Honeybee Health // Random Shots

Alright lovelies it’s time for this weeks round of Honeybee Health with all my random food shots lately!

Out to breakfast (and HANGRY;) I had an egg white omelette with spinach, onion and feta. I also had a little of this yogurt parfait and took the rest to go.

Another favorite breakfast of mine, the steel cut oats from Le Pain! It comes with banana, walnuts, flax seeds and a little maple syrup and it is HEAVENLY! 
Always happy to see all this color in my shopping cart! I would say 50% of my cart ends up being from the fruit and veggie section of the grocery store. Side note, the guacamole and mango salsa from Whole Foods are go to’s of mine. We use them on so many different dishes and they are so convenient! 
I posted this Acai Bowl on instagram last week and it was delish! At Nekter Juice Bar they can add greens and peanut butter to it (I know sounds gross) but it was actually pretty darn good! I try to share my bowls with the little ones because sometimes the portions with Acai bowls can be huge.
Pit stops at Pressed Freeze are always a must! Their soft serve is made with all natural products like cocoa and dates.  (although I always add chocolate chips and peanut butter sauce too πŸ˜‰

Another healthy breakfast option…a serious portion of egg whites and the famous avocado toast from Le Pain.

Lunch on the go I had a chicken Pita (took off the top portion of the pita) and doubled up on the veggies for my sides.
I’ve said it before but dinners are crazy quick and easy these days. I don’t know about you moms but 5pm is madness around our household. Trying to get the kids fed and bathed before the hubby gets home leaves me nothing short of exhausted by that time. So when it comes to our dinners I like them to healthy, tasty and did I mention QUICK?! πŸ˜‰ My hubby is not a salad person so I made him turkey tacos and I created the salad above with pretty much a lot of the ingredients I was already using for his meal. 

Another similar style meal I shared on SnapChat. I buy a rotisserie chicken once a week. It’s so much easier to just shred and season the chicken and then pair it with some steamed rice and fresh veggies. I topped it with some of that pre made guacamole from Whole Foods. added some white beans and fresh shaved sweet corn. I literally made this in 5 mins and it’s SO good!

Another option I made for dinner is this healthy loaded sweet baked potato. I got the idea off Pinterest and was surprised that my hubby loved this one too! I added shredded chicken and sautΓ©ed with my go to sauce. I’ve posted on Frontera before and seriously love the whole line! I added black beans, avocado and a little cilantro! It’s super filling and really yummy too. 
and HOT DAMN! Ladies always make a little room to YO’Self! It’s ALL ABOUT A BALANCE and I am not sorry about this mint ice cream Cro’Wich situation one bit.
Hope these little shots were helpful for you girls. Next weeks Honeybee Health will be a kids edition sharing all my go to meals and snacks for the babes! Feel free to leave questions/comments you would like me to cover in that post or future ones! xo
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  1. This is a little off the Honeybee Health topic, but didn't know where else to post it! Would you be able to provide any suggestions for what to wear for family photos? We are a family of 4 – toddler boy and a baby girl. I'd like us all to coordinate somewhat but am not sure what I myself should even wear.

  2. Looks delicious!! Whole flaxseeds don't get digested though so as pretty as they are, they are pointless unless ground into flax meal πŸ˜€

  3. Yumm…That sweet potato meal looks delish. I'm new the sweet potato (yam) scene. Which one did you use here? Thanks. Acai bowls are amazing and super filling.

  4. Great ideas! Even the healthy restaurant options can easily be made at home. Def going to try your chicken and white bean dish! Yum!

  5. My trick for shredded chicken is to cook it in a slow cooker (crock pot) with low sodium chicken broth. You can put it all in for 4 -8 hours depending on the heat level and it is super easy to shred but also not as dry as rotisserie

  6. Love these posts so much. They give me good ideas of how to balance things out, but I love that you encourage a balanced lifestyle – learning how to be healthy but also knowing when it's okay to splurged and enjoy yourself. Thank you for promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle!


  7. My fav posts! Did you change up your diet much when you were pregnant or nursing? Would love another "day in meals" post. Also would be interested in what your workout plan is for the week. I see your snaps, but it would be nice to see a full post of what you do in a week =)

  8. More Honeybee Health posts, plz! Love these so much. Such a good reminder that small changes and keeping an eye on portions make a big difference.

Honeybee Health // Random Shots

Alright my lovelies, keeping up with my weekly Honeybee Health posts here we go with this weeks random shots…..
I’ve tend to do a lot of work away from home so breakfast out usually looks something like this. Egg White Scramble with a side of avocado toast and a latte. I find the avocado toast to be really filling so I usually only eat half and save the other half for later that day.
Another option Egg white scramble with spinach, basil, tomatoes and feta…SO good! I skip the potatoes and just have the toast with jam.
Starbuck on the go… I Love their oatmeal option! I don’t know why but it always tastes so much better than my oatmeal at home. Healthy, filling and around 300-350 calories depending on how much stuff you put in it. I really like that they give you all the toppings separate and it has the calorie count on each pack so you can decide exactly what and how much you want to put in it. Some of you asked on my last Honeybee Health post for a Starbucks Order post so my next Honeybee Health will be strictly my go to orders from there! 

Keeping it healthy on the plane! I am so happy that airlines are becoming more health conscious! I always order a couple of these packs on the plane to share with the fam. Hummus, 100 calorie packs of almonds and even a portion control size of one of my favorite sweets, Brookside dark chocolate covered acai and blueberries! Genius!

On the return flight from Jackson Hole at the airport I ordered a turkey club (hold the bacon and hold the mayo) on whole grain. I skipped the chips as this sandwich was filling enough. It’s all about the modifications ladies! 
Lunch at True Foods. I’m addicted to their turkey wrap (hold the mayo) and have it with a side of kale salad and “the natural” drink (ginger, soda water and agave).
and then sometimes you just crave something ridiculously sweet like this double chocolate cookie from Le Pain! Have you ladies had this?! Worth.Every.Calorie! 

I’ve posted several times about Pressed Freeze Juicery in Newport Beach. It’s all natural goodness and mine was made with dates, cocoa, vanilla etc I topped mine with almond butter and some chocolate covered goji berries. If you haven’t been definitely put it on your list to try.

and then when you bring home donuts for your hubby….you help him dominate them in 2 mins flat πŸ˜‰ That Oreo and Peanut Butter and Jelly one tho’!

My hubby and Ava love them some BBQ! πŸ˜‰  Ribs, briskets, mac and cheese, the works! For me I just don’t love it so I save my calories for other splurges. For me its always sweets and cocktails….how about you girls? What do you like to splurge on?
Sushi to go! I always like to get a some steamed vegetable or chicken dumplings. They are lower in calories and always a great starter option.
(Turkey patty, kale salad and lentils)
Lunches at home looks something like this. Lean proteins, greens and some healthy carbs! 
I don’t know about you moms but toddler meals are always SO damn tempting. I consider myself pretty disciplined but I too have trouble resisting unfinished mac n’ cheese, nuggets and whatever other yumminess the kids are eating. Half the time I say “why did I eat that” especially when it was a cold nugget! I mean really if I was going to have it I should have just had it when it was at least warm  out of the oven;) That being said I got back to putting out healthy veggies like these before I even start cooking. That way if i’m snacking while cooking…its on healthy low calories veggies that are filling. It’s an added bonus that Ava loves veggies so most of the time she is eating them too! 

I posted this on SnapChat (AndeeLayne) last week  but this is a standard throw together in 10 minutes meal. Its a protein pasta with natural lean ground turkey. This pasta sauce it one of our favorites! Not everything in our kitchen is organic but my rule of thumb is look at the ingredients…if you can pronounce 90% of them you’re good.
*Side note I also post a lot of my meals and random snacks more frequently on SnapChat because it’s so easy and fast. So if you want to see more of those you can follow along on there too! xo

I love these Sprays for cooking! They’re non aerosol, organic and taste great! 

Lunching with a girlfriend…She ordered the pizza and here I go with the salad….and some bubbly of course! I’m not going to lie this salad was so good, I didn’t even crave that pizza!

Quick dinner at home… another Skinny Taste recipe White Bean Turkey Chili!  Don’t be fooled by the not so pretty presentation, it was delish! I added the avocado and sweet corn to kick it up a bit.
and last but not least my splurge… yummy cocktails. I try to keep my beverage indulging to the weekends but lets be honest, sometimes I just don’t make it that long πŸ˜‰ I don’t know about you but especially now as mom, that glass of wine or cocktail are ALWAYS needed.
I hope this was helpful for you ladies! As mentioned next weeks Honeybee Health will be My Starbucks Orders and I also have a Day in Meals post (per request) in the works. Please feel free to let me know what else you girls want to hear about! 

