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Alright loves!  A lot of you girls have been requesting a new home tour but we’re still waiting on some things to be finished and backordered furniture to be delivered. I’m hoping to have it all done next month and share it with you then…so stayed tuned! Our kitchen however is pretty much completed so today I thought I would share some snaps with you! We’re still waiting on our breakfast booth table to be delivered and installed but here are some shots of our new kitchen so far!

If you girls have followed along on instagram over the past couple years then you have seen this kitchen when it was just an idea on my FOREVER HOME pinterest board and bare bones on my NEW HOME highlights tab on IG. There’s always a ton of pressure on this one room in the house (at least for me) because the kitchen is definitely the place we spend most of our time. Whether its prepping lunches, whipping up breakfast or late night hosting… it’s definitely the most used room in our home and I was really craving something different. I wanted something that was moody with a little edge that was still effortless, homey and welcoming. (Ha! can you hear my inner control freak coming out in that description?! 😉  After endless decisions (and pinning) I can’t believe it is finally finished and we get to enjoy this amazing space!

If you follow along on instagram (and think I mentioned it in a previous Honeybee Home post) you girls know I was originally thinking of going with a white neolith ( a man made marble that looks just like carerra marble but much more durable and kid friendly) but ultimately I just knew I wanted something so different from all the white kitchens (our last kitchen was all white marble and chrome) and am so glad I went with my gut on this counter top. I started pinning more bold and aggressive marbles and fell deeper in love. When I saw this one in the slab yard I knew it was it! It was definitely a risk but think it totally made the kitchen!

A few of you have asked if we have a a designer and yes we do! Originally I said we were going to do this whole project ourselves and didn’t need a designer but let’s just say about 8 months in I realized I needed some help. Life is on overload lately and I was feeling super overwhelmed with ALL the choices, appointments, swatches and just all the million questions that come from building from scratch (any other new home builders out there?! ) so having a team that can narrow down and bring you options (outside your box) was beyond worth it!  We are working with Raili CA design (i’ll tag both on insta so you guys can check them out too) and her and her team have been so amazing to work with and have someone (experienced 😉 to bounce ideas off of. So thank you to her for dealing with my  super controlling nature ;))

Okay back to the kitchen…..

So we knew we wanted dark cabinets and once we found the slab it was all pretty much smooth sailing from there!I have to say I was really on the fence about these more industrial style light fixtures but everyone included the hubby loved them so I gave the (unsure 😉 okay. I had to wait months till I could finally see them installed and have to say they ended up complimenting the marble so well!


We still have some styling and installing to do so i’ll share more snaps when that’s all finished but hope you girls enjoyed the pics  and thanks for following along with us on our new home journey! xo

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  1. Yessss those dark cabinets are SEXY!!! I’m kinda over the white/chrome trend too. LOVE the marble too. Swoon.

  2. It’s so sick! LOVE the way it turned out. I just got the bright white kitchen id been wanting forever but i have to say that this is sexy as hell mama. Nice job! Always go with your gut because your style is impeccable across the board. Been following since you were pregnant with that sweet girl of yours. Xoxo Mel

      1. Yes, we need the floor details! I have been waiting to see the outcome of the kitchen… can’t wait to see the rest of your home. BTW Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!!

  3. SOOOOO happy you started posting the new home. I have been dying to get a sneak peak after all the teasers. The kitchen is definitely the gathering place and the most important room in the house. And mama, you did amazing! I love the dark wood, the marble, the counters, backsplash, fixtures…all of it! Such a beautiful space for a gorgeous family. Can’t wait to see more! xoxo, Christine

  4. Stunning! I love that you went with your guy and did something different than what’s trending. If the kitchen looks this good I can’t wait until you show other rooms!

  5. So gorgeous! Looks like a perfect kitchen right out of Pinterest! I love love love it! So happy for you guys!

  6. Ok, first off, gorgeous!!! 2nd, love seeing everything finished…such anticipation and excitement on our end too!! lol,
    My husband and I are getting ready to start new construction as well, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing your Stain color on kitchen cabs/millwork and finished Wall paint color?? Would love to see finishes in my hands for reference.

    Much appreciated, xox

    1. Thanks so much love! I hope to do a more detailed post soon but stillll waiting on random pieces of furniture etc so I can finally share the Fully Finished shots with you girls xoo

      1. Did you ever post details on the kitchen? We are getting ready to remodel.our kitchen and I’d love to do darker cabinets. Love yours!! Are they painted or stained? They almost look dark gray but it’s hard to tell. Any deets you can share would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! How did you convince your hubby to go with marble? I thought you said the upkeep was too hard the first time around. We’re struggling with this now. We have marble in the bathroom and my husband is furious at how quickly it scratched up and refuses to do it in the kitchen.

    1. It was definitely not his first choice but honestly I know it sounds strange but feel like marble is supposed to be worn in a bit;) it gives it more character!

  8. Hi Andee, this is a late comment on your kitchen, (and i think you’re in Italy!) but im wondering if you could share the exact name of the name of the Marble you have As your kItchen counter and backsplaSh?! It is sooo GORGEOUS!! I’m doing a fireplace RemOdeL and would love to maybe USE It in my home. Your kitchen is beyonD amazing! I love it.
    Thank you so much.

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