Honeybee Health: Trader Joe Goodies

Here are some of my favorites from Trader Joes! 
These are SO tasty and a great on the go snack option! They’re under 150 calories and have 9grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and only 6 grams of sugar! Highly recommend! I even have these as an after dinner snack when i’m craving something sweet.
My hubby LOVES a vodka sauce. Unfortunately vodka sauce is usually pretty high in fat. This one from Traders is lower in fat and still tastes great. I use this sauce with lean ground turkey meat or Chicken sausage and bell peppers.

This Gnocchi is a HIT in our house! Theres no heavy cream just marinara, basil and a little mozzarella. Its a perfect side dish when you want something tasty in a hurry!
I’ve been using these makeup wipes from Trader Joes for years! I have crazy sensitive skin (esp around my eyes) and these are perfect for that and not to mention super affordable!
And whats a trip to Traders without something sweet?! These babies were calling my name and I had to try them. SO GOOOOD! They are around 250 calories and I think 8 grams of fats so not to bad!
*What Trader Joe Goodies are you ladies loving?!

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    1. i know i was thinking i probably shouldn't only post on TJ because some people don't have them near them ;( New ones are popping up all over so hopefully you get one in your area!

  1. I have got to try those makeup removers! I love their strawberry and banana yogurts. Also their mochi and tamales. So tasty! Loving your blog and mommy post.

    <3 Linzi

  2. ooooooh those s'more sandwiches are amazing!! i think i need to have one now after reading this, haha. have you ever tried their cookie thins that come in ginger, coconut, and lemon?? they are so good and i think only 150 cals for 8 of them 🙂

    1. i have seen those and now they carry them at the register!! So i have to try to talk myself out of them. Every once in while you have to indulge. I am a monster around their peanut butter pretzel bites! I can seriously eat half a bag in one sitting lol

  3. I have never tried any of these – or even noticed them. Next time I go, I must pick up some of these items! I used to love their chocolate covered almonds, and their chocolate bars are way better then Godiva's. I read a NY Times article awhile ago, that a lot of Trader Joe's "Trader Joe" branded products are actually products made by really high quality food companies – these are items that they sell in other stores for much higher prices (and fancier packaging). Thanks for sharing your picks!

  4. I love the Dark Chocolate covered Powerberries! They are amazing and full of antioxidants so I don't feel so guilty eating them by the handful! 🙂

  5. I love love love Trader Joes! I will have to try those Fiber Bars and makeup remover. I have extremely sensitive skin so will look forward to picking those up. I have been getting the mini chocolate peanut butter candies. I stick them in the freezer and just grab a small handful and that satisfies my sweet tooth. They're so yummy!

  6. Agh I wish we had a trader joes!:( by the way, remember to vote yes to proposition 37 in November. It will require the labeling of all gmo products in California.

  7. I'm obsessed with their authentic salsa.. I buy like 8 of them each trip and put it on everything! I also love their egg white salad and chipotle pepper hummus!

  8. I looooove Trader Joes. Thank you for posting this. I spend hours browsing for healthy options at Trader Joes. I love the mini ice cream cones, baby spinach, mixed green mix, sesame soy vinaigrette, when I'm lazy I buy their precooked salmon and have it over spinach and the sesame vinaigrette for lunch. Their chocolate covered pretzels are great but I had to cut back, lol. I also love their instant oatmeal. its whole grain with real blue berries and i think it has flaxseed mixed in. Its great to take to work. I also love their crunchy almond butter…You are amazing Andee!!! Thank you for opening my eyes to more delicious options. Loove all your posts.

  9. I just picked up those makeup wipes, too! We don't have a Trader Joe's close, but when I splurge & go to Columbus, OH I always stop there!

    PS- Love the blog!! You are so pretty, and seem to have such a positive attitude on life. Commendable!

  10. I'm sure they aren't very good for me, but I'm in love with the Feta Cheese and Carmelized Onion Puff Pastry Tarts. I try to only get them for parties, otherwise I could probably eat an entire tray all by myself. Everyone has a guilty pleasure right?? lol : )

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