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  1. Hey Andee! I LOVE your blog, especially the healthy food posts.. Thank you so much for the spray oil recommendation, I'm definitely picking this up! As for frying (if you have to) I've heard really good things recently about Macadamia oil. I read that it's the only type of oil that doesn't change it's molecular structure when heated, therefore it doesn't have the carcinogenic properties that other fried oils have. I was wondering if you have any insight or maybe have heard similar? Do you use a specific type of oil to fry (if you ever do lol)? Much appreciated, love you!!! -Ciara

    1. you're so welcome babe and so glad you love them too! And thank you for the macadamia oil tip I am going to look into that!! xo You know I rarely do fried food and if I do I just use whole wheat flour to coat my husbands chicken and just use olive oil in a frying pan. It tastes just like the real fried chicken πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, girl! I always love to see what other mommas are eating. And for sure I am in the same boat with the kids food- not sure why that Annie's mac and cheese tastes so good but I'm always trying to avoid mindlessly eating what the babes are eating- it's a struggle!

  3. Andee I just wanted to thank you SO much for these posts. Since beginning following your blog I have lost more than 20 pounds and have to give you credit! You've really shown the dedication/commitment it takes to have your body and I am constantly referencing your health posts for recipes/meal ideas/inspiration. Please know how appreciated these posts are I would love to see an example meal plan for your family's dinners each week, if possible!

  4. Thank you! These are my favorite, and really looking forward to Day in Meals post =)!

    I am now preggo, but my typical splurges used to be cocktails (holla), pizza, and truffle fries! These days my splurges are pizza and truffle fries, juice, anything with carbs, sweets, and kids cereal (the bad sugary kind). I'm terrible! I continue to eat fairly healthy at work, but when i get home i have no self control, everything is fair game.

    Andee, how did you keep your eating habits under control when you were pregnant? Any tips? I followed you when you were pregnant and you seemed to keep your eating habits fairly the same as you do now. Come the evenings for me and i overindulge X 10 :/.

    I love all the skinny taste recipes, i even have the cookbook! Do you follow Jessica Sepal at all http://www.jessicasepel.com? She is a nutritionist and has very delicious/healthy recipes. The only thing is that some of the recipes are time consuming and/or have a lot of ingredients. I'm all about quick and easy!

  5. Hi Andee! I have a three year old and 5 month old at home. My question for you is, do Ava and Luca eat the same as what you eat or do you cook separately for them? I would like to eat more cleanly but I also don't want to turn dinner into a crazy scene where I am making two different dishes. Further, I don't want my daughter to look at what I'm eating and get a complex about eating a particular way to stay slim. Do you ever worry about this? I don't want to give them food complexes before they're even old enough to realize what a food complex is! (For example, if I sit down to dinner eating something different than what the kids and hubby is eating, my daughter asks "why am I eating xyz?" I never want to say "because I'm being healthy" because I'm worried that automatically implies that what they're eating is unhealthy. We, as a family, eat lots of fruits, veggies and lean proteins, but the truth is that my kids like mac and cheese and sloppy joes from time to time! Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  6. I add my voice to the crowd that these posts are my faves and I actually get tons of inspiration from them πŸ™‚

    I have a terrible sweet tooth so that is where I splurge πŸ˜› not too big on cocktails but I do have a glass of wine with dinner almost every night. I have a very demanding and quite stressful job and the wine really helps to chill me out.

  7. Can I ask how you cook your turkey burgers? I feel like every time I cook mine they get too crispy on outside.

Honeybee Health // Random Shots

Morning loves! I was trying to post this post all day yesterday but some reason was having an issue with my computer. Anyhow its been a minute since i’ve done a Honeybee Health post but i’ve been sharing tons of snaps on my SnapChat (@andeelayne) much more frequently. So if you’d like to see them and all kinds of random unfiltered’ness on there πŸ˜‰ feel free to follow along! Ps I just learned how to change my settings so you guys can message me on there too! Okay here are some random Honeybee Health shots via the camera roll…..
For Luca! These are always staples in my grocery cart. He loves these little freeze dried yogurt fruit snacks and I love that they have probiotics too. These blueberry and carrot teethers are a hit with him (and Ava too…because you know if he’s snacking she has to have some too). They dissolve really easily and I like them for the car because they don’t make a huge mess (ummm not like it should make a difference though because my car usually looks like a war zone lol)
A couple others to snack on at home or in my diaper bag
Love these for on the go for Ava! I usually bring these for her when I pick her up from school.
Ahhhh! I cooked! lol 

Okay let me just say that the cooking department is something I have COMPLETELY lagged in lately. I used to cook all the time but have to admit with blogging full time (yes it’s a legit job πŸ˜‰ and all the activities with the kids the cooking and cleaning have been the first to go on the back burner. I’m not big on new years resolutions but getting back to cooking big good healthy meals is at the TOP of my resolution list!
Okay back to this delicious yumminess above! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know I’ve been making Skinny Taste recipes for years! If you aren’t following her on Pinterest you must! Every meal I have made from her site has been pretty amazing and a hit with the whole family. I knew I had to try this One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco Chili Mac dish as soon as I pinned it! It’s so good!

and then here’s what our meals have been looking like lately….
Nothing fancy but just clean, healthy and still tasty! It’s all about quick and easy around here lately so last week I made these sirloin fajitas. I just saute the meat with  garlic, olive oil and sea salt and add lots of peppers and onions. I skipped the tortillas and just went with a small portion of rice (go for brown rice if you really want go the healthy route) black beans and a side of guacamole. 

Another quick easy and healthy meal I made (and i’m sure you’ve seen this one on here before because we have it often). Its Chicken Sausages from Traders sauteed with peppers, onions and a whole bag of spinach.  Literally takes 10 minutes to make!

are you noticing a theme here?! πŸ˜‰ Im all about lean proteins, veggies and carbs in moderation.
Out to sushi I went with a spicy tuna cut roll with tuna on top. I pretty much always request “easy rice” on all my rolls. I steer clear of california rolls (usually made with imitation crab meat and quite a bit of mayo) I avoid the fried ones like crunchy rolls and the eel rolls which have a sugary sauce on top. Sashimi, veggies rolls, edamame, seaweed salads, and house salads with ginger dressing are all healthy options to start with.
Pf Changs to go….

Everyone’s having fried rice and Honey Chicken and i’m over here with my spring rolls, steamed dumplings and lettuce wraps. I don’t mind because these items really do taste great too! Do you girls have healthy favorites from PF Changs too?

We do pizza night at least once a week. I don’t normally eat pizza but really love ZPizza. I love that they have tons of healthy options and use organic ingredients. I love their veggie pizza but lately Ava and the hubby have been winning in the pepperoni and peppers request. I usually have one slice and then go with a big salad. 

Out to lunch at Bear Flag in Newport Coast. It’s one of my favorite causal lunch spots. I was starvvving and ordered just about everything on the menu πŸ˜‰ I went with the salmon and ahi poke (SO good!) It come with a side of rice and grilled veggies. I also ordered a side salad and chips and guacamole. I skipped the chips and went with the wine instead πŸ˜‰

Lunch at Javier’s. I had the grilled salmon topped with tomatoes, olives and capers….SO good! It comes with black beans and the perfect portion of rice. Again skipped the chips and had some vino instead! 

Now lets talk about indulging because i’m all about having a balance! Girls nights are always a good time to throw the clean eating out the window. Wine flights and killer cheese spreads will always be worth the splurge in my book!

Cinnamon Roll Sundays!

Splurging with my babe is always a must. I’m not going to lie I felt a little guilty eating these yummy cinnamon rolls butttt indulging with Ava is something I always want to make sure I do. I don’t want her growing up and thinking “why isn’t mommy eating that”. So we eat healthy most of the time but definitely get down on our sweet treats too! 

and another mommy daughter date for some soft serve with honeycomb! It was a hit with Ava but a little too sweet for me (so I stole the hubby’s Sea Salt Caramel shake πŸ˜‰

I hope this was helpful for you girls and if you have any other specific questions please feel free to ask! Also I get tons of emails on places to eat and see in Orange County so I am putting a OC guide post together for you too! 
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  1. I do love me some food pics. And I love how you always find the healthier options even when you're out to eat. Dan and I have been trying to cook more in the new year too. I bought him the "Eat This Not That" cookbooks (adapted from the Men's Health column) and we have been floored by the comparisons of meals at restaurants to what you can make at home. PF Chang's fried rice had more than 2000 mg of sodium and was 1200 calories! Dan says "That should be illegal." And I agree. The book offers a 300 calorie version you can make at home and it has waaaay less sodium, of course. Thanks for always inspiring health and for being aware that your choices affect your daughter. Love your heart Andee…

    1. thanks so much babe! and its crazyyyy the amount of calories etc that are in most items. At yardhouse they can print out your meal nutrition facts for you and lets just say its not fun lol

  2. Can't wait for an OC guide:) also where do you purchase the sweet potato pancakes that you've posted before? LOVE love these posts please keep them a regular!

  3. Love this post! I think the dinners are especially helpful since I am always running out of ideas but its a good reminder that sometimes keeping it simple is best πŸ™‚ Which Trader Joe's chicken sausages do you like? I have tried a few and haven't been able to find one we like.

