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Alright ladies after a few requests on my grocery store staples I thought I would share a little sneak peek into my fridge from last week….

I always have Organic milk, almond milk, organic eggs, egg whites, fresh cut up fruit (readily accessible to be added to any dish), ground flax seed, chia seeds, unsweetened applesauce, high fiber bread, greek yogurt, and kashi waffles.

Love the Chicken and apple sausage from Whole Foods. Its a quick and easy way to get some added protein. I always have nitrate free bacon and low fat string cheese in the fridge as well! Organic spinach, asparagus and broccoli are a must!

In the freezer tons of organic frozen fruit options for smoothies and frozen precooked brown rice packs that are ready in three minutes. I always have some healthier frozen pizza options for the hubs when his prego wife realllllly doesn’t feel like cooking. Also have to have my chocolate slow churned ice cream for something sweet 😉 Note not ALL of my items are Oragnic just try to balance where you can!
Items vary from week to week but these are all pretty much staples in my fridge. I find if your fridge is stocked with healthy items its obviously much easier to stay on track with healthy eating!

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  1. Your fridge contents and mine are so similar. My husband and I are big on nutrition and have the same staples. My husband recently turned vegan so we don't have much meat in the fridge expect my kids chicken or ground turkey. I love those chicken sausages from TJ's. They have the best stuff. I don't know if you have tried them yet but their cinnamon rolls are ridiculously good. My kids love them and they love mochi and the mini soy ice cream sandwiches. There is also a flatbread pizza you will love which has ham, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese, I don't remember the name but it says the ingredients right in front of the box. Amylu has good all natural chicken sausages and chicken burgers but the only place I have found them is at Costco. Love your posts, your recipes and suggestions are awesome. thanks

    1. totally know which flatbreads you are talking about! So good! They have one that have truffles that is AMAZING as well! So funny you mention their cinnamon rolls… someone else suggested them to me and i am ALWAYS eyeing them when I'm there. I have yet to purchase bc i know i will eat all of them 😉

  2. Love a healthy fridge!! I try to keep my fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy selections. My husband makes awesome homemade breads and pizzas but when he's too busy I found Ezekial bread. They're one of the healthiest breads I've found in stores. Have you tried this line?

    1. totally! Ezekiel is my go to bread but the hubby says it can be a little tough so i try to switch it up. I get the regular ezekiel as well as the cinnamon raisin!

  3. What a cool post !!! thankyou,! and i luv almond milk. have you tried rice milk?? rice dream. its to die for and the choc flavour is delicious! :))xx G, London town

  4. Love this, thanks for sharing! I feel like I get stuck in such a RUT with my weekly groceries…and then to change it up I end up buying not as healthy options. BTW, you look AMAZING and I hope you are feeling good and not too uncomfortable at this stage of the game!

  5. Andee- cool post!! You think of everything to share with us! You look positively radiant!
    Apologies for the random question not having to do with food, but I'm ordering clea de peau concealer tomrw, and have similar color, which shade is your go to?

    1. thank you! the color i wear in clea de peau is Ocre. FYI I recommend purchasing from Nordstroms just in case you need to exchange the color. They have to best return policy.

  6. Okay… I need to organize my fridge, lol! I *love* fresh fruits & Veggies and I am seriously considering doing some gardening.. p.s. I love that flaxseed meal, I use it to replace eggs in muffins, it works great!

  7. SO glad I stumbled across your blog today!! Loving being your latest follower and really looking forward to checking back asap.
    Btw, you look incredible with that pregnant tum too. Also loving the frozen organic fruit options you stock up on!!
    Hope you might like to follow me in return?? http://shadeofwhim.blogspot.com
    Maria x

  8. Everything looks delish! I love greek yogurt with agave nectar and strawberries for breakfast in the morning at the office. How do yo incorporate the chia seeds? I just got a pack but dont like it in my water.

    1. I don't like them in water or almond milk either. I use mine in my greek yogurt, in my muffins, on my toast with peanut butter or in my smoothies/protein shakes. xo

  9. Hi, i just wanted to ask, if you dirnk any type of soda?? i am hooked on cherry coke and dr pepper, has to be original, not diet!, and was just wondering if you drink soft drinks/soda? and what are your favs?

    I luv your foodie health posts :)x

    1. you know i rarely ever drink soda…sometimes at the movie theatre I will. When i became pregnant I found ginger ale helped with my nausea in the first trimester so I would get the organic kind and the smaller size serving (you know the mini cans that i think have around 100 calories). Sodas are empty calories and packed with a ton of artificial stuff so i really try not to have it. I would rather save my splurge calories for something else.. but if that is your splurge then go for it (just in moderation 😉

  10. i like the fashion but i also really like the posts abt your food & groceries. you are seriously one of the cleanest eaters i "know/follow."

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