't sure what I was going to do with a little girl. But like you, I could not imagine my life without a girl now. Because of that (and my husband is one of the most "nurturing" guys that I know), I also thought we would be having another girl this time around as well. So we, like you guys, were pleasantly surprised to find out he is a boy. My daughter is not thrilled about have a baby sibling period. I don't think she cared whether it was a girl or boy, she just wants nothing to do with it – lol. So just wanted to let you know that I am right here with you (timing and all since our girls are very close in age & our boys will be too) – very interested to see how both yours and my next year goes! Good Luck and please reach out if you want to bounce any ideas back and forth :).

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you! I just had my second in July and the main thing that I've noticed with the eldest was that he picked up some baby habits. I've heard of this happening with others but with mine he started to try and suck his thumb like the baby, and he's 6! So it can happen at any age not just with toddlers. So be careful with Ava! Just make sure you take some "girls only" outings to make her feel special!

  8. I saw the pic on Instagram but since I didn't comment there I'm commenting here: SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Omg, I love the story about your appointment and telling your hubby over the phone–too curious and cute!

    You're amazing 🙂

  9. So happy for you guys! Been following your blog awhile and it's funny our first is a girl (4 yrs) and we now have a little boy (10 months). It was quite the adjustment not just going from having a two kids in the house to having a energetic little man as well. But little boys are the sweetest and they steal your heart like you wouldn't believe. We were given a baby doll from my in-laws and told my daughter it was her little brother until he came out of my tummy. We showed her how to hold him and to be gentle and put him the crib and told her she need to be quieter during nap time. Crazy–but it seemed to work! She still likes to pretend it's her little brother though even though her brother is toddling around. You'll do great. Congrats again!

  10. Congrats!! Wrap up an awesome (quiet) present for Ava, and when she comes to the hospital to see her brother for the first time, give it to her as a present for her from her brother. That was a big hit for us! Also tell her it's HER baby and she's important mommy's helper now. She'll feel more ownership that way. Also, some little brother/big sister books while pregnant! And like others said, one on one is so key! Make some special mama time for your eldest.

  11. I am seriously so excited for you!!!! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and they are the best! 🙂 So much fun!
    Cant wait to see the ideas you have that are all things BOY!

  12. Congratulations! I found your blog during my first pregnancy and it was a weekly event to check in with how you were doing raising little one for ideas with mine, and then you announced your second pregnancy the same week I announced my second! I'm excited to be able to follow this new journey with siblings with you. It's wonderful to have such an outlet to share with other mothers. Just wondering if you have any ideas for decorations for little man yet?

  13. Congratulations! I don't have any girls so I can't really compare, but what I can say is that the relationship between a mama and her boy is so special! I remember being a little worried when we found out our first was a boy (I'm one of 3 girls so I assumed I'd have girls) and now I just can't imagine not have my two sweet boys! Loves of my life! As far as the adjustment to two, I think it's actually tougher on mama than on your first child. Cameron (our oldest) adjusted just fine when baby Cooper arrived. I, on the other hand, worried so much and felt so guilty that I couldn't give Cameron the attention he was used to. So my advice is this: don't worry – your little girl will be just fine. Kids adapt so quickly. And this: show yourself some grace. It's tough for a little while and you may feel torn at times but it's obvious you're an incredible mother so I have no doubt that both of your little ones will feel loved and adored. XO.

  14. Congrats! Boys are simply amazing! Wild, but so amazing. My first was very needy and clingy so I did a ton of reading on what to do and things worked out really well from the get-go! Here's what we did: …It was easier for the kids than for me, like someone else mentioned. You cant help but worry someone is jealous or neglected..but they're most likely not…try telling that to your hormones though. I had a total sobbing mess of a meltdown a few days before my 2nd was born! You'll do great! Love reading your blog btw!

  15. Congratulations!!!! So excited that you will be adding a little boy!! I am sure you will adjust very quickly to having two children. I heard it is easier after the first because you know what to do and what to get. BTW, LOVE the shoes!!

  16. CONGRATS MAMA!!!! so excited for you…I'm sure little miss will come around and will love doting on her little brother. Boys are totally in the water right now so I am not shocked at all!!!! Can't wait to "meet" him next year!

  17. SO excited for you mama! You are so blessed to get to experience one of each! Boy clothes have just been too cute lately you are gonna have a blast dressing him! Congrats again xoxo

  18. Hi! Congratulations on your new baby! I just started reading your blog and I really like your style, and Ava's! My daughter and Ava are the same age. 🙂 I was wondering what kind of toys Ava enjoys the most and what you are planning on buying her for Christmas? Do you plan on doing a blog on the things she's into now?

  19. Congratulations!!!! Now you will have your perfect pair!!:) Its just me and my younger brother and we are the best of friends! I was the same age as Ava when my brother was born and we got along great since we were close in age. I promise she won't even remember she wanted a sister once he's born! He will be her protector before you know it! Best wishes to your growing family:)

  20. So exciting!!! I have two now but my son came first… Just like with one kid you kinda just figure it out! And yes, you will totally laugh at why you thought you had no time or it was hard with just one kid lol!! Best things we have done is to make sure Gavin has one on one time with each of us… We try to do it everyday but doesn't always happen but close; we try to include Gavin in helping with the baby getting diapers, throwing them away etc. I hear getting a new doll helps too! We also read books about a new baby sister coming and he liked that too! He still has his jealous moments and he can be a bit rough with her but overall it's neat to see how Gavin loves her and we'll the baby just smiles away at him 🙂 you will do great! Can't wait to see how you style the little man 🙂

  21. We just had our second little girl in July and when we went to the hospital I made sure that we had some fun goodies for our 3 yr old. SHe immediately loved the new addition. She adjusted real well and wanted to hold her all the time:) The hardest part, well for me, was trying to distribute your time evenly. It was hard while breastfeeding and the little one wanting milk, play time, etc. But once you get into a routine.. it gets easier. Congrats on the baby boy:)

  22. Congrats! I have a 5 year old (boy) and 2 year old (girl). I noticed a change in my son's excitement for his little sister's pending arrival after we started referring to her as HIS baby. Even today, when she is upset, he is the first on scene asking what is wrong with his baby. Cutest thing ever to watch!

  23. So excited for your growing family! I started reading your blog when I was preggo with my little girl. She's 21 months now and we have our little guy, Caleb who's 3 months! The dynamic of having two little ones is definitely challenging. I do find myself thinking of how busy I thought I was with just one, boy was I wrong haha. Audrey loves her little brother but I did notice she would get jealous, not toward him but she would take it out on me and hubby. She would totally give us the cold shoulder and ignore us if we gave too much attention to him. Hopefully Ava will adjust to having a little brother nicely and congrats again to your growing family!

  24. congratulations on your little boy! I have a 3 yo son myself, and mamas boys are the best. I am also currently 15 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I was wondering, how do you move past food aversions? I can only think of junk food. Before I got pregnant, I lifted weights 3-4 days a week, ate clean, and felt amazing. since becoming pregnant anything healthy, especially vegetables, has me hunched over. All I want is junk food. I gained too much weight with my son, and was really hoping to maintain a healthy weight this time. I just cannot move past these aversions.

    My OB finally gave me the go ahead to start lifting again, yah! Now to find the energy.

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