  4. I Love these blogposts because they give me a better idea of what to aim for as well πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the cooking and managing everything you do!!! I don't have children, and I find it hard being consistent about cooking with a full-time and blogging and working out! And everything else life brings!

    Also, I LOVE your perspective about indulging with Ava. That's so great that you're conscious about what you're conveying to her at a young age, I'm sure that'll have a positive impact on her to learn how to have a healthy balance in life. At 27 years old, I'm still trying to learn that!!


  5. Thanks for sharing! These are some of my favorite posts ;). I might have to try that turkey chili mac. I'm obsessed with all the skinny taste recipes. The cookbook has a killer skinny enchilada recipe that is my favorite.
    Do you make your black beans or rice any special way? Or is it just plain?

  6. So how do you stay at 2 percent body fat after just having a baby in the past year? It can't be all diet. What is your workout regimen? I'm about your size, I work out pretty hard, and by the looks of it, eat about the same as you. I have two kids, and I am four years postpartum, but I still have that extra padding. What's your secret??

  7. Yay for the Honeybee Health posts! I always tell Jenny these are my favorite of your posts, since Kaitlyn is such a picky eater. Where do you find those Justin packs? We start preschool this week, so I need stuff like this! Thanks!

    xx Viv

  8. Lol'd a little at your car snack dramas. I was just having the same conversation with my girlfriend today. I swear my son likes to tip any packet he has upside down just to see how much mess he can make! Those teethers look like a great idea.
    And, loving your snapchat too lovely xxx

Honeybee Health // Random Shots

It’s been a minute since i’ve done a full Honeybee Health post for you ladies so today i’m sharing some random foodie shots via the camera roll. I plan on sharing more on my SnapChat (AndeeLayne) because my food and fashion posts seem to get a lot of screen shots on there. So if you want to see these shots more frequently you can follow along there! xo
Post Workout Lunch // Avocado toast with poached eggs, sprouts and a green drink! 

Grocery Cart check in at Whole Foods! (Holla to The HB follower I met in the cereal aisle! You were a doll! Ps if you guys see me out say hi…I promise I am totally normal πŸ˜‰
I try to do the majority of my grocery shopping at Traders so I don’t spend a billion dollars at Whole Foods but I always leave there with way more than I came in for. I love their coffee and the snack options they have for my babes! Ava loves those baked grilled cheese puffs and the BARE dried apple chips are a hit with the whole fam.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles! Still buying these weekly! 
One of my favorite breakfast combos //Sweet Potato pancakes and Chicken & Maple sausage 
Seasonal Yumminess new on the True Foods menu! These roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, mushrooms and cauliflower served with hummus (and I think it was an avocado dip) were SO good!
Brunch… trying to be healthy with a salmon salad and totally should have ordered those pancakes instead. lol (Next time πŸ˜‰
Checked out the new HopDaddy in Newport Beach and LOVED this spot! Super cute/ good quality burger spot that tastes amazing and offers some healthy options too. I went with this spinach and goat cheese salad (next time will add a burger patty!) and it was really good.
The hubby practically drank this queso dip! 
and of course when you see red velvet and Nutella salted pretzel milkshakes on the menu….one does not hesitate! 

I posted on Instagram this week but I am SO excited that my favorite juice spot opened up in Newport! If you’re local I def recommend stopping in and sampling their juices.

My kind of shots! 
His & Hers

I’ve never been a french fries and burger person.I save my splurges for things like cocktails and ridiculously tasty sweets! It’s all about picking and choosing your splurges.
Cheese plates….
and big soft pretzels are always worth the splurge in my book!  
Grocery Cart check in at Trader Joes
Can you tell my hubby is a burger and fries kind of guy?! πŸ˜‰
 At the new Hollsteins at South Coast Plaza. Trying to keep it healthy I ordered the lamb burger, a side salad instead of fries and splurged with a big ol’ pour of that Hard Apple Cider (have you guys tried this yet? SO good!)

and thats this weeks Honeybee Health round up!  Hope this was helpful for you girls and you all have a great week! 
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  1. Can you blog, or make a list of your favorite restaurants in Orange County? Or any restaurant, (just in general). I love everything about your blogs!!!!!!!

    1. aww thanks so much Milan such a compliment! I actually have started to do a favorite OC restaurant round up and will hopefully have it on the blog in the next couple weeks! Thanks so much for the request. xo

  2. Looks so yummy!!! I wonder how you get all this done wiittle ones. is your big babe in kindergarten or daycare or so? And does she not want to have your mobile or Notebook as soon as you sit on it… thats my daily routine- hiding mobiles and work I do πŸ˜‰
    I follow your block for Ages now and love those california cool sunny and heartwarmng Family Pictures. they often make my day as I live in a colder Country. but have been to Cali ones!!! xoxo Nina

    1. thanks so much babe! Needless to say I'm exhausted on the daily trying to juggle it all but I do have my oldest in school a few hours a day so that helps a lot. Thanks so much for following along! xo

    1. omg so many different things! i think if you look up Juice Served Here online its the "flight" option they have on the menu. Ill be sharing my favorite ones on the blog as i go through them! xoox

  3. you're the cutest. all of your picks are spot on with what I would have picked. I also choose traders over whole foods (only because I get into sooo much trouble when I'm in whole foods! eeek!) xx

  4. Andee! This is a helpful post! I trust your judgement. I have no idea how you keep with with blogging, a wife, and mother but good job! Thanks for posting, I am creating a grocery list, haha! Whole Foods has the best coffee but Trader Joes has the best affordable frozen quick dinners (not healthy, I know).

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Alright lovelies! Finally a Honeybee Health post! I have been trying to do these on my Instagram and use the #honeybeehealth hashtag to make it easier to see snapshots of how I eat (and its a lot faster for me to post) but after several requests for a full blog post here we go!!! (Ps I’m doing this on my iPhone so sorry it’s a little choppy.)
Lunching at Lemonade I have salmon, cous cous, kale salad and avocado/tomato salad! Of course washed it down with a guava lemonade! Yum!

My breakfast/brunches usually look like this! If I’m really craving a stack of pancakes I get them but normally I just go with something like this…egg white and turkey bacon omelette topped with avocado. I skipped the white toast and had a small cup of steel cut oats a small side of fruit and of course a latte.

Lunching out is all about colorful veggies! I try to fill up on these (they come with a olive tapenade type of dip that is sooo good). For lunch I had the turkey pita wrap with no cheese and a side of sweet potatoe hash and kale salad!

Sushi Time! Yeah I can finally have this again! I always start with sashimi and veggie roll (and always ask for easy rice) yes the waiter probably hates me but you should see how much rice they use in one roll. No crunchy tempura, sugary eel sauce or California rolls which have quite a bit of Mayo in them. Yes all the fun ones of the list are a no go for me. Instead I go for a speciality roll like the one above that is a veggie roll topped with yellowtail and yummy lite ponzu type sauce.

Ahhhh the Acai bowl! Nutrient rich and packed with all kinds of antioxidants and wholesome goodness! I eat these on the regular but usually only eat half at a time. The portion sizes most of the time are ginormous and well over 1000 calories so I do my best not to inhale the whole thing in one sitting.

On vacation I’m always indulging in more cocktails than I probably should so no french fries or nachos poolside. I went with fresh strawberries and yogurt and hummus with pita and veggies.

My favorite muffins from Whole Foods! I’m definitely a muffin girl but some are so high in calories and sugar you may as well have a cupcake. If I see oil coming through the bag I steer clear. I think these are around 250 calories for the who thing! The carrots and raisins in them sweeten it up just enough!

And of course I am a firm believer in “treat yoself”. I definitely have something sweet everyday (keeping it around 200 calories) and then about once a week I go big with a bigger splurge like donuts or cupcakes etc. If you deprive yourself you’ll end up binging later. So treat yoself…in moderation πŸ˜‰

I probably could do with out the couple cocktails I have a week or the nightly bad habit of cereal before bed butttt at the end of the day you have to live a little. I’m not training for a fitness competition πŸ˜‰ and not to mention being a mom of two now I think I appreciate a drink now more than ever!

Out to dinner at Umami Burger (SO good) Hubby has the fried onion cheeseburger and I opted for the turkey burger with sprouts. 
Another dinner out and the hubby has yummy beer and wings ….

And here I go with Salmon salad lol but definitely had to have that glass of wine too!
So I am 100% a frozen yogurt girl so when I heard healthy juice spot Pressed Juicery was bringing in pressed freeze I had to check it out! I’m not going to lie my the first time I had it I was like “oh no no no this is not going to do” πŸ˜‰ but it’s so weird I totally started craving it after and am addicted now! I get the vanilla with almond butter sauce and chocolate covered goji berries!
Ordering PF Changs to go! No fried rice or egg rolls here! I start with the spring rolls and chicken mango salad! I also order the Moo Goo Gai Pan dish. It’s one of the lowest calorie dinners on the menu and is really good! I got the hubby eating it now too. The portions are huge so I make multiple meals out of them.
Okay sorry for lagging on these posts and hope they were helpful for you! And for those of you who want to peek at my meals on a more frequent basis you can check out my Instagram(@andeelayne) and #honeybeehealth hashtag!
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  1. Love these posts! Thanks for this!! It's great to get some healthy eating ideas :). Do you worry about counting calories, carbs, etc, or just mainly focus on portion size? Curious what your secret is for looking fab :). I'm about your size/build and am always interested in hearing what people do to look great! And I agree, I could probably do without the weekly cocktails, but life just isn't as fun without them ;).

