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Being Sicilian, naturally I love my pasta!!! I make some sort of pasta dish at least once a week at our house. With Summer practically here I’m trying to be a little more disciplined with my carb intake. If you want to have pasta without feeling guilty, check out this little trick I do…..

As mentioned before I always use lean ground turkey or super lean red meat and some sort of mulit-grain pasta (Wheat doesnt really sit well with me so I prefer to use Barilla’s multi grain pasta with omega 3’s)

I steam a few cups of spinach and put it on the bottom of my plate. This way I only eat half as many noodles. It tastes great and fills me up quickly! Spinach is a nutrient powerhouse and is packed with Vitamins A and K. Its a great source of magnesium and folate while super low in calories. I highly recommend giving this a try and I promise you wont miss those noodles!

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  1. they have this pasta at the healthfood stores which is more like soy actually but it is made from tofu and (its called shirataki) it's actually tastes pretty good and you can use it as pasta. It comes wet in a package and you just heat it through real quick. only 3 cars and 20 cal per 4 oz serving.

    You should try it out if you are interested.
    I get it at Henry's but I am sure they have it at whole foods, etc.

  2. Wow that looks delish! So do you steam the spinach or just raw? I also love pasta I TRY to have it only a few times every 2 weeks but its hard bc its so comfroting and quick and you can make it with anything.

  3. Looks Delish & what a great idea with the spinach! I could be wrong but isn't it true that if you steam/cook spinach it takes away some or most of the nutrients?

  4. great idea! i'm part sicilian too, so i know what you're going through! ezekiel pasta's pretty good, not exactly like regular pasta, but still pretty yummy!

    thanks for visiting us – looking forward to future posts!

    -j, your newest follower 🙂
    sorelle in style

  5. Omg I LOVE spinach I use it very frequently. Lately I've been eating fresh spinach, halved cherry tomatoes, olives, topped with Raspberry Vinaigrette O_O it's DELISH! I like spinach salads better than lettuce.

  6. What an awesome idea-thanks again for the great nutrition inspiration! I love spinach, this is such a fab idea.
    How hilarious, I'm Italian too-could we have any more things in common??!

  7. Do you steam your veggies in the microwave or pot with steam basket? Do you loose nutrients using the microwave?

  8. Its a great way to cut some calories while fit still fills you up! @Andi we seriously have so much in common 😉 @Jennifer belle I may have to try it with broccoli next time! @anonymous I use a steam basket.

  9. Spaghetti is my all time favorite food and it will be difficult for me to do portion control lol. But this is why you look good and you have a nice body. You know how to portion control 🙂

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