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Good Morning loves! We are currently enjoying time with family in beautiful Cayman. We always love coming back here so we are in FULL relax vacay mode (well as much as you can be with a 2.5 year old boy ;). I’m sharing tons on my insta stories if you want to follow along.  Luca is up super early because of the time change (hello 5 a.m.) but on the bright side now I get to sneak in a quick post for you girls. As many of you know from my last Honeybee Home post our new build is coming along quickly! Today I wanted to share all my top inspo pics for our new build…

We are going with a Modern Farmhouse style and are SO excited to see it start to take shape! I wanted this build to be very different from our current home that we built 9 years ago and is more of a traditional style. We found the most amazing architect and can’t wait to see all of his and our visions come to life! So here is a quick run down of what I going for and I apologize in advance if these images aren’t as crisp and clear. These are all from Pinterest.

We are definitely all about large steel doors and windows and reclaimed wood accents.

modern farmhouse

I LOVE this simple/ minimal banister and we also decided to go with wide plank light wood floors similar to the above (although I think ours are a little wider and with a little less pink tone).

I love these oversized steel doors! We are doing a similar look off of our formal dining room.

I fell in love with this herringbone tiled wall and are going to incorporate that in our powder room.

I love these floating sinks and this concrete one will be happening in our house! Choosing fixtures has definitely been a little bit of a challenge. I love the brass so much but wonder if it’s becoming too trendy. I plan on incorporating them in a couple rooms but not throughout.

I am SO excited for my home office! We have an office in our house now but can’t wait for a legit one in our new home. I love the oversized drum lighting and plan on doing some really cool dark charcoal shelving as well.

I am absolutely obsessed with this closet and it was my main inspo for mine. The bench, the window, the lighting …love it all! As mine is currently coming together i’m realizing it’s not going to be as big as I thought it was in the original plans but either way really excited to see this room come together….so to be continued 😉

We are doing a full breakfast booth similar to the one above and I can’t wait to see my littles eating breakfast in it!

Okay i’m obsessed with dark cabinets and these kitchen pics aren’t exactly what I am going for but will give you an idea. I love this dark charcoal color and we also want to do some sort of light counter tops. My husbands REFUSES to do marble again (they really have been a nightmare to maintain) so we may go with the man made option they make now. Have you girls tried them? A couple of my girlfriends have them and rave about them. I know one is called Neolith and can’t remember the name of the other one. You can see a sample of it HERE and they look pretty darn good! They say it’s pretty much indestructible and your kids can draw on them with crayons and it basically rubs right off. We haven’t made an official decision so to be continued on that but please share if you girls have them!


I was thinking of sharing more interior design inspo going room by room so if you girls would like to see that on my Honeybee Home posts just let me know and i’ll include them for you. Thanks so much for sharing in this exciting chapter with us! xo

If you want to see more of my inspo, you can check it out on my Pinterest page HERE.

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  1. I love your blog, and your home posts and holiday décor are always my favorite!! I’m loving all the décor for your new home and can’t wait to see the final product as well as the entire process!! xoxo

  2. Hi Andee,
    Can you share the name/color of the flooring you’re using? I would also love the name of the tile flooring you used in your current bathroom if you have it. We are buying a new home and I’m having the hardest time finding flooring that I like and I LOVED your bathroom flooring. I would greatly appreciate it!! I look forward to seeing more updates of your home.

    1. Hi love, yes I will share samples and names of the tiles and flooring were using in my next post. I will also check the name of my bathroom wood/tile when I get back home for you xo

  3. I love those doors and windows. I didn’t know marble was hard to upkeep. I thought I wanted it in our next house, but will definitely do more research.

  4. I love seeing the progress but also hearing about your inspiration so keep sharing! I can’t wait to see the end result. Here’s a dreaded question that you probably don’t want to hear: What’s your timeline to move in? Does Ava have a small say in what she wants in her bedroom?


    1. Hi Seppy thanks love! They said December originally but that isn’t happening anymore. It “should” be early next year Spring time so well see! A s for Ava she changes her mind all the time so I think I’m going to pick the majority of it and see what she thinks 🙂

  5. We are remodeling our house now. We are doing a modern farmhouse also. I would live any ideas you have for tile and countertops. I am really struggling with picking something out.

  6. Just went and saw the new tablelands homes in Costa Mesa by Matt White and it’s also the modern farmhouse style I absolutely love this style!

  7. Andee I love how everything is coming together! You’re totally an inspiration 🙌 Our theme is modern rustic! Good call on the marble- we heard the same thing- we opted for granite and it’s been great so far- excited to see what you guys will choose! All the best!!! 😘

  8. I love your inspired pics, the one with the concrete sink was also my inspiration for my kids bathroom! We are in the process of redoing our master bath and I’m kinda nervous about the marble vanity top we chose, so I researched some other options. Neolithic was one of them, there’s a big thread on this website called garden web that you may want to read before you decide on Neolith.

    1. thanks for the top on the neolith ….im going to go check it out as were still on the fence. As for the marble in your master bath dont be nervous! We have Calacutta in ours and its been great! Its the kitchen thats been so hard to maintain.

  9. We are renovating too and I am thinking of marble countertops for the kitchen. I have two kids the same ages as yours. Why was it a nightmare to maintain?

    1. Hi love yes… I personally still think they look nice as a whole but when you get close they’ve just been thrashed. My hubby refuses to do the marble again but I’m just not sure what were going to do yet.

  10. Oh, wow. Talk about GOALS. My jaw dropped at all of these inspo pics, and I’m sure you’re home reveal is going to be just as amazing. I can’t wait to see – must be so exciting getting to actually pick out exactly what you want! Please keep up the posts so I can live vicariously through you while I continue to dream in my teeny New York apartment! 🙂

  11. Love all of these ideas and wishing I would have changed a few things when building but I was too afraid of being trendy! We chose Cambria Quartz for the countertops and I’m so happy with our choice, it’s beautiful and timeless, oh and very easy to take care of with 2 boys! Good luck.. and I can’t wait to see the final look!

  12. love, love, love your style! Thank you for sharing! Please share pics of all the rooms/entire house when finished!!!

  13. How exciting I’m loving these posts! I’m obsessed with seeing people building their dream homes & how it all comes together. Judging by these image choices it is going to look stunning!!

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