  2. Yum! Thanks for sharing! Your health and makeup posts are my fave! What kind of milk do you get in your lattes? Do you get them flavored?

  3. I love your Honeybee Health Posts, you set realistic goals that are not intimidating. I love that you're completely honest about "treat yo'self" moments.

  4. Yay! You know I hang out for these posts! I had to have a little laugh, I'm totally eating cereal before bed while reading this! It looks like you have so many healthy (and delicious) food places locally! So handy and makes eating out so much easier. I totally agree with you on the treat too…twenty percent indulgent is my motto!
    Can't wait to see more of your Honeybee Health posts!!! (no pressure πŸ˜‰ )

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Alright lovelies you’ve been requesting more of these so here we go with another round of random Honeybee Health shots via the camera roll…..
A snap shot of my grocery cart after leaving the produce aisle. I try to stock up the majority of my cart with tons of colorful fruits and veggies! Lots of filling, nutrient dense produce. What I put in the house is what they will eat so I stock up on the good stuff! 

A typical breakfast….instant oats, ground chia seed, half a banana and a little agave nectar to sweeten it up!

You’ve probably seen this breakfast option on here before but the Van’s protein waffles are a staple in our house! Again topped with a little banana, ground chia, almond butter and the maple/agave blend syrup from Trader Joes.

My little one is ALWAYS asking for snacks in the car. Chances are if she’s munching on it I end up munching on them too so I try to keep those snacks healthy. These Dried apple chips are always on hand and Ava gobbles them up!

I’ll be honest i’ve been really bad about food prepping these last couple months. I’ve been so busy with A and exhausted because of pregnancy so there has been a lot of “to go” from Whole Foods. The char grilled salmon, kale salad and some sort of healthy carb mix are always stashed in my fridge for quick, no brainer healthy meals. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper when I do the meal prep myself so I hope to get back on track with that stat.

Another round of healthy to go options from Whole Foods are these BBQ chicken and quinoa meatballs (LOVE!) again with kale salad and the char grilled corn and spinach salad.
and of course there’s always room for splurging! I definitely allow myself sweets EVERYDAY I just aim to keep it in the 200-300 calories range. Typically treats like this cronut (cupcakes, donuts etc) I only eat once a week or once every two weeks. 
His and Hers ice cream!
Now I would MUCH rather be having that Sea Salt Caramel gelato but the nutrition facts on his vs mine are all the difference! His has 240 calories, 11 grams of fat and 36 grams of sugar (per 1/2 cup!) vs mine which has 100 Calories, 0 grams of fat and 16 grams of sugar (per half cup). I’ve mentioned this frozen yogurt before and really love it. Its not Ben and Jerry’s by any means but it’s tasty and usually satisfies the sweets craving.
Out to brunch with the fam: They have their carbo load yumminess and I have an egg white, spinach scramble with a side sweet potato fries and whole grain toast and jam. 
Out to lunch I ordered a veggie burger with cheese and avocado and a side salad instead of fries. I only ate one side of the bun because this patty was loaded with whole grains.

and another lunch at True Foods: I love their shaved turkey wrap! I just request it without the cheese because it has an amazing yogurt dressing and I don’t even end up missing the cheese. As always I also order “the natural” drink. Soda water, ginger and agave (so refreshing!)

A lot of you were asking if my meals have changed much since becoming pregnant. I would say only slightly. In the first trimester my eating pretty much stayed the same. In my second and now third trimester I upped it by a few hundred calories. Basically every night i’m snacking πŸ˜‰ Either a big bowl of popcorn, cereal or some kind of sweet treat. I listen to my body and if i’m hungry or craving something in particular I eat it. For me it’s all about having a balance. Enjoy this time but don’t go overboard. Anyhow I hope this helped you ladies!  I’ll (finally) have a bump update this weekend for you!

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You girls know I have a lot more content like this on the site so head this way if you want more…

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    1. exactly i feel like I'm responsible for what my family consumes so I try to put as much healthy stuff in the house as possible πŸ˜‰
      and so glad you enjoy these posts as well! xo

  1. Thank you, your tips and nutrition suggestions always are so helpful! Also, during your first trimester you had said you gained 5 pounds right away like with Ava, I find myself in the same boat. I think its because i have to eat to help the nausea, and i have adversions to the healthy stuff and pretty much only crave carbs. Thanks goodness that changes later on in my 2nd and 3rd trimester usually but i was wondering if you had the same dilemma with craving salty carbs?

    1. I think thats just the way my body works during pregnancy for some reason. I just put on those 5 lbs right away. I did crave lots of carbs and salty things like you mentioned and I'm sure it was because of the first trimester nausea.

  2. Always enjoy these posts Andee! Does eat veggies/salads like you do? I saw the carb meals, and Kaitlyn would eat all carbs and sweets if I let her. She picks out every.single.veggie no matter the color.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

    1. thanks love glad you enjoy them as well! Yes Ava loves veggies and especially fruit. To be honest I have the most difficult time trying to get her to eat nuggets/protein. She's in that toddler picky stage right now so meals are always trying for us as well!

  3. how do you get to the gym those 3 days a week? Do you bring Ava with you? if so, how did you get her use to the gym day care, my little one seems to cry every time ive tried ): HELP

    1. well its not 3 days anymore πŸ˜‰ But when I do go yes I bring Ava. We started taking her there when she was about a year old and it was an adjustment for her too but consistency is key. Now she has no real issues going!

  4. Finally a health-post!! πŸ™‚ Question: How (and how much) do you exactly make your oats? And do they ceap you full? IΒ΄ve already tried oatmeal as breakfast instead of my typical cottage cheese with rasperries in order to minimize my consume of dairy, but I find they make me so hungry very quickly and I gain weight.. Any suggestions from you? I admire your body and discipline a lot! Thank you!

    1. Hi Claudia! I usually have two packets of instant oatmeal. I also find it doesnt keep me as full so thats why I add the ground chia seeds (which really help with that) and the banana. xo

  5. I am Australian and deli meats and pre made salads are off limits during pregnancy but I see a lot of US bloggers consuming. Are your healthy guidelines very different ?? I am intrigued.

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Its been a minute since i’ve done a Honeybee Health post so here we go with some random shots that have been sitting on my camera roll…
I’ve been making a lot of salads for lunch lately. This one has rotisserie chicken, (whatever veggies I have in the fridge) cherry tomatoes and shaved grilled corn, topped with a little bit of mozzarella and my go to Balsamic dressing. 
My go to creamer (it’s just milk, cream and sugar) and I love these Vita Coco Cafe drinks but the hubby usually polishes them off before I get a chance to snag one πŸ˜‰
Out to dinner had filet mignon and loads of veggies
Lunch with a friend at Tender Greens was a rotisserie chicken spinach salad and a side of tomato soup. 
and of course there’s a weekly trip to Wendy’s to get that frosty! I always tell the hubby to only get me the kids size but he knows best when I polish off the medium. πŸ˜‰

I posted this shot on instagram last week from Greenleaf. I’m OBSESSED with their Cobb Lite salad. They use egg whites and turkey bacon ;)))

At home I made healthy steak fajitas. I splurge and buy organic grass fed sirloin (which is really lean) and add tons of veggies. I used to make my own guacamole (avocados, lime, onion, cilantro and sea salt) but have been buying the pre made one from Whole Foods lately because i’m down for anything that saves time these days and it’s SO good!
 I take one flour tortilla and split in half to make two tacos. Also not pictured but had chips and salsa. Trader Joe’s has some really good guiltless tortilla chips that are baked and we love! I think I have posted on them before but i’ll try to include a pic of them in my next Honeybee Health post. 
and of course you have to have some junk food at the movies!
I love that even regular chain grocery stores (Ralphs here in SoCal) carry some natural and organic options. You have to search a little harder but they’re in there. These are usually in my shopping cart when I go there. 

and a little snack of heirloom tomatoes with a pre-made balsamic reduction (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both carry some) with a side of cottage cheese.

Hope this was helpful for you ladies! I know a few of you have been asking for a Coffee/Starbucks post so I hope to put that one together for next week for you!

