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Here are some random shots from this week. I am going to start a new board on Pinterest titled “Andee’s Eats” so it will be easy for you girls to save these shots if you want some healthy meal ideas…

Left over Skinny Grilled Chicken (with asparagus, brown rice and tomatoes from Cheesecake Factorys Skinnylicioius menu) and a side of hummus.

I always keep my fresh fruit washed and cut up in a big bowl for easy access. If its in the container it will sit their untouched by my husband 😉 So I have to have it readily accessible for him to toss it in his yogurt, on top of waffles, in a smoothie or just by itself.

Yogurtland with Reese’s cup topping was a MUST!

For a healthy dinner I made pork tenderloin (which is really lean) with a sweet potato and mixed greens.

Snagged a healthy fresh juice while out running errands….carrot, celery, ginger, lemon and one apple.

For lunch I had two poached eggs on toast and a salad topped with herbed cottage cheese.

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    1. hi love yes to both! I try to pretty much eat healthy at every meal. Not only calorie wise but also nutritional wise. (Ex. my breakfast is usually heavy in carbs so for lunch I try to have more protein and fruit/veggies) I also try to "keep track" of my calories but don't rack my brain as it is soooo difficult to be accurate esp when you are eating out for some meals. I "aim" for a certain amount of calories and try to keep that in mind when ordering out or preparing meals.

  1. Hi Andee! Love your blog and all your nutritional/health advice. I wanted to know how long your strawberries/berries and cooked salmon keep? And how you keep them (container? or ziplock or what not) for the week. With a new baby, I'm trying to prepare foods on the weekend to last the week but after a few days the Hubby isn't inclined to eat things. He's picky and we just found out he needs to be gluten free. Thanks in advance.

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