The Honeybee on Facebook!

Hey ladies I finally made a page for The Honeybee on Facebook! I would love to see all of you on there! XOXO

In other news I found these amazing children sunglasses at Target and had to get them for my frenchie Louie! They look just like the Ray Ban wayfarer’s!

(haha poor Lou, but she looks so cute in them!)

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  1. Such a cute doggie! haha, matching sunglasses-Cool dude! 🙂

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but were your nervous when you got married? or before? It is a scary thought-actually sickening thought to me, sorry for be random, i'm just coming to the age where my mother thinks i need to wed!! And i'm so used to being single.

    Sorry to ramble.

    🙂 Zara x

  2. haha thanks so much ladies! Louie is such a Ham! @Audrey Marie dont worry Louie only lets me put something on her for like 2 mins and then thats it… Or my husband makes me take it off of her haha!

  3. Also THANK YOU ladies so much "liking" The Honeybee FACEBOOK page!! I think it will be another great way to communicate with you ladies! Feel free to post and ask questions on there as well! Im always open to suggestions xo

  4. Oh, how cute is he? hee hee The things our animals put up with, huh? We have a dachshund, ( a wiener dog), one year we put him in a bun for Halloween. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design, I'm now following you. xo

  5. what a cute doggy!! My dog fusses if he has anything on him. I made a facebook pace for my blog awhile back, but haven't actually started using it yet =). It was great meeting you in person on Saturday even though it was only really briefly!

  6. @Zara yes I was super anxious about a month before i got married but from what I hear that is very normal. Dont put so much pressure on yourself bc "your coming to an age" were society tells you should marry. I think its a mistake to rush into marriage because its "time" vs finding the right person to share your life with. Hope this helps xo

  7. thankyou for answering 🙂
    I agree, its when the time is right. You and your hubby make such a cute couple, you both look European,! Italian even.

    Thankyou again 🙂


  8. this is hilarious….and actually you reminded me to go there to get sunnies for my lil man…kids sunglasses are the cutest damn things ever…

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