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You girls know I have a lot more content like this on the site so head this way if you want more…

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  1. You mentioned before you eat treats everyday… this is a random question but what time do you have them and in what quantity and what do you usually have? I am always craving after lunch and after dinner eeeek! please help

    1. to be honest whenever i crave them… But typically its after lunch and always after dinner πŸ˜‰ I have a bunch of different things (I've posted on previous honeybee health posts) but will add some more option in my next post.I just try to keep it under 200 calories (if possible ;))

    1. Ive been trying to keep it as simple as possible lately. I go healthy chicken or steak fajitas, Healthy pasta (recipe posted on my Pinterest Andees Eats board) andGrilling as much as we can bc its super (lean burgers turkey dogs etc)

  2. Where do you get your recipe ideas from for cooking at home? I find my biggest problem is I lack imagination in the kitchen and always have to follow a recipe word for word. I would really like to be able to start eating more clean and healthy. I'm 6 months pregnant with number 2 and with my first it took a year to lose the weight. I'm hoping I can be more dedicated and focused the second time around. Definitely inspired by you!

    Also, random question – which Ditas Condors would you recommend for someone who has long dark hair, fair to medium skin and dark eyes? I want to order a pair but I'm not sure which color is best for me and unfortunately there is nowhere near me to try on. Thanks Andee!

    1. hi hun you know its just about throwing together whatever healthy foods I have in my fridge at that time. I try to keep lots of lean proteins, whole grains and colorful veggies so I can make something healthy (in a hurry). I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest as well but its been FOREVER since I've sat down and made one (need to get back on track with that soon!) but as you know life gets a little more chaotic when your busy with a little one and trying to keep up with all the day to day activities too πŸ˜‰
      as for the Ditas I would say the brown ones with the gold trim are universally flattering on everyone. I would recommend purchasing from shopbop.com only because they have free shipping and free returns if you dont like the fit. Hope this helps xo

  3. Thank you so much for posting! Do you have any advice on clean eating for a vegetarian/pescetarian? I need to integrate more protein in my diet, but I can't eat meat. Any advice would be so helpful! Thank you! You're so inspiring πŸ™‚

    1. Hi hun! I would suggest lots of greek yogurt,quinoa, beans, protein powder in smoothies and lots of fish since you can still eat that. I'll try to add some more of these options in my next post! xoxo

  4. Yay! Super excited about the upcoming coffee post!! I requested one awhile ago, and I know you're very busy, so I'm really glad that you will be doing it!

    1. oh my gosh i feel so guilty i know a couple of you girls requested it AGES ago! Ive totally lagged but will definitely put one up next week!! thanks for the patience love xo

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Happy Sunday loves! It’s been fashion overload here lately πŸ˜‰ so thought i’d switch it up a bit a do a Honeybee Health post with some random shots from last week.
I posted this dinner I made on my instagram and several of you asked how I prepared it. Honestly it was crazy easy and turned out SO yummy! My husband actually hates fish (unless its breaded) and he ate the whole thing! As far as meat, poultry and fish goes I tend to spend more money on better quailty items. This is wild caught Chilean Sea Bass and it can be a  little more pricey but in my opinion you can really taste the difference! I marinated them with a little olive oil, crushed garlic and sea salt then put them in a glass dish and cooked for 15 mins at 450 (until the middle is cooked through). I served them with simple sides of white rice and black beans. Yes I said white rice πŸ˜‰ brown rice is a better option but from time to time we have white rice (especially because the hubby isn’t a fan of brown). I’ve made homemade mango salsa before but cheated with this one and picked up a pre-made one from Whole Foods. It’s so much faster and REALLY good! 
Picked up some healthy sides at Whole Foods. I love their Garlice brown rice and roasted peppers! 
Do you guys remember Clearly Canadian drinks from back in the day?! This one is basically the healthier version. Just a little something I pick up when I don’t want to drink water πŸ˜‰
Out to Italian at our favorite spot (Quattro in South Coast Plaza for my local ladies) I go with the salmon with tomatoes and ask for steamed spinach as my side. I save my carbs for the vino and the few breadsticks I had before our meal. 
Snackin’ at the beach! There’s nothing like being in a bikini to keep your eating on track πŸ˜‰ This salad from Active Culture in Laguna is so filling and yummy! 
Typical dinner portion sizes at home. Half my plate is salad with lean protein and a smaller portion of carbs. I try to keep my carb portions smaller at dinner because I know i’ll always have some sort of sweet treat after dinner. I try to keep it around 200 calories and it’s usually a small cup of cereal or a small portion of cookies and skim milk.

Dominating at the best burger place in town..Umami Burger! Now this is more of a cheat night spot but I still tried to keep it as healthy as I could. The hubs and babe started with fries while I started with “the boring salad” (yes that’s really what it’s called) I ordered the Greenbird burger which is a turkey burger but it does have an amazing (non healthy) spread and some dressing on it which is so good!

A latte and small piece of dark chocolate usually satisfy my afternoon sweets craving! 

Another shot I posted on my instagram last week of my weekly food prep. Food prepping doesn’t have to be complicated it’s just about cutting and cooking up healthy items to have ready to go in your fridge for the week. You’ll be much more likely to have healthy meals/snacks if they are prepped and ready to go!  I stock up on all our families favorite fruits and veggies (switching it up each week so we don’t get burnt out on the same items) and just wash, cut and portion them out. I will also make a big batch of whole grain rice and or quinoa to have on hand as well.

My favorite Hummus from Whole Foods and some of our veggies prepped from last week. I make these little bags more for husband so he can take them to work.

Switching it up at True Foods last weekend I had the shaved turkey sandwich. It is so good but the portion is rather large so I had half with the kale salad and saved the other half for the next day. 

and every now and then you have to get down with the family πŸ˜‰ I try to limit the donuts, sprinkles cupcakes and butter cake to once a month but they’re totally worth it! (Sunglasses by SUPER)

Hope this was helpful of you ladies! I also have been posting snap shots of my workouts on my Twitter account if you want to follow along there! You can find me under Andee Layne. Have a great rest of the weekend loves!!

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  1. Hey Andee,

    Great news for you! I too loved the Clearly Canadian drinks…and it looks like they're going to come back if they can get 25,000 cases pre-ordered. (and I checked..they are all natural..yumm!) Check it out πŸ˜€


  2. These are my favourite posts! Do you have any tips on decreasing bloat? no matter how clean I eat I always find my belly feels so bloated especially when I drink. You're always in cute crop tops when you go out so any tips on dealing with that?
    thanks for the inspo! xxx

    1. thanks hun so glad you like these posts as well. As far as the crops tops go you probably notice that I am usually wearing the ones that are above the belly button (the thinnest least bloated part of the tummy πŸ˜‰ Drinking lots of water and steering clear of salt are the big factors in easing the bloat. I would check out pinterest they have a ton of pins on decreasing bloat!

    1. thanks hun so glad you enjoy them as well! I know the prep seems like a lot of work but honestly it takes 30 mins and your set for most of the week! xo

  3. hi andee! love your blog! i have a random question — did your rings ever stop fitting when you were pregnant? we're thinking of trying, and it makes me sad to think of not wearing my rings. please let me know if you have any advice! thanks!

    1. hmmm not to much but i had heard of that happening. towards the end i think I started to retain more water and swell a little. If you start swelling id say take them off for sure…you dont want them getting stuck.

  4. Hi Andee. Fantastic post, so many good tips! I was just wondering how many calories you aim for in an average day? I'm the same height and a similar weight to you but I'm struggling to find a balance/amount I'm comfortable with. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Hi hun I dont rack my brain with calorie counting anymore but for my height and weight i should eat around 1700 to maintain so I am for that but I'm sure its more like 2000.

    1. someone else just asked me that…while I dont rack my brain counting calories I would say I aim for about 1700 but ends up being more like 2000 πŸ˜‰

  5. I keep lots of veggies on hand for green smoothies and snacking… This is going to sound silly, but… How do you keep the cucumber fresh (even in the fridge) after slicing…. all week? Mine get mushy and slimy!

    Love these posts!! Great to get new ideas!

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Many of you ask about my workout plan and for more of these Honeybee Health shots so i’m trying to make them a weekly post! Life is so busy lately that I really just don’t get into the gym 5 days a week like I used to. I would say it’s more like 2-3 times a week now but the biggest thing for me is continuing to eat clean. Whether its eating out or cooking for my family I try to keep it consistent. Here are some random shots from last week…
Easy weekly vegetable prepping! These are more for my hubby on the go but great for the diaper bag and in the car as well! I cut up all these organic veggies and portion them out in Ziplocs. I eat them raw or sometimes with hummus. The hubby tosses his with a little balsamic dressing. Either way they’re super easy, filling and low in calories! 
Simply OBSESSED! I try to buy the smaller container so I won’t take on all the extra calories but its still better for you than soda or sugary juices. πŸ˜‰
A quick breakfast at home… Whole grain toast, thin spread of almond butter, half a banana, topped with ground chia see and a little agave nectar.

Out to Mother’s for breakfast I had the Celia breakfast bowl: Egg whites, brown rice, black beans, vegan cheese, 1/2 an avocado and some salsa. I’ve posted on this at home recipe before HERE.

