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If I could only use one beauty product for the rest of my life, I’m 99.99% sure that it would be concealer. I am Sicilian and have always had pretty intense under eye circles so it’s definitely a MUST for me. I have tried about a million different ones and today am sharing all of my favorites I rebuy all the time!

First let me also add a quick thank you to you girls who has been messaging me over the last 2 months about my Beauty Talk Tuesday posts. I am SO sorry I have lagged but truth be told the struggle with the juggle is REAL over here lately. I’ll go into more detail later this month when I have a full “blogging” post for you girls but honestly having a set day for me to post specific content was proving a lot harder than I thought.I was getting stressed out and feeling very rushed with the content so I will definitely continue to do beauty posts for you girls (because I lalalove beauty content) but it just may not be on a Tuesday. So thank you all for understanding and letsss get started with this weeks Honeybee Beauty post…..


Concealers are like a lot like foundations for me. Even when I find one I love, i’m constantly  still trying new ones too. Also am I the only one who has different concealers for different occasions?! I have My Holy Grail Concealer that I use for my full face makeup days, photo shoots, date nights and special occasions. Then I have my drug store and more budget friendly concealers I use for everyday wear like pick up and drop off and target/grocery runs. Whatever you’re looking for, i’ve got you covered!  I’m also sharing some under eye products I swear by for prep and post concealer application. It’s a serious under eye game over here so if you have dark circles like me read on….

This Erase Paste has been staple in my makeup drawer for years now. It has more of a peach tint to it which is known for canceling out the darker circles. It can be worn alone or as a base. It’s a pretty full coverage and blends really well. If you haven’t tried Erase Paste I would definitely recommend it.It’s not overly expensive and this little tub will last you awhile. I use it in The Medium Color.

Another OBSESSION of mine is This Pantone Universe Palette. I’ve posted on it before and have used it to death! I should have shown you the inside shot of this palette because it looks like it been through battle i’ve used it so much.

It has about 15-20 different colors and offers every sort of prep, highlight, conceal and cancel color you could ever need! You can use the reddish color in the top row to prep and cancel out dark circles. It has three different colors on the right side of the palette for concealing and a yellow color cream on the left side of the palette i’m obsessed with for brightening. LALALOVE this stuff! If you have a beauty junkie friend or relative I always say This Palette would make such good gift idea as well and it’s only $25!!

If you’re looking for drug store options I use This One regularly. It has pretty good coverage, goes on smoothly and is great for those days when you are running everyday errands. Not to mention it’s super budget friendly. If you have found a drug store concealer you’re obsessed with plllease share as i’m always looking for great budget friendly options.

Okay i’ll admit when These Touche Eclat came out years ago I didn’t see what all the type was about. Well fast forward 5 years and they’ve been a long time staple in my makeup drawer. They can be used several different ways. Some people put them on before their concealer and some put them on after. I’ve done both and they work great either way. They just add a bit of brightness where ever you need it and are super easy to use. I also really love using these on the top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose for contouring. They just add an immediate lift!I use them in the Color Number 2.5

Okay these Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector we’re products that I really wanted to love. They are known for canceling out the dark circles so that you have a good started base for your concealer.  I had heard great things about them so I bought the Dark Bisque and just felt like it was too orange for me. So I went and bought another lighter color in Peach which was better but still just wasn’t reaching for it everyday. Maybe I need to try one more color ( so if you use and love this one…help a sistah out 😉

but what i did find was This Color Correcting Stick by smashbox that I LALALALOVE……

I literally use This Product everyday. It has that same orange appeal for canceling out those dark circles and it’s super easy to use. The crayon is pretty creamy,glides right on and blends out easily. I use the color in Light Peach but (but think i’m curious to try out  the Dark Orange too) and highly recommend it!

Now on to my baby…my holy grail concealer! If you girls have been following along over the years you know I swear by This Concealer! It is pricey but worth EVERY penny in my opinion. It’s thick but not cakey and the coverage is the absolute best. I always re buy this product and it typically lasts me about 6+months or longer! I use the color OCHRE and highly recommend it if you have strong under eye circles.

and if you just have moderate under eye circles I would recommend This Concealer. It’s great quality and coverage and always a crowd pleaser.

Okay now your turn …What is your favorite concealer or under eye product you can’t live without?! 

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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect concealer and it seems to be a never ending process along with the never ending bags under my eyes… I agree, the struggle is reeeeal!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many options and some at every price point! <3

  2. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser is my absolute favorite. I’ve been using it for years, and love it way more than any of the higher end concealers that I’ve tried. I’ve actually converted quite a few friends to using it too!

    1. Yes, it’s my favorite too, and I’ve tried everything!! I don’t love the sponge tip applicator thingy, but the product is great. Thin consistency, but serious coverage and doesn’t crease!

  3. Ahh yes, love me a good concealer. I personally love the physicians formula concealer. I need thick concealer, and the physicians formula one is thick without being cakey. A must try in my book 😀

  4. Great suggestions and thanks for offer multiple options and different price points. I think the Maybelline Fit Me is a dupe for the Nars!!! 🙂 Could you do your everyday makeup look and products you use? Your makeup always looks so natural and gorgeous!

  5. Hi! Could you maybe do a tutorial on your application of concealer under the eyes?
    I too have the cle de peau and would love to see how you apply !

  6. I love the Tarte maracuja creasless concealer. A teeny bit goes a long way and leaves a nice even tone. I also love ItCosmetics concealer too. Thanks for the new options! That Pantone palette is in my cart already!

  7. Hey Andee! I actually work for Bobbi Brown and am happy to assist you with the right corrector shade! If you find that the darkness under your eyes is more of a blue/purple, try the Light to Medium Bisque or Bisque shade. If it’s more green/grey/brown, try Light to Medium Peach or Light Peach. Lastly, if the darkness is more red/purple/brown, try the Peach bisque shade or Light peