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It’s been a while since I did a Honeybee Home post for you girls so I’m excited to have one for you today! With spring cleaning in full gear over here, I thought it was a good time to finally share a look inside at how we organize our fridge. Superrr exciting I know but I do randomly get a good amount of questions about what we keep in the fridge and organization tips- so sharing a bit of both of those today! I also linked most of the products we use both in our fridge and the pantry in the collage below so you can just click to shop! Let me know if there’s another area of the house you girls would like me to cover next.

Fridge & Pantry Products We Love

Main Section

I linked a lot of the organization products we use above but I wanted to give you girls the full picture of our fridge and how we organize it. Typically I keep things that are adult-friendly or things I have to prepare for the kids (eggs, bagels, sandwich stuff) etc, up higher. Then, I try to keep washed veggies/fruit and other healthy options for them down low so they can grab and go for snacks themselvesr. I definitely find that washing and prepping as much as possible after the grocery makes us grab for those options more AND it helps with the organization since there are fewer packages, plastic bags and all that messy stuff that hides the food.

I can do a post on what we usually have in the fridge soon but honestly this is a pretty average week!

Door Organization

We go through a lot of vitamins and supplements in our house, most that need to be kept in the fridge, so those are up top since I have to give them to the kids anyways (and remind them every damn day).

Since we use a lot of lemons and limes in drinks throughout the day, I gave those their own section instead of taking up counter space and they stay really fresh longer in the fridge.

Drinkable yogurts and juice boxes are on the bottom shelf of the door so the kids can grab in a hurry.


We have three main drawers in our fridge that I organize by meats/kids stuff, veggies/product, and booze.

For the meat section, this is where I keep deli meats, tortillas, hot dogs and things kids like, cheese, etc. These items don’t usually stack well so the drawer is perfect. I feel like this drawer always end up looking like a hot mess first so I added a couple organizing trays to keep the random string cheeses and deli menus stack nicely.

Like I mentioned above, I TRY to clean all my produce when I get home from the store so it can be stored in the drawers. I basically clean this drawer out 1x a week so that we can have our clean produce in there. I bought a smaller container to fit in the drawer for cooking herbs, garlic, and those little loose ends which has been a game changer! Easy for me to see what we have on hand or need at the store too.

And last but not least, you already know I have a drawer for the good stuff! Hubby always has cold beers in here and I usually keep some rosé bottles in here- the drawer keeps them safe and we always have something cold on hand for guests…or us. I keep cans, etc up top and any open bottles of wine in the main section using these.

I’ll try to post a video to stories this week if you want a closer look at how we organize our fridge but I’m so happy I finally organized it! If you like this post, you’ll LOVE my Pantry Organization Post here!

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  1. Loved this!!! Thank you! Would love it if you could do the same for the freezer. Honestly I have MORE trouble organizing stuff in the freezer!!!

    1. Hi Andee,

      Do you have MEASUREMENTS for your fridge and FREEZER? Does your freezer make Ice? Looking at Thermador products. Thanks for your help :-).

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