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A lot of you had asked about how I don’t gain weight when i’m on vacation so I wanted to dedicate this weeks Honeybee Health post to sharing what I order when we travel. If you girls have been following along over the years I am sure you have heard me say this before but CONSISTENCY is key! When I see people trying these fad diets or juice cleanses I just know they aren’t going to have long term results. Making healthy changes that you can stick with year round is what it’s about ladies! When I travel I know my splurges are most definitely going to be lots of yummy adult beverages (that’s my splurge of choice), so I make sure that my cleaning eating still stays on track! So here are some random shots from our Cayman trip and how I eat while on vacation….

I have to say for me, the hardest part of staying on track on vacation is the airplane/airport food. A lot of times your in a rush or maybe you’re in a section of airport where you don’t have a lot of  healthy restaurant options (like Starbucks bc I can always find something healthy there). This trip we barely got on the plane but thankfully a lot of airlines are now carrying healthy snack pack options. I love this one with the hummus and veggies chips and 100 calorie almond pack option! This pack was even more of a score because they had my favorite Brookside chocolate covered berries in a portion sized version! Usually I try to pack my favorite Power Crunch bars (Shared them on SnapChat last week) and my go to “That’s it” fruit bars in my carry on for when I get hungry.

I don’t know about you but my littles are snackers….especially on airplane mode 😉 I shared these on Snap before we left for our trip. These are what I keep in my carry on so at least they’re snacking on  healthy options too! 

Some people say it’s hard to stay on track while on vacation but for me eating lunch poolside in a bikini is motivation enough not to fill up on fries, sliders and nachos. I always opt for a salad with lean protein and tons of veggies (to balance out all those skinny margaritas right?! 😉

Another amazing grilled mahi salad I had for lunch that was soooo good!  
 Grilled Shrimp Tacos (hold the aioli sauce and cheese) with a mini salad

For dinner we started with hummus, pita and veggies and then I just ordered two grilled fish tacos (hold the sauce) and we headed out for frozen yogurt (with lots of yummy toppings 😉 for dessert.

 Another healthy dinner option // Grilled Filet and Grilled Mahi with and an amazing mango salsa! 
The hubby ordered creamed corn as his side. It was ammmazing so I had a little but filled up on my side of roasted cauliflower and saved room for two glasses of wine. #notsorry 😉

 Room Service options are usually always healthy fruit plates or veggie and roasted pepper hummus plates like below!

The best part is my kids LOVE snacking on these healthy room service options too! 
 I am all for indulging on vacation too but for it’s about just picking and choosing what your splurge is going to be. For me it is definitely cocktails (hello traveling with two crazies;) but whatever yours is just try to keep the rest of your eating on track! I hope this was helpful for you girls.

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  1. How good do those room service snacks look! Totally agree. Consistency is key. I always think if you don't see yourself doing the diet in 10 years time then it's not a diet worth starting. Healthy lifestyle choices outweigh any diet.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was the commenter back in the spring who said you helped me lose 20 pounds. Well I'm now down 50 and have been following you the whole time for healthy tips and tricks. You are so right that consistency pays off and I feel the intuition on what to choose/order is starting to come. You make the balance between eating healthy and indulging look so easy but it really does take practice!

    1. thanks so much babe that is SO awesome to hear…good for you! It is so true it really does take practice (and discipline 😉 but you are doing so great! xo

  3. I love your Honeybee Health posts. They really are so helpful, and your healthy food always looks sooo delicious and colorful. I just began a new job in an office where I sit at a desk for most of the day. I’d love to see a Honeybee Health post containing your suggestions for a workday of eating. Breakfast that you can take on the go or put together in the office kitchen, snacks..some that are filling and some that are light enough for when you’re just eating as an excuse to get up and walk to the kitchen, lunch that is yummy and easy to make ahead and transport to the office, and an easy dinner that is ok to eat kind of late (8ish). I literally trust your nutrition suggestions more than anyone because I feel like you take actual TASTE into consideration 🙂 so a post like that would be awesome!

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