Honeybee Health: Grocery Store Picks

Im so excited that Traders started carrying Kale!!! I saute the whole bag up using some low sodium chicken broth and throw it in the fridge so I have it ready made for the week.

I’ve been buying these turkey sausages for years. They taste great and are all natural! No MSG or nitrates!

I was BEYOND excited to see this creamer at Target a couple weeks ago. I don’t mind a little sugar in my creamer but I had yet to see a sweet creamer that didn’t have partially hydrogenated oils or artificial flavors. This one by Coffee Mate was EXACTLY what I was looking for….just milk,cream and sugar!

Yeah for a plain coconut water that I can drink by itself! I used to have to get the coconut water that was flavored but after trying this one by C20 I dont need the flavored ones anymore. It tastes really good and is just 100% coconut water.

Im all about “healthy” convenience! These pre made organic brown rice bags have been a staple in my grocery cart for years. No excuse not to have your whole grains when they can be ready to go in 3 minutes!

Have you girls tried any of these yet?! Always love hearing what you guys are loving too!

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  1. thanx for the healthy selections! sometimes I get overwhelmed at trader joes so I end up just picking up the same things I will now a few other items to shop for!

  2. I bake the Kale and make Kale chips. 350 degrees until crispy – put a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I eat them with sandwiches or wraps and I feel like I'm eating chips but really I'm still being healthy! I have to trick myself sometimes to make giving up my fave things easier 🙂 🙂

  3. You're sooooo good with your grocery list Andee! Your selections are perfect for on-the-go girls with little time to think about healthy eating habits but devoted to nutrition! Gotta go try some of your picks out…will letcha know how it goes!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Have you tried fresh coconut? I've been picking them up randomly at Whole Foods recently. I recently had canned coconut water (100% pure) and the taste did not compare to fresh (pretty obvious, huh? hehe) but you must try!! In the end, I crack it open and dig out the meat 🙂 Refreshing and satisfying!

  5. yum for kale chips, have you trid those, they prob arent super good for you because you have to throw a little olive oil to bake them up. Anyways LOVE the good/better for you than the other creamers' creamer- my bf freaks every time I bring one of those bad creamers home. Can't help it they make coffee so much better! No more excuses, and no more partially hydrogenated oils!!

    xo Carlina

  6. @Julie you will really like these! let me know how it goes 😉 @ Andi i think im going to have to try these kale chips all you girls are raving about them! xo @allergic tovanilla i know i love my sweet creamers 😉 So glad they finally made one with just the basics! xo

  7. i love your nutrition advice! i'm sucha fatty that loves her crap food but i want to start making better decisions! your advice always inspires me to do so! 😉

  8. hi andee! thanks for all of the great advice! just wanted to mention a note on the organic mircrowave brown rice.. the organic and brown part are great but when microwaving the rice in a plastic layer (or any other food/veggie) -cancer-causing nitrates rain down into the food & it isn't so great for us to ingest anymore. what a bummer b/c of the convienence!

  9. I need to try that creamer. I agree about the flavored coconut waters! I love the pure coconut water you can get at organic juice places where they literally chop the coconut open and put a straw in it!

  10. I love Quorn, i don't know if you get it there, maybe you can. but i love the whole range, especially fake beef slices for sandwiches and the fake meat hot dogs-so good!, eat with green salad and tomatos. I also like ritz crackers, plain is nice, although i have tried with soft cheese, but i'm not a fan of dairy.

    And weetabix! i'm obsessed, i add it to baked beans, sprinkle over dairyfree yoghurt anything really as its excellent for fibre and bulks the food up so you stay full for longer and its fat free i think, as it is just wheat.

    I love your foodie updates :)))))))x


  11. Kale for sure, I buy it in bundles!! If you love kale you have to try the recipe I just posted, sooo good! I have also been buying these seaweed snacks…they are dehydrated chips dusted with wasabi, they're great if you love sushi.

  12. Thanks for letting me know that they sell Kale at Trader Joe's now!:D

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Andee- I run a health food store and I ordered that coconut water based on your suggestion! My customers enjoy the Amy&Brian brand as well as one by Nature Factor. To add to your goodies- I thought I'd mention a creamer that you would probably find great it's by a brand called So Delicious and it's a creamer made from coconuts with non of the bad stuff and it's dairy and soy free! It's @ WFs if you're interested!! 🙂

  14. @Jessica thanks so much i will definitely look into that creamer…sounds delicious! I cant do soy so ill have to give that one a go! @Alpha Blonde Ill def stop by and check out the recipe! xo @Pretty in Pink I love that too when its fresh out of the fruit but have yet to do that myself! 😉 im afraid I wont want the can after having that!