Trying to keep it healthy while out to dinner at an Italian restaurant : Grilled Salmon and an arugula salad with lemon dressing, shaved parmesan and of course a nice glass of vino! 
I came across these low acid organic espresso beans at Whole Foods recently and had to try! They’re infused with acai, green tea and pomegranate…bring on the antioxidants! It actually tasted pretty good! I would recommend if you are looking for a low acid coffee bean and if you’re not really into that strong full coffee flavor.
Okay i’ve mentioned before i’m a girl who “picks and chooses”. Normally I save my calories for things that are really worth it and for me its usually cocktails and sweets. I not a huge pizza or fried food person but now that i’ve discovered “Z Pizza” I think i’m in trouble πŸ˜‰ I love all the healthy options they offer including gluten free and organic items. I create my own pizza with tomatoes, arugula, olives, onions, peppers, grilled chicken (no sausage, bacon or pepperoni here) and EASY cheese and its DELISH! I try to make it as healthy as possible but its still a ton of carbs so I try to balance it out but filling up on their salad first….(pictured below)

and another healthy option when ordering out for the family from Pei Wei. They love the orange chicken and lo mein… to me it’s not worth my calories. I order steamed veggies, chicken and brown rice along with the gluten free Vietnamese spring rolls.

and lastly YES I have sweets EVERYDAY! I try to keep it under 200 calories but I just need a little something everyday to satisfy those cravings. If I don’t listen to my body and deprive myself I just end up going HAM πŸ˜‰ later and over doing it. I’ve posted on this double chocolate cookie before and half of it is more than enough to do it πŸ˜‰

I hope this was helpful for you ladies! Just try to make small changes everyday that you can stick to! 
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You girls know I have a lot more content like this on the site so head this way if you want more…

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  1. Always love these posts! We just ate at Pei Wei and I ordered the steamed chicken/veggies/rice with the spring rolls and it was DELISH! You should start a series of What Would Andee Eat showing items that you would choose off menus when dining out. I bet it would be hugely popular!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. awwww yeah! So glad you liked it too! You're so sweet maybe i will start doing those πŸ˜‰ I know it is SO difficult esp when going out to eat.

  2. I always really enjoy these kine of posts! I would love to see them weekly! They keep my inspired to make healthier choices. πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Andee! This is very helpful, thanks for posting!! It's nice getting ideas from you such as the veggies in a bag on the go. I know it seems so basic and simple, but I need to try that because I'm sure if it's sitting there ready to grab, it'll be easier to eat healthier. πŸ™‚

  4. Love this – really helpful and motivating! I think my biggest problem is portion control – you mentioned carbs and calories, do you have specific numbers of each that you track and try to stay under?

  5. Hi Andee! Thanks for doing more health posts! It's really nice to get some new ideas. While I am happy with my current weight, I am working on toning and have seen a change already by making better eating choices! I wanted to ask if you use a specific type of coffee creamer? My morning cup of coffee is a ritual, but I also don't want to ruin my day before it's begun with an unhealthy creamer. Any suggestions?


    1. We'll see what Andee suggests but I thought I'd share the one I found that you may want to try – Coffee Mate Natural Bliss. I buy the vanilla one which is very good, very sweet and only has 4 ingredients – non-fat milk, cream, sugar & natural vanilla flavor. I don't like using cream in hot coffee but I use it for iced coffee and I think this one is delicious!

    2. I'm with meghan! My go to is the coffee mate natural bliss and have posted on it before. I love that it only has four ingredients and i just try to use it sparingly! I also just started using a coconut milk creamer i love and will post on soon! xo

  6. These posts are great! You always have such good suggestions for things to make at home, as well as options for eating out. The pre-cut and portioned veggies seem like such a no-brainer, I can't believe I haven't thought of doing that before!

  7. omg SO crazy you posted about Z Pizza!! My husband and I were obsessed with that place when we lived in Cali. We were just talking about it the other day. We are in Utah know and compare it all to that place πŸ™‚ I love your food posts and that you still eat what love with moderation and exercise.

  8. No Z Pizza around here but their salad looks really delicious, can you elaborate on what's in it (including any dressing)? I'd like to try to make something similar at home.

    1. hi hun so the salad is a mediterranean salad and has sliced tomatoes, kalmata olives, cucumbers and feta cheese. It came with a balsamic vinaigrette. xo

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Happy Sunday laddddies! Many of you have requested more Honeybee Health posts so i’m going to try to do these weekly for you. Here are some random shots from last week…..
(Organic ground chicken with bell peppers, quinoa and my Homemade Kale Salad)
For those of you who have been following me for awhile you will probably notice a reoccurring meal theme which look like these two. Doing meal preps earlier on in the week helps me to stay on track esp for lunches. Its typically lean proteins, complex carbs and a large portion of veggies.
Organic rotisserie chicken , brown rice and roasted veggies
Out to dinner I felt for pasta so I had it! I opted for the turkey bolognese and only ate half of this portion (and had a nice glass of wine too! )
Keeping it healthy out to lunch with an open faced tuna sandwich (mayo free!) made with olive oil and on whole wheat. I requested “no pesto” but they forgot and I ate it anyhow.

I’ve mentioned before my hubby LOVES wings! So off to Buffalo Wild Wings we went πŸ˜‰ I’m not a fried food kind of girl but I am a margarita (and this one is DEF not a skinny version) and warm soft pretzel kind of girl so I indulged in these!

Typical weekend breakfast… One egg, two egg whites, whole grain toast (yup dry…sometimes i’ll put jam or honey but most of the time I just have it plain) and organic, nitrate free turkey bacon! There are a ton of nutrients in the yolk of an egg so I have them just in moderation.

I pretty much always crave something sweet in the afternoon. I’ll go for tea with agave and some dried apricots to see if that does the trick. Another option I go with is a chocolate or carmel biscotti and a latte.

and sometimes when those options don’t cut then you jut give in to your craving….vanilla ice cream and almond butter! Almond butter isn’t sweet so I added a little agave to it ;))) Done and done!

These are my go to pre made green drinks! 
I tend to go with the evolution one more because it’s lower in calories and cheaper! The Suja juices are awesome but crazy pricey! I have the hardest time spending almost $9 on them! 

On the weekends we tend to do take out. Ordering from Pei Wei I get the gluten free Veitnamese spring rolls, edamame, steamed veggies, brown rice and a side of steamed chicken. The rest of the family goes with the lo mien, honey chicken and fried rice. My meal may not look as exciting but to me it’s all about picking and choosing. I just don’t love fried food that much so when I indulge I want to it be stuff that I REALLY love. Desserts and cocktails are worth all my splurge calories.

Ordering To Go from PF Changs I got the lettuce wraps, vegetable dumplings (steamed), Buddah’s Feast (which is steamed veggies), The Kale Waldorf salad (ps I think it tasted too good to be that healthy πŸ˜‰ and some egg drop soup. This was all shared with my sister in law.

I hope this was helpful for you ladies!

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  1. After seeing all those amazing food photos I am hungry for some healthy food! Lunch is the hardest I always seem to run out of new, inexpensive ideas. Love these posts as they provide lots of new ideas for meals.

  2. YUMMY! thanks for the inspiration! What do you eat for breakfast and snacks during the day? And how much water do you like to drink? πŸ™‚ You are such a fitness inspo for me XO

  3. I love reading your clean eating posts! Not only do they get me excited for another week of healthy eating, but they give me some great ideas to implement in my own day-to-day routine!


  4. I toss kale in a little bit of olive oil and garlic, sautΓ©ed with low sodium chicken broth (covered) for 10 min. Uncover and reduce sauce. Squeeze in lemon juice and top with Parmesan. It's like a spinach steak;)

  5. Thanks for the inspiration!! I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since eating healthier choices and that also helps me stay on track.

  6. SO excited that you are going to start doing these once a week! It is very helpful seeing your healthy choices while eating out….it's also nice knowing that you aren't afraid to splurge some too! πŸ™‚ "It's all about choices" has become my new motto when sitting down for a meal! Thanks Andee!


  7. Love love your health/food posts! have you read about the controversy surrounding agave nectar? it supposedly has a high concentration of fructose :/ I stopped using it and now use raw honey. Just thought I'd mention πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks hun! I have heard about the agave nectar controversy but havent looked to much into it yet because i really like it lol I just find a little bit goes a long way where as honey I feel like I have to use a lot more. xo

  8. I have to try prepping meals during nap time like you do- how long does your baby nap for and for how long? I find I never have the time! Also what are your go-to snack in between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner? thanks lovely!

    1. Ava is down to one nap a day now and usually 1.5 to 2.5 hours. It changes daily but she pretty much always naps for at least 1.5 (thankfully!). Go to snacks would be apple and a string cheese // greek yogurt and a little granola // a fiberful or protein bar ….somthing like that keeping it around 200 calories.

