Honeybee Health: Starbucks Edition

Hi loves! It’s been a minute since i’ve done a Honeybee Health post and so many of you have asked about what I order at Starbucks so here we gooooo….

I didn’t give up coffee when I was pregnant with Ava or this pregnancy either. I did cut back to one cup a day though. I try to make sure all of my options are around 200-300 calories because anything over that i’d rather be having a cupcake 😉 I also used to be into all the sugar free/splenda drinks etc but a couple years ago I started cutting that stuff out. Now I just go with a tall latte and have 2% or whole milk so I can drink it without sweetener or artificial sweetener. 

ahhhh the breakfast sandwiches…my favorite! Pretty much the only two I eat there are the spinach egg white wrap (obsessed!) and the turkey bacon, cheese and egg white muffin! Love them and they are both under 300 Calories.

I have raved about Evolution drinks before. They are SO good and the calorie count isn’t horrible on them. They sell these in the refrigerated section at Starbucks and are a go to of mine in the warmer months. I also posted this “That’t it” bar on Instagram last week. Its just dried fruit in a bar and is delish! It’s a perfect on the go snack and Ava gobbles them up as well. 
Oh the refreshers! Love these in the Summer time and all of these flavors are equally as tasty! 

and lastly if I am craving something sweet I go right for a tall Caramel Macchiato. It always satisfy’s my craving and is under 200 calories!

I hope this helped you ladies and would love to know what your go to Starbucks order is! 
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    1. yes! So good! alllllthough they say when you're pregnant you shouldn't have cold-pressed juices because they're not pasteurized. I still have them now and then but really scaled back.

  1. Not too long ago, I learned about Food Babe. Have you heard of her? I hate being *that* mom, but you have to know what is in those Starbucks drinks and treats. I used to drink their hot chocolate often and throughout my pregnancy. Now that I know what's in their drinks, I cringe when I think of what's in them and especially that I drank them during my pregnancy. This was where I read about it/ my wakeup call! http://foodbabe.com/2014/09/02/drink-starbucks-wake-up-and-smell-the-chemicals/

    1. you know i read some on that as well but its all about balance for me. I know when we dine out restaurants aren't using the best of everything ;( So when I cook at home and can control what products we use I do so. Otherwise id just be constantly racking my brain ;(

  2. Coffee was my 1st pregnancy aversion with this baby, as well as my daughter…I'm always SO jealous of mamas who are able to have their cup-a-day throughout pregnancy!

  3. Hi Andee,
    Just wondering if you could do a post on some of your baby boy buys! I am also expecting a boy and would love to see some of the things you have chosen for your little one. Also, another pregnancy update would be great 🙂 Love the blog! Thanks!!!

    1. yes yes and yes! I will definitely do so as soon as i start buying pieces for him eeeeek! Starting to get a little anxious as i havent purchased anything yet! Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can post on that! xo

  4. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking forward to seeing your starbucks picks! What are your thoughts on soy milk? I always wonder whether to do soy milk or dairy in my lattes.

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