Honeybee Home Update

Happpy Monday ladies! It’s been a minute since my last Honeybee Home update and there’s been a TON of progress! It feels like things are moving along pretty quickly and I couldn’t wait to share some updated shots of our new home build with you girls….

It’s feels so real now being able to walk through our new place and seeing our vision actually to come to life! The ball really seems to be rolling quickly and i’m not going to lie, i’m a little stressed and anxious. We have so much to do and so many decisions still to make (and feels like it will be finished before we know it). We have narrowed down light fixtures (I can share some pics on my Interior Series i’ll be starting in a couple weeks if you girls are interested) and flooring (posted a pic of what we chose at the bottom of this post) and now we need to lock down all our bath and tile selections. I have a meeting this week to do so and will share some snaps of what I pick with you girls too. Okay here we go with a few shots of our new build….

These are from a couple months ago…but steel windows and doors are in and dry wall is up ladies!Yeah!

Home Office

SO excited for our little breakfast booth

Formal dining in the works!

and last but not least flooring. I went back and forth on these two choices for forever but ended up going with the one on the left. I loved them both but liked that the one on the left had a little more warmth to it and made it feel more home’y.

Thanks so much for sharing in this exciting process with us! If you girls have any tips or advice for new home builds (or remodels) PLEASE feel free to share! It’s so awesome hearing about all your progress too.

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  1. So excited to see the progress of your new home! Would love to see your choices for bathroom tile and lighting! I love these updates! Keep them coming please. 🙂

  2. Hi Andee,
    Did you ever find out the names of the two flooring choices? I went online to order samples but was a little overwhelmed by all the colors. Also, are you putting the flooring throughout your whole house (kitchen, stairs, bathrooms)? Our drywall just went up on our house that’s being built. It’s so exciting but so stressful making all the choices. I can’t wait to see all your choices. I would love to see your choices in paint, window coverings, lighting and how you decorate. Can’t wait for more updates!!

  3. What brand are you going with on the hardwood floors? What color did you pick? I think we are going with Hallmark Alta Vista – Laguna.

  4. Love seeing these home posts, thank you for sharing! We are building right now too so it’s so fun to see all the updates. I would LOVE to see the lighting that you chose❤

  5. I also would love brand and wood color for both your choices! I’m so torn on wood for my new build. It’s hard to tell in the stores with a small sample 😩

  6. Love seeing the progress! Excited to see tile and lighting choices too! The warmer wood floor choice will be a great addition 👌🏻

  7. For all of you girls asking about the floors they are European Oak, light rustic (will have knots) (5/8″ thick engineered ) 7 1/2″ wide . Color is WC-NEB18

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