  9. Hi Andee,
    How do you stay so motivated? My resolution this year was health and fitness. I want to drop a lot of weight and I was doing great! I would hike (2) days a week and for (4) days a week I would do my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I have lost all my motivation this past week. I only worked out (3) days and cannot get any energy to start again. How do you stay motivated?
    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

    1. thats a good question… Its def motivating here in orange county because everyone is in great shape and very active so that definitely helps! I guess I would just say to keep your goal in mind…see yourself where you want to be and hopefully that will push you πŸ˜‰ Take small steps each day and you'll get there! xo

  10. Lucky for me I actually like dry toast πŸ˜‰ A healthy option though is to spread coconut oil on. A good way to get some healthy fats in, and tasty too!

  11. I've been eating really health but I'm having a hard time not wanting ice cream. do you still eat some bad food?

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Many of you ask about my workouts and I have said that I am possibly going to start doing more in depth posts on them in the future. For now I have started to upload snapshots of my work outs on Twitter (Andee Layne) because it’s quick and easy. So if you want to get an idea of what I’m doing for workouts you can follow me on there. I still believe that clean eating plays a much bigger roll for staying in shape. 
Here are some random food shots via the camera roll last week….
My go to for out the door in a hurry healthy breakfast is two packets of organic oats and flax oatmeal from Trader Joe’s with a tablespoon of chia powder. 

Its ALL about the prep ladies! It takes about an hour but once a week during Ava’s nap time I steam and cut up veggies, make a batch of quinoa and cook up some sort of lean protein. It makes lunches super easy! Extra bonus Ava loves this stuff too so its great for last minute meals for the babe! 
A typical lunch of Ground chicken with onions, half a cup of brown rice, homemade kale salad and some sweet potato.

I love red meat but I just tend to stick to super lean cuts like Sirloin or Filet Mignon! 
I always have to have something sweet so I try to keep it under 200 calories. My hubby picked up these organic yogurt bars from Costco and they always do the trick! 

I think I’ve posted on these biscotti’s  before but the salted carmel ones are SO yummy! They’re my go to with a latte for an afternoon treat πŸ˜‰ and are only 100 calories!

 One of my favorite sayings! Do your best to make healthy lifestyle changes and don’t beat yourself up! At the end of the day enjoy life! 
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    1. you know i actually want to buy a large veggie steamer because right now I'm using my daughter "baby cook" machine lol. At least were getting more use out of it πŸ˜‰

  1. Can you do a honeybee health post for Ava? What kind of meals and snacks do you do for her? I have a 14 month old and struggle to find meal ideas, thanks!

  2. I've been following your blog for a little over a year but never posted a comment. Your blog is very inspirational and motivating. I am a mother of 5, wife, and business partner. I love your posts about kale but unfortunately have never tried it. Can you tell me what it tastes like? Also do you drink Coco Cafe cold? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ashley you know for the meat I keep it pretty simple just olive oil, garlic and sea salt. Sometime ill toss in some herbs from our herb garden but it just depend on what were making. as for the veggies i really just steam most of them and add some sea salt after.

  3. Loved this post – it's such good motivation!

    I have good intentions and buy healthy produce, but often end up wasting at least 30% of it. Am going to look more into meal prep – thanks for the inspiration Andee!

  4. Love your blog! You're adorable, and very inspiring. For re-heating your lunches, do you microwave, heat in pan/oven, or eat it cold/room temp? I have a love/hate relationship with my microwave and try to use it as little as possible. Just curious because it looks yummy and healthy!

    1. i hear you on the love hate relationship. I try to avoid it as much as possible but lets be honest when your little one starts getting cranky bc they're hungry I usually end up microwaving because its much faster.

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Although Fall is upon us (yeah happy dance!) Don’t lose that Summer time healthy eating inspiration ladies! We’re faced were hundreds of eating choices a week so just try to make “good” choices 80% of the time. Here are some random food shots from my iPhone lately….
Out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant I try to keep the chips to a minimum by filling up on yummy ceviche! 
Some items from my grocery store trip to Ralphs this week. I’ve mentioned before not ALL of my food is organic but I do try to buy it when possible or at least all natural. You don’t always have to go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Big chain stores are starting to carry more healthy options you just have to look a little harder for them. I love this mediterranean Kashi pizza, the pasta with omega’s and my ezekiel muffins! 
In the protein department I stock up on turkey burgers, chicken breast, turkey sausage, power grain waffles and some chicken nuggets for my little nugget πŸ˜‰
In the veggie aisle I always snag some spinach, kale, cucumbers, apples and ginger for juicing. Also on the list bell peppers, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. I prep these at the beginning of the week to have on hand for the lunches and ready made meals for little miss A. 

A quick run to Whole Foods to grab lunch for the family and came back with these healthy options..roasted peppers, wild rice pilaf, steamed veggies, black beans and a rotisserie chicken.

I’ll admit I’m a girl who waters down my families juice πŸ˜‰ My husband acts like he hates when I do this to his juice…but half the time he doesn’t even notice. Last week he brought these home Costco and they are really good! If you can’t kick your juice habit I recommend these. They have about half the calories and sugar of a normal juice serving! 

ehhh hmmm and what would a trip to Costco be with out their amazing soft serve and strawberry sauce! I usually tell them to only give me half a serving (because their portions are pretty big!) but that didn’t happen this time πŸ˜‰

A typical breakfast of Power Grain waffles, half a banana, some ground chia seeds and a little agave.
And then sometimes two Sprinkles cupcakes happen and you just get back on the healthy bandwagon the next day! πŸ˜‰
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  1. I love your honeybee health posts! As a trainer, I try to approach everything with the same attitude, balance is key. And clearly I've been imbalanced because I have NEVER tried the soft serve at Costco! I need to try it asap!

  2. I really need to get into the habit of eating better. I feel like I feed my kids great, and i spend time and energy thinking up new creative ideas to get them to eat healthy. But then when it comes to me I just grab the quickest thing I can just to get a meal in. But posts like this help me out with ideas for myself πŸ™‚


  3. I love those Ezekiel muffins but they are super hard to find? Where did you find them? I live in N.B….maybe they are just always sold out when I look for them.

  4. I love those Ezekiel muffins but they are super hard to find? Where did you find them? I live in N.B….maybe they are just always sold out when I look for them.

  5. I love seeing what you eat, your body is killer and it's nice to see you splurge on treats sometimes too πŸ™‚

    I recently bought some ground chia seeds/flax mix because of you. The taste is different, but I (like you mentioned previously) have trained myself to like the taste of healthy foods. Plus, it feels great knowing I'm adding fiber/protein to my diet inconspicuously. I add it to my shakes and yeserday threw some into my turkey meatballs.

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  6. Do they sell the Applegate at whole foods? I'm trying to think of where near me I can find it. I know I've seen it before but can't remember where!

  7. I like the breakfast idea with the waffles.I have to go wheat or gluten free though.
    And by the way…You have killer legs!!!! And I would kill for them!


  8. love it all Andee! Great ideas. I'm a big frosted mini wheats girl for breakfast but I'm a try the waffles πŸ™‚ And yes, the cupcakes are a must now and then!

  9. Hi Andee,
    I am new to this blog and I came across one of your old posts. I LOVE the jeans you are wearing that are 7's. You had mentioned they are distressed flare. I went out on ebay to look at them however I found SO many I am not sure what pair you are actually wearing so I thought I would ask before I spend the money:)
    Thanks for your time!!

  10. Hi Andee, Was wondering what your weekly food prep consist of and what you get from whole foods? also what your diet/ exercise routine consists off

    1. It changes week to week but I try to take snap shots in my Honeybee Health posts. Its usually grilling up some salmon or turkey burgers to have on hand for lean protein. Also making a large batch of kale salad and some other kind of steamed or roasted veggies xo

    1. you know i keep saying I'm going to experiment with more juices but have been so busy lately. I do however always make my green drink and you can find a link to that recipe/post on my Pinterest board "Andees Eats" xo

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Alright these bad boys totally live up to their hype! They do have a little more calories in a coffee drink thank I would like so I try to have them sparingly. 
What a typical meal looks like for me at True Foods. We usually start with the vegetable appetizer and a skinny margi (of course;) and this time I ordered the chicken tacos. After filling up on the veggies I was stuffed after two tacos and took the rest to go.
Cobb Salads can be a caloric nightmare so I love making mine at home and lightening it up! I use reduced fat cheese, turkey bacon, only one hard boiled egg, and replace the fatty ranch with a lighter balsamic. DELISH and super filling! 
Pretty much always in the diaper bag for a quick snack to share with the little πŸ˜‰
Pretty much the standard in my TJ’s grocery cart each week. I try to buy the bulk of my groceries there and then only a few specific items from Whole Foods. I think we all know how fast $ goes at good old Whole Foods! 

My healthy breakfast with Traders Joe’s Quinoa & Steel Cut Oatmeal combo. I added some fresh fruit and ground chia seeds to kick it up a notch and distract from the fact that I was having quinoa for breakfast ;). If you’re all about convenience I highly recommend this. FYI there are only two servings in the box so you would get much more bang for your buck if you just bought Steel Cut Oats and Quinoa and did a bit of prep to have on hand for the week.

