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If you guys are ADDICTED to peanut butter like me you will LOVE this stuff! Peanut butter is my weakness but I try to practice restraint because the calories and fat quickly add up! PB2 is a dehydrated peanut butter that has 85% less fat calories! They’ve roasted the peanuts then pressed the oil out so you are left with the same taste for less calories! The best part is it’s made with all natural ingredients, just the way I like!!

And yes they make it in a chocolate peanut butter version too!!!! When im craving some sweets ill add a little agave to the chocolate peanut butter one and its amazing!!

Its super quick and easy to make. Combine two tablespoons of the mix with one tablespoon of water and your done. You can use this for baking or adding to protein shakes! 2 Tablespoons has only 45 calories, 1.5g of fat, 5g carbs and 1g of sugar! Seriously you cant beat that!

If you usually eat almond butter or plain peanut butter you will love this! Now I will say if you are used to eating Skippy or JIF peanut butter (Which tends to have more added sugars) you made need to add a touch of agave nectar to it.

I have heard that this is similar to peanut flour that they sell in the baking section of Traders Joes. I have seen that product at my traders but wasn’t tempted to try it. I also heard they sell PB2 at Target and Whole Foods but neither of my local stores had it in stock so I purchased it online.
You can get it on Amazon.com or Bellplantation.com
**update its even cheaper on www.Netrition.com

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  1. Oh man. I love this stuff! I just got hooked on it recently though. I like to use mine in my oatmeal, that way I get the lovely peanut butter cookie flavor without the ton of calories in regular peanut butter. I've never used it as spreadable PB though. I've noticed that the Amazon pricing is RIDIC but that you can get it at netrition.com at the same pricing as bellplantation.com but with better customer service/shipping.

  2. Thanks for this! I am a Peanut Butter junkie – eat it 5x a week, so I'll DEFINITELY be purchasing this. I bet if I didn't eat PB as much as I did, i'd be super skinny!.. lol. Going to Amazon.com now! xoxo

  3. I have the one with chocolate and its soo yummmy! It reminds me of fillings in peanut butter candies so its extra good by itself!

  4. Wow, really good to know-thanks for the rec! My brother just suggested Sunflower Seed Butter as well, have you ever tried that?

  5. ill have to try this! i normally get Organic Naturally More peanut butter and MaraNatha Organic dark chocolate almond butter.. yummy but ya high in calories. thanks for the info

  6. Thanks for the heads up on this product. Will have to try it soon. I just love snacking on PB and making PB cookies.
    Just checked out a few more of your posts and I have to say that I'm loving your blog. Will now follow 🙂

  7. ok you sooo shouldnt have introduced me to this because now im gonna go on a relentless mission to find it! i am obsessed with peanut butter like no ones business, and anyway to make it more 'healthy and natural' is totally appealing to me!!!! thanks for the tips! im going to try to check out target or whole foods asap!!! <3

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