Honeybee Health: Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Happy Friday lovely ladies! I decided to move my “Forever Friday” post to tomorrow since i’ve been receiving tons of requests for a Honeybee Health post. Sorry for lagging on the nutrition posts lately but I lost my phone a few weeks back and all my food shots that were saved on there as well. ;(  
As you know we’ve been traveling the last couple weeks and most of the time we were eating out. I know it can be really difficult to eat well on vacation but it just takes a little effort. Here are some food shots from the last couple weeks while we were traveling…..
(Snacks I brought along for the family on one of our many flights)
 No cookies, sodas or (potato) chips here! I packed peanut butter filled pretzels for the babe (I steer clear of these because I could eat the entire bag), Chia Squeeze pouches (have tons of Omegas the little one loves them too) and lastly some all natural apple chips.

On another flight we flew Virgin America. I’ve posted on them before but if you haven’t flown with them you MUST! Seriously the best! You can pick your meals and put in your order  from the screen in your headrest. They have tons of healthy options and even give you the nutrition facts as well! LOVE them!

Love that they offer mighty leaf tea and all natural sweeteners too!

The hubby ordered the Greek Chickpea wrap but it had a little more fat in it than I liked so I opted for the protein plate with hummus and pita, a boiled egg, grilled chicken strips, some cheese (Which some little fingers stole from my plate) and some veggie sticks! Oh and lets not forget a little bubbly! 😉

Okay now on to fast food dining! I promise you can keep it healthy but it’s just about making an effort! I went with the salad (no rice),  grilled chicken, corn salad, black beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. The portion of guacamole they gave was HUGE so I scooped off half. The salad was so good with all the toppings that I didn’t even need to put dressing on it. 
A quick stop at Subway I had a 6inch on Whole Grain with turkey and loaded it up with veggies! It had lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, peppers and mustard.
Out to dinner at The OG! If you’re not down with the slang thats “Olive Garden” 😉 Now it was a little  tough to be healthy here but I tried my best! I ordered the Chicken Meatball appetizer (perfect size portion and really yummy), The hummus appetizer (taking it easy on the bread)  and loaded up on the salad.
Back in Miami for a minute we stopped at ICEBOX in the airport (they have another location on Lincoln that I love and was so excited to see they opened in the airport as well). I had the grilled chicken, with roasted veggies, steamed rice and curry sauce on the side (which was SO good I ate all of it anyway). Of course a little vino as well! 
Healthy snacking on the beach in Cayman (can you tell no one waits for me to take my food picture anymore lol) Hummus, pita and veggies sticks! 
On vacation I still eat really clean but I definitely indulge in cocktails a lot more than I do I home. It’s all about picking and choosing your indulgences. Whether its fried food, sweets or cocktails you can have them just try to do so in moderation. 
And theres ALWAYS room for frozen yogurt!

Hope this was helpful for you ladies! 

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  1. I love these posts, Andee, they are inspiring (because clearly you have an AMAZING bod) and offer some good ideas too.

    Love that you two have matching Cartier bracelets–that's really (really) sweet.

  2. I couldn't agree more with you on Virgin America! Love them especially when traveling with kids! And I pack snacks for the flights too because there are just usually sugary salty choices! thanks for sharing!

  3. Gosh it only seems like the other day when you were posting about Ava's nappy explosion during a flight and it getting all over one of you as well and to just ignore the lady sitting across the aisle, reading her magazine and sipping her bubbles. How times have changed!! I look forward to it getting easier for myself too one day :D:D:D xoxo #yourpostsgivemehope hahahaha

  4. Brilliant…I go away next weekend so this came just in the nick of time! Thank you 🙂 It would be so awesome if you could explain how you proportion your food….percentage of fat/protein/carbs etc? Ooh, and how you determine portion size….I ALWAYS find that's my downfall xxx

  5. Thanks for the tips! I've been trying to get back on track after all that good Easter food!
    You definitely make me want to eat better!


  6. THANK YOU for this post! This is so so helpful for someone who is always on the go. I really appreciate seeing what options you go for in fast food places!

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