Honeybee Health: A Day in Meals

I get lots of requests on what I eat to stay in shape. Here are some shots of things I eat in a typical day……

One cup of High fiber cereal w unsweetened almond milk (literally measured out) and a latte with lowfat milk and agave.

Greek Yogurt and a honeycrisp apple for a snack

Yesterday we went out to lunch (always tricky ordering out) Had a house salad and added chicken with the dressing on the side….felt great with my choice only to then go home and have 2 chocolate covered oreos hahah (not pictured)

I was out running errands and got hungry so stopped into starbucks and grabbed a fruit and nut pack (blueberries, almonds etc and only 190 calories for the whole pack)

for dinner I made whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and peppers sprinkled with fresh parmasean cheese. ( I TRY to keep my dinner portions small because I always have a couple hundred calories a few hours later.)

Hope this was helpful! xo

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  1. Traders joes greek yogurt is delicious. The FAGE is equally as delicious! By the way I need to try that restaurant by south coast you posted about a few days ago. I always see it, but have never eaten there. xx

  2. Love posts like this – so interesting to see what people eat during the day.

    I've found personally that when I have a healthy breakfast, I eat better for the rest of the day….but if I have something junkie (like Mac n Cheese…gross – but it's microwave ready in 3 minutes LOL!) – then I eat junk for the rest of the day.

    I think I should buy some healthy cereal so that I have an easy early morning option (and I should NEVER buy easy Mac again, LOL!)

  3. Excellent post, it seems like you try to eat snacks throughout the day? I've heard the goal is to try eating every few hours, which I find really difficult especially given my work schedule, any tips?

  4. mmmm You are a good girl, you know how to eat healthy. Great for you 🙂
    I need to eat a lot and I love desserts so I'll be really hungry if I don't eat the way I do.
    Yesterday I made choco cookies at home, I'm trying to avoid the industrial cookies for a while, lets see if I can do it…
    you can check the cookies at my blog 🙂
    Kisses beauty!

  5. Great post Andee, I'm a MAJOR health nut too so I always love swapping secrets and tips with other health nuts. You've mentioned that you have a major sweet tooth (so do I!) Have you ever tried or heard of Arctic Zero? It will change your life. It's a low cal soft serve made with whey so an entire pint has only 150 calories, and it tastes just like ice cream. My favorite flavor is the Mint Chocolate Cookie and Chocolate Peanut Butter. They sell it at Sprouts and Mothers. I think you would love it. I'm addicted.


  6. Wow you eat very healthy and probbly feel great. I have been having oatmeal for breakfast but its the Quaker Oats small packets-doubt thouse are any good. Your dinner looks delish, Thank you for this post.

  7. @Sarah you should def check it out! I love the menu and how healthy it is! @SB I definitely eat every few hours…helps keep your metabolism high and blood sugar levels stable.@rosie no i have not tried artic zero but now it is definitely on my list!! I am addicted to yougurtland so im sure i will love this! @aggie602 somoe quaker oats are good but check the sugar content some of them are packed with sugar!

  8. Hey girl! Ahh I LOVE Almond Milk! Isn't it delicious?! Remember my post that you commented on about my issues? I have these periods of time where I eat perfectly like you do and then others where I lose all control over myself and pig out. Ugh. Frustrating. I wouldn't have pegged you as a chocolate-covered Oreo girl! What's your dessert/post-dinner snack? I read somewhere that dairy is a good thing to eat at night. Thoughts?

    Lots of love!


  9. @Jacenda i get this specific greek yogurt from trader joes. They have greek yogurt at pretty much all grocery stores but you have to check the sugar content. I try to keep it under 13 grams.
    @leXmarzthespot its definitely a lifestyle eating style but i also over indulge sometimes too! I always have to have something sweet after dinner usually some ginger cookies and green tea w agave. Some biscotti and a glass of skim milk…or a cup of oaties(whole foods version of lucky charms) it really just depends but i try to keep it to no more than 200 calories. TRY is the key word 🙂

  10. So happy you posted this!! Such an inspiration! Would you consider doing a daily supplement post? Like your fave multi-vitamin etc? Gonna give that cereal a try!!! I manage a health food store, and I'm currently in school to become a naturopathic doctor. I'm always interested in peoples supplement routines, which probably sounds a little strange. Honeybee Health is an awesome addition and makes reading your fabulous blog even more enjoyable!! 🙂

  11. great post! similar to how I eat, I just need to get in more snacks during the day. Sometimes I go eating only once or twice a day (so bad)!
    Sometimes it's hard to make the right choice when eating out when there are so many other things that sound good on the menu 🙂

  12. you seem like you're just naturally a tiny person, that's how my family is, we're all thin.

    I still try to eat healthy though and incorporate a lot of vegetables into my meals. I love to eat fruit or nuts for snacks and I keep my dinner portion small since it's closer to bedtime. great post =)

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