Honeybee Home Update

Good morning loves and happy Friday! I can not believe we are in the final stretch of our new home being finished! What?! Feels like forever right?! There has been SO much progress since my last Honeybee Home post so here are some updated snaps of our new casa!

I know from your DMs that quite a few of you are remodeling and even building as well, so I love being able to share in this process with you girls! We are only a couple months out (hopefully!) to moving in so here is the progress so far…..

Master bath/Closet (a few months ago)

Siding and Beams are up! They’ve also just installed counter tops, closet cabinets and most of the bath tile since this pic was taken. I’ll try to share those on my ig story today or tomorrow if you girls want a peek.

I’m SO excited for my office. I spend a ton of time in my current home office so having a new inspiring space is probably one of the things i’m most excited about! If you’ve taken a peek at my Office Inspo board on Pinterest you’ve probably seen that i’m going for something a little more chic with a darker vibe (but this is a modern farmhouse so I keep needing to remind myself to pull that back in 😉  We’ve put siding on the walls and they will be painted a dark charcoal grey soon!

I looooove brick walls and am so happy we’re incorporating some in our home! Thank you girls for all your messages on Instagram when I posted the one below…

I know a lot of you were asking about the color or style of the brick we did butttt we’re actually painting the brick all white. This is just a prep they have on it before they paint it.

Kitchen Cabinets are here!

and installed!

and I have to say, I am so excited and happy about my countertop choice so far. I knew it was a bit of a risk going with something bold vs the white marble, but I am so stoked I did!

LOVING our little breakfast booth details so far! This little corner is going to get so much love (we like to grubbb!) so can’t wait for family breakfast and dinners here!

The landscapers have been moving crazy fast! A few of you were asking about plant selections and to be honest, I don’t even really know what we chose. My hubby did a really good job on our landscape on our current home so i’m letting him do his thing;)  I’ll try to take some more snaps when they all start going in and if you want names I can try to get them for ya!

As far as backyards go in Newport Beach you really don’t get a ton of space. We will have a built-in grill, outdoor dining section, a fireplace sitting area and then a grass area off to the side.

I’m so in love with the kids bathrooms and beyond happy with the tile selections! I’m not sure whose I like more. Luca’s matte black hexagon tiles or…..

girls bathroom tile

Ava’s sweet Honeycomb tile shower!

Ava’s Closet cabinets are in! She loves coming in my room and sitting at my vanity to do her hair and “makeup” 😉 So I am surprising her with a mini little vanity station in her big girl room. I’m going to do my best not to let her see her room until it’s all ready! She is going to freak! 😉

and Master siding is up!

I feel like so much is happening everyday now and we’re diving into all the fun stuff now! Interiors has been in full force and I’m nervous and excited to see it all come together and start those posts for you girls. If there are certain things you want to know or see…leave a comment below and let me know. I will try to tackle those for you girls.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us and hope you girls all have a great weekend!!


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  1. Love seeing all the progress!! Will you share sources when you’re done? You know I will take all the inspo I can get!! XO

  2. Would love if you could share your countertop choice!! We’re currently in the process of building. Chose most of our interior things two days ago but in a bit of trouble choosing a countertop for our white cabinets for the kitchen. Love the way yours looks!!

  3. Gorgeous house in the works! Love all of your choices of materials. Painted brick is my all time favorite!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home-to-bee! You HAVE to get on the Newport Harbor Home tour!!

  4. Are you guys using an interior designer? If so, can you share!! Curious bc I love the modern farmhouse look as well and I see so many designers in Utah but haven’t really seem much here in SoCal

  5. So beautiful!! I’m loving everything and am excited to see the final product! My family and I are just starting the planning process of building our own custom home. Seems so overwhelming that I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is I want black framed windows like yours. Where are they from? I have a tons of questions but I’ll start there. Thanks for sharing! 😊

  6. I am currently trying to find a bathtub like the one in the kids bathroom. Could you please tell me the brand? 🙂 love the house!

  7. I LIVE for your house update posts! I love how you’re doing a chic modern farmhouse vs. the boho/rustic modern farmhouse that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Can’t wait to see it all come together! It looks amazing already 😍

  8. OMG this will be soooooooo gorgeous!!!! We are building our house in France and we are going to start the paintings and floors, and for sure this step is exiting BUT so stressfull too! (I hope my imagination was good ^^) We are going for light vinyl floors (looks like real wood but way more easy to maintain) black metalic touches, white and linen walls and some polished concrete.
    I don’t know about you but personnaly I can’t wait for it to stop, this all process is so stressfull and takes so much energy lol!!
    Do you have any recommandation for budget friendly website for home decor? We have lot of options in france but the style is really classical!

    With love, Anaïs

    1. Your new home looks amazing; thank you for sharing. We will be starting the Tahoe property hopefully by this summer and being it’s in the mountains some of the farmhouse features would fit perfect. You are an inspiration and I’m sure I will be looking for a lot of tips along the way. Love you Little Missy

  9. Your new home looks amazing; thank you for sharing. We will be starting the Tahoe property hopefully by this summer and being it’s in the mountains some of the farmhouse features would fit perfect. You are an inspiration and I’m sure I will be looking for a lot of tips along the way. Love you Little Missy

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