I Heart the Dry Bar

There’s nothing better than having someone else do you hair! I love a blowout and have raved about the Dry Bar before (a blow out only salon that offers a few signatures styles, serves champagne and plays nonstop chick flicks. all for $35!) but had to say I’m so glad to be back in CA and right down the street from one!

I opted for the “Cosmopolitian” style yesterday. Luckily for me I don’t have to wash my hair but every 2 or 3 days so the $35 blowout goes a long way!

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  1. I love the curls. Such a gorgeous preggo! By the way, I found an alcohol-removed champagne by a brand called Fre and it's been delicious during my pregnancy… yum! 🙂 They also make all types of alcohol-removed wines.

  2. Your hair is so nice. I wish I could do that but my hair is so thin and fine, I need to wash it everyday. My sister works across the street from Fashion Island and goes all the time. She says it's so awesome.

  3. your hair looks beautiful Andee, and so do you. When I blow dry my own hair, I just blow dry it straight and I'm pretty fast at it. Luckily for me though, my mom's a hair stylist so she treats me to a nice wavy style every now and then

    1. Hi love I do have some clip in pieces I used to wear for special occasions but haven't had to wear them in forever!! The maxi hair pills made my hair grow so much I didn't feel the need to wear them. I haven't benn using the maxi hair since I'm pregnant bc I'm taking prentals and omegas specifically for pregnancy but will be going back to the maxi hair supp. as soon as I can. Being prego has helped my hair to grow as well but hear you lose quite a bit of hair after birth! Eeeeek

  4. I'm so happy you did this post. I've been looking for a cheap (but good) spot to get blow-outs in NYC and they are so hard to come by. Just looked up Dry Bar and they have 2 locations here! So excited — thanks Andee 🙂

    1. oh yeah so glad you found one in your area! Youll love it! I think they also have a similar concept in NY called "Blo" so one of those may be close to you as well xo

  5. Gorgeous! I agree with the other poster about Fre. They have alcohol free wine as well. I've never been pregnant, but we've used Fre for work parties where alcohol couldn't be served. Worth looking into!

  6. Looking gorgeous! Did they teach how to replicate it yourself? At the Dry Bar here in NYC, they taught me how to do it myself while I was getting my hair styled.

  7. You look gorgeous! Love your new blog layout too! I wish someone could wash and do my hair everytime too haha! They also do it much better than we could at home!

    xoxo, LC


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