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Ordering out can be really tough when you’re trying to eat healthy. Here are some random shots via the camera roll on what I order when we dine out….
When at Pei Wei I order for steamed veggies chicken and rice and i’ll add some soy sauce. Its a pretty big portion so I only eat about half and save the rest.
We also always order the gluten free Vietnamese Spring rolls…SO good! 
I hadn’t been to Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill in awhile and was pleasantly surprised when I came across their healthy menu with gmo free, all natural and organic options…super impressed! 
I ordered the Naked Chicken Tostada Salad and it was SO good! It had a thin whole wheat tostada, low fat cheese and sour cream, brown rice, black beans and TONS of veggies. I’ll definitely be ordering this again soon! 
Out on a date night with His & Hers burgers 😉 On my burger I requested a bison burger instead of the regular patty and a “dry” bun as they usually slather butter on it. I also took off the top bun and had a side salad instead of fries. Its all about the substitutions ladies! Oh and I had a very nice pour of pinot noir 😉
Kept it really clean at True Foods with grilled salmon and kale salad
I went out for a little Sunday Funday action with the girls a couple weeks ago. I skip the nachos and wings and save my calories for the cocktails. 🙂 This ahi dish with steamed rice, edamame and seaweed salad was the perfect combo.
Spending the day at the pool I pretty much always order the hummus appetizer and request an extra side of veggies. Nothing like being in a bikini all day to keep your food choices in check 😉

-Keep your portion sizes in check. If it looks like a large serving save half for the next day!
-Substitute healthy options when possible (side salad for fries, bison for regular beef patty, grilled chicken instead of fried, black beans instead of refried…the list goes on)
-Steer clear of these words:  Creamed, smothered, loaded and crusted
-Lastly indulge (in moderation)- Don’t deprive yourself or else it will end up backfiring! If you feel for a chocolate cookie have it, enjoy it and get back on track the next day! It’s about making small changes you can stick with! Hope this helps ladies! xo

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  1. You are SO good about eating healthy & your body is definitely proof of that girl! LOL I needed this post in my life right about now, I just started school & am trying to adjust & find time to eat healthy & prep meals still instead of eating crap which unfortunately has been much more convenient these passed two weeks:(

  2. Hi Andee – Thank you so much for sharing your healthy meal ideas. I was wondering if you could share healthy, clean snack ideas. Something that's quick and easy to prep, yummy, yet healthy and clean. Something that you can quickly snack on while winding down and watching some tv or coming back home from work? Thank you <3

    1. Nice! I live in Burke in Fairfax. True Foods is opening up in Vienna in a new town center called Mosaic District. If you ever to visit VA you'll have a little piece of your second home away from home 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. thank you for this post! I'm trying to change my lifestyle for the better and it's so hard when you have a fiancee that always wants to go out to eat! I totally agree with your tip on trying to save the rest for another time – I always felt like I had to eat everything on my plate but now I realize that most restaurants give huge portions so less is key!

  4. I love these posts because while I pride myself on eating fairly clean, you do even better and it's inspiring. When you mentioned you 'trained your tastebuds' (to like healthy tasting food), I completely related and had a hard time understanding why others don't enjoy healthier tasting foods like myself, but it makes sense, I've trained myself to enjoy those flavours.

    Keep up the great blogging; your body is a clear reminder that you're making healthy choices on the food you eat and also inspiring! 🙂

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