Honeybee Health: Skinny Spinach Lasagna Rolls

There are WAY to many amazing recipes I’ve found on Pinterest lately. I’m on a mission to make one new recipe from my TASTE board each week. Needless to say my husband is beyond excited about this news. Here is one I made last night that was a hit….
Skinny Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Its super tasty, healthy and easy to make! You can find the full recipe here Skinny Spinach Lasagna Rolls
*Im always on the hunt for great recipes. Have you ladies made any from Pinterest you loved?!

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  1. I repinned this from you, totally want to make it! Do you like peanut sauce? If so, i have to send you this amazing recipe for Thai Chicken wraps with peanut sauce…it is unreal!!

  2. Oooh that looks really good! The only recipe I've tried from pinterest was really simple, but absolutely delicious; chickpeas mashed with avocado with chopped cilantro, lime juice to taste, and a little salt, spread on fresh bread.

  3. The lasagna looks delicious! I will have to try this out. I LOVE trying out recipes from pinterest! I just tried a new one a couple days ago and it was delicious! You need brie cheese, zucchini, garlic clove, bread, salt, pepper and olive oil. Grill zucchini with salt and pepper. Grill your bread too. On side of the bread rub garlic (I like to roast the garlic in olive oil and make a paste). Slice some brie and place on the garlic side of the bread, then place grilled zucchini and place in panini press. Certainly a husband approved sandwich!!

  4. Apparently zucchini is a hot recipe item on Pinterest lol! Last night I made stuffed zucchini boats from a Pinterest recipe and they were amazing!! It's literally hollowed out zucchini, sweet Italian sausage (but you can sub for turkey sausage or whatever meat you like), onion, garlic, marinara, mozzarella, and the pulp from the zucchinis. So amazing! The great thing though is that you could tweak it however you like. 🙂

  5. Oh this looks delicious! I love to cook and try out new recipes. I also made your 4th of July dessert last weekend and it was a huge hit with family and friends! I had 2 big servings myself!

  6. Looks yummy! I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love your nutrition posts. I'm a college student and I'm on the go a lot. I usually have to pack a lunch and plenty of snacks during the semester and for work during the summer. During the summer I work with special needs preschoolers so I need to have a lot of energy. What are some easy, clean lunches and snacks that I could pack? I'd love to see a blog post about this.

  7. This looks amazing! Just pinned this! I actually did a blog on recipes I've made this summer and LOVED. Most are from Pinterest! My husband could not believe we ran into you guys last weekend in Laguna! 🙂 Just showed my mom pictures of Ava – she's SO precious!!!! Check out the recipes on my most recent blog – have a great week!

  8. Andee I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog and looking at your blog.First of all…I Love it! Second check out my pin on chicken…Easy lemon chicken. R.E.Trejo

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