Hope you ladies are having a great week…its almost FRIDAY! 
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  1. i love Coco cafe (i think I even have mentioned about it on one of your earlier posts!) and on your recommendation I have purchased the Maca powder πŸ˜‰ not too keen on the taste but can live with it πŸ™‚

  2. It's so refreshing to read your blog because of your honesty about truly working for your figure. I read another blog where the very skinny blogger is always posting very fattening food, talking about how much she eats…that upsets me because it gives a false image to a lot of young girls. Having a slim figure takes work and discipline and you portray that in a very healthy and positive (honest!) way.

    1. Thank you Victoria that is so nice to hear. I really do make an effort to eat healthy and work out …i wish I was one of those people that could just eat anything but it takes a bit of discipline for me πŸ˜‰

  3. I love Coco Cafe! But, like you, I'm always looking for lower calorie options. What is your typical coffee drink?

  4. Love Honeybee Health posts, they are my faves! Do you drink coffee every morning? If so what do you put in yours? I also want to try those coco waters as well xo

    1. thanks love so glad you like them as well! As for coffee at home I drink one cup every morning (sometimes two) with an all natural creamer by Coffee Mate…I have a post in the works on my coffee orders while I'm out.

  5. I wish I had a true foods in Canada! I want to get the cookbook. I have a question, how many days a week do you work out? Your body is gorgeous!! xo

  6. I don't like oatmeal because of its texture but I keep trying to like b/c its so good for you. I've tried baked oatmeal and I still don't like it, however I love quinoa! Does the quinoa and steel cut oatmeal have the same texture as regular oatmeal?

  7. Your health posts are so inspiring!! I'm always checking your site for motivation! I just picked up some maca powder, chia seeds and stocked up on quinoa. It's so hard to be healthy living in Germany surrounded by millions of yummy bakeries :(.

  8. Thanks for another great, healthy post! My husband and I are addicted to Coco Cafe! But like you said, it does have several calories. I've started making my own in efforts to try and cut back. I use cold pressed organic iced coffee, Zico Chocolate coconut water and a dash of skim milk. It's not Coco Cafe, but it's still really good!

  9. Love your posts! Just wanted to let you know that Bolthouse Farms makes a delicious low fat/low calorie yogurt based ranch dressing. We've completely switched over and my family actually prefers the taste of this one over regular ranch.

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Per your requests from last weeks post I have lots of Honeybee Health posts coming up! Here are some random shots from last week….

My go to waffles from Whole Foods! I love that they are all natural, have fiber and 10grams of protein! Perfect nutrition combo to start your day. I usually top them with a little ground flax and use a couple tbsp of agave on the side.

Last week when we were sick all I craved was an acai bowl! I made one practically every night! This is the granola I use in it (full recipe below)

These packets are perfect for smoothies and what I use in my acai bowls! We purchase them from Costco but I’m pretty sure Whole Foods carry them as well.

Put one acai packet, one cup of frozen strawberries (you can use whatever frozen fruit you have in the freezer) 1/4 cup apple juice and half a banana in your blender. Blend it up, pour it in a bowl, top with the other half of the banana, 1/2 cup of hemp granola and sprinkle with ground flax! SO YUMMY!

This is one of my favorite high fiber cereals from Whole Foods. My brother asked me if I went and collected this from my yard πŸ˜‰ It’s no Golden Grahams but I promise its good!

Lastly these organic turkey burgers are always in my cart. I cook them all up at once and have them on hand for post workout meals. 
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  1. I cannot wait to try those turkey burgers. Do you eat them with whole wheat, multi grain or ezekeil bun (or without)? Could you chop them up on a salad?

  2. YUM – that acai bowl looks so good, definitely going to have to be on the lookout for those! I keep going back and forth about a costco membership – do you think it's worth it?

    1. you know Stephen does our Costco shopping but we really do get a ton of use out of it….and they do actually carry quite a bit of organic items too. We get A's diapers, wipes and pajamas there πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you juice and if so, could you tell us more about it. I've watched a few videos about it on Netflix but I'm interested to know more and get some good recepies. πŸ™‚

    Also if you consume chia seeds or spirulina, could you do a post about it as well?

    I really want to start eating healthier and just want some imput from those that already do it.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi hun I have used spiraling in the past but want to try it again. I used it when I was pregnant and felt really sick after so not sure if it was bc of that or the pregnancy. I do use Chia seeds but prefer the ground ones and will do a post on these soon! xo

  4. love these ideas! def will try acai bowl. i make lots of smoothies with our vitamix but this is a little variation!
    do you use any "clean eating" websites or blogs for reference and recipes? i love to cook but am looking for more simple ideas :)esp with a 14 month old!!!!

    1. You know I honestly just take regular recipes and just make healthy substations for them. occasionally Ill come across some good clean recipes on Pinterest as well. Ps congrats to you we have babes the same age ;))

  5. I was looking for a good cereal for the morning… So many of them taste like cardboard and I just can't do it. Any others you love? I haven't tried those turkey burgers yet! Yum! Thanks!! Xo

  6. Thank you so much for posting!! I just got back from whole foods and purchased all of your recommendations! I'm going to make the acai bowl for me and my 13 month old son for lunch today (minus the granola for him). Thanks for sharing your healthy lifestyle with all of us!

  7. When you cook all your turkey burgers at once, how do you reheat? Microwave? Skillet? Thanks, Andee!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all your health tips! You're such an inspiration to all the mommies out there. I like how you post pics of what you eat because sometimes I just run out of ideas! You rock.

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Many of you have been requesting more Honeybee Health posts so I’m trying to remember to take more pics to share with you ladies. Last week I did quite a bit of indulging…

Ugh these Mini Eggs get me every year πŸ˜‰ Aren’t they the best!? 

 Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track, it happens and tomorrow is a new day! 
Out to lunch I ordered a bowl of tomato basil soup (steering clear of the creamy kind which tastes much better but unfortunately is higher in fat) . I also had a”lite”cobb salad with egg whites, chicken, turkey bacon, avocado, garbonzo beans and carrots.

I LOVE spring rolls! They are usually a great choice because they’re  pretty clean and healthy! I went with the ahi and chicken. I’m obsessed with the peanut sauce but try to use it very sparingly as again its high in calories and fat.

I’ve switched up my oatmeal and going with this Organic Hemp Plus lately. A lot of the other ones are a bit to sweet for me and this one only has around 6 grams of sugar. Its also high in fiber and has omegas!

Greek Yogurt is a staple in our fridge. I’ll kick up the nutrition content by tossing in some Chia seeds. I like the taste but not crazy about the crunch. I think I’m going to go with the ground chia seeds on the next grocery run.

I try to steer clear of dried fruit and go with fresh fruit as the water content helps fill you up but I LOVE these dried mangos! I keep a bag in my car or diaper bag for a little on the go snack!

I love this helpful list from Mothers Market. I have it saved in my phone as a little reminder .
I have a couple new juice recipes to share with you ladies as well and hope to post on them later this week! 
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  1. Those Mini Eggs get me every year! My H is a sweetheart and brings them home from the store. I now beg him to keep them out of the house. Thank goodness I can't buy them year round! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello,

    My name is Clara I'm 12 years old. I love your blog and your fashion. When I get older I want to be a blogger. I had a question how did you get so many followers? Did it take a long time to get followers or did you get 1 after your first post? I wanted to get tips and get an early start thanks so much. I don't have an email yet but my dad said I could use his. Roofing@cox.net

  3. Hi
    Thank you so much for this post. I really liked how you mixed sweet with healthy items. That cookie looked delicious! I was wondering if you could do a post on our favorite purses or any what you look for when purchasing a handbag/purse.
    Thank you

  4. i think you'd like this =) try: soak chia seed with a cup of almond milk over night. in the morning you'll have a GREAT pudding! just add fruits! let me know how you like it =)


Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Still juicing at least three times a week. This juice was 2 green apples, half a lemon, a cucumber, kale, parsley, spinach and ginger! (serves two) If you are new to juicing you may want to skip the kale as its packs a little more punch.

I try to do a lot of prep early in the week steaming up veggies and grilling up lean proteins to have on hand throughout the week. This lunch was grilled sirloin with a little garlic,olive oil and sea salt with sautΓ©ed red peppers. Super simple, clean and yummy! 

My go to easy and healthy lunches… egg whites, spinach, Mediterranean feta cheese, half a cup of brown rice and cottage cheese. In the bottom pic I added turkey and  had half an avocado instead.

Healthy stir fry dinner using lean meat, tons of colorful veggies, spaghetti noodles that have omegas and couple tablespoons of Trader Joes Soyaki sauce. 
One of my favorite on the go snacks from Tarders…Almonds, cashews and dark chocolate packs. Although I could be guilty of just picking out all the dark chocolate on occasion πŸ˜‰ 
Also not pictured was the several slices of Whole Foods Vegan Apple Pie that I had last week! It was so good but I’m glad its finished now and I can get back on bikini track πŸ˜‰
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