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Happy Wednesday babes! It’s time for a Honeybee Health post and this one’s dedicated to all things Starbucks! I have had a couple of you email/comment asking about what I order there so today’s post i’m sharing all my go to orders… so lets get down to it!
Let me just start by saying we LOVE Starbucks! I am the big coffee drinker in the house but I really love Starbucks more for the fact that they always have healthy options and are so up to date with new products!  In Orange County were so lucky to have so many healthy restaurant options but when we’re back east, in an airport, or traveling I get SO excited when I see a Starbucks. We literally stock up on stuff like we’re at a grocery store because we know they have healthy options and eventually someone will eat whatever we purchased. Even our kids love their stuff! (PS this is not a sponsored post 😉
  As for coffee’s honestly I just don’t waste my calories on the sugary ones. About 5 years ago my go to used to be a non fat latte with a Splenda or one of those sugar free lattes. I kicked that habit about 4 years ago and my go to was just a regular tall latte. By using the whole milk I felt like I didn’t even need to add any sweetener. Now they just introduced their new Flat White and that’s what I pretty much always order. Its pretty similar to a latte but just tastes so much better! Yes, there’s a little more fat with the whole milk they use butttt we’ll live 😉
 The tall is under 180 calories and has about 9 grams of fat. On the rare occasion that I am feeling for a sweet drink I’ll go for a tall Caramel Macchiato.  
One of the other things I love and order a lot for breakfast on the go is their Steel Cut Oatmeal (pictured above). I love all the pre proportioned toppings and that it has all the calories labeled on the outside of the package for you. It tastes great and most of the time I only end up needing to use half of the toppings. Even if you did have all of the toppings, the classic breakfast oatmeal is still under 400 calories! So a great healthy, filling and quick breakfast on the go! 
These Evolution juices are hit with the whole fam! I pretty much only get this Sweet Greens and Lemon and the Coconut Water and Pineapple one. They have the lowest amount of sugar and calories but still taste great!
I pretty much ALWAYS steer clear of that yummy bakery section (except for a couple hot breakfast items i’ll share below). I walk straight past the cookies, scones and muffins and go to their little pre packaged snack section. These dried apple clusters are a go to of mine. They’re yummy, filling and low in calories. I make sure I always have these on hand when I picked Ava up from school as well as these bars….
Another great snack option are these “THAT’S IT” bars. I’ve raved about them before but I’m obsessed. Ava and Luca love them too! They’re all natural and just a mix of dried apple and mango…”That’s it”! 😉 I love dried fruit…but give me a bag and I’ll devour the whole thing. These bars are so great because they are already pre portioned and only 100 calories!  My Target started carrying them but not in this flavor (which is my favorite). The other flavors are good too but the Apple + Mango is the best! 
I try my best to make Ava’s lunches at home but if were out running around I’ll pick up one of these protein packs on the go. I love that is comes with almond butter and lots of fruit. The peanut butter and jelly with fruit and veggies is also another go to of ours. 
and lastly the breakfast sandwiches…

 Please tell me how I have been eating these Egg White Spinach Wraps for years  (seriously! I think I remember posting on these back when I was pregnant and living in Miami!) and I am still not burnt out of them?! They’re SO good and kind of taste like I’m eating pizza. They’re my favorite on the menu and only around 300 calories (one of the lowest calorie options on the menu!) Another back up option if they’re sold out is the egg white, turkey bacon sandwich on an english muffin. It tastes great too and is also under 300 calories! So if you catch me at Starbucks these are my pretty much my go to items!

I hope this was helpful for you girls! If you have any other questions or topics you want me to cover on the next Honeybee Health post…please feel free to comment below! xo

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  1. Andee I love your health posts!! I have always been a fan of starbucks breakfast when I'm on the go, or traveling and trying to still stay healthy! One thing I wanted to mention (since I know you really care about health) is those Organic Milk boxes are not as healthy as they seem. I studied food sciences and in order to preserve the milk for a lengthy period of time (since those boxes often sit on shelves for weeks-months) they are ultra pasteurized to a point where they are virtually deprived of all nutrients. They are not harmful in any way, but they no longer contain the nutrients we are used to seeing in milk products! Just an Fyi – buying milk that is 'pasteurized' is always better than 'ultra pasteurized'.

    xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

    1. thanks so much love! and yes I could totally imagine that it wouldn't be as great as the regular organic milk you buy in the grocery store for sure. It's just what we do on the go 😉 I love my kids eating organic and wholesome foods but i also take them to Mc Donalds drive thru too on occasion…. its all about balance right?! 😉

  2. Hi Andee, I know in the past you said you would try to count calories – are you still doing that and if so, what do you aim for? Thanks 🙂 love these posts; they are my absolute favorite!

  3. Those protein bistro boxes are SO GOOD! Anytime I have a show (I do burlesque) I grab one on the way to have backstage. All finger food, nothing that makes me feel bloated or icky and when I may be going hours without eating they are a life saver. Plus I love all the different combos you can make with the items in there – never gets boring.

  4. Hi Andee! Love these posts! Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of quick and healthy food options near my house, except for Whole Foods. Do you ever get a quick lunch or breakfast there? Id love to hear what you get. XO -Ana B

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