  15. God Bless Trader Joe's! I LOVE them. I think they're coffee is a great price and so delicious and all their fresh fruit… yum. Also, it is the BEST place to go when you need appetizers! and that coconut water is delicious.

Honeybee Health: Grocery Store picks

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the personal posts lately but I have been crazy busy with school. I wanted to share some of my favorite grocery store must haves with you guys. Here are some items I always have in my grocery cart…

You would think this would be bad for you because it says “fried” but its not! Its such a tasty and quick side dish thats packed with veggies! (Available @ Trader Joes)

Granola can be a caloric nightmare but this is my favorite and its super low in sugar!

I dont mind whole wheat pasta but my husband is not a fan so this is our compromise. Its multigrain and contains Omega’s so you get a dose of heart healthy fats with it!

I am OBSESSED with vitamuffins! So tasty and full of fiber and vitamins! The best part is they are only 100 calories. I seriously have the chocolate flavor as an after dinner snack with a glass of milk. Thats how good they are. These two flavors are my favorite. I did try an oatmeal/cranberry flavor before and hated it. ( usually in freezer section of grocery store)

Ezekiel muffins are a must for me! They are packed with nutrients. The fiber and protein will keep you full. Great if your in a hurry and “dont have time for breakfast”. I have mine with raw honeycomb from our local farmers market.

Have you ladies tried any of these or have some grocery store favorites?!

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  1. The Vita Top muffins look so good! I've never seen them before. I really really enjoy your health posts. They're just as amazing as your outfits and fashion picks!

  2. I've never tried raw honeycomb – but it looks delicious.

    This is the second time I've heard about the muffin tops – yummy and good for you? I need some LOL! Hope they sell them here in Canada.

    Love your Health posts – please keep them coming!

  3. I can't find any of these in here 🙁 the vegetable rice looks yummy.
    Yesterday, I've made more than 1 kilo of chocolate homemade cookies 😀 I usually do it once a week 🙂
    Interesting post, as ussual 🙂
    Kisses beautiful!

  4. I love the Chocolate Vita Tops…for the ladies who are having a hard time finding them, I live in Orange County and our local Targets carry them in the grocery section, hope that helps. Great Post as always!

  5. I feel completely guilty- I was doing my daily check on your blog whilst eating munchies- nacho cheese blend- so bad… I immediately threw the bag away!! Do you eat hummus? If so what's your favorite brand?

  6. Thank you so much for posting this, I love getting healthy meal inspiration from you. Aha-your nighttime sweet snack:) I had those muffin tops in my cart today, but I put it back at the last minute. Glad to know you approve 🙂
    Totally picking up the Veggie Fried Rice at TJ's next time I go too, thanks!!

  7. glad you ladies are liking the health posts…im totally into so love hearing your favorites goodies too! @ Rosie and @ MZCNY yes you can get them at target if they have a grocery section and also at Ralphs if your on the west coast.
    @andi 🙂 yes these are definitely goodies and one of my after dinner snacks. Ill put together a few more after dinner snacks i eat and show you guys xo

  8. @J haha girl put down those nachos 🙂 its okay to splurge every once in awhile. I do love hummus but its so hard finding a good brand that i like. There is a place called PANINI in OC that is my favorite restaurant because the food is amazing! We go at least once a week. Hands down they have the best hummus and I always order a big side to go. I have tried traders joes hummus but wasnt that wild about it. I have been getting the parsley hummus from whole goods that is in the pre packaged togo section and its pretty amazing as well! xo

  9. Love seeing the healthy eats! Have you ever done a full day of your diet? It would be fun to see! Also Do you have any favorite healthy eating blogs?

  10. I really love these health/nutrition posts! I actually now am obsessed with these PowerCrunch bars that you recommended in one of your earlier posts- they are like a wafer cookie and nutriton bar in one with low sugar! Fabulous!
    I am excited to try the Vita top muffins and granola- 2 things I love but usually don't eat because of the high calorie levels
    Thanks again!

  11. @Sarah yes I did one of the post for the first time a couple weeks ago. type in "a day in meals" at the search box at the top of my blog and it should come up. I got a lot of response on it so i will be doing another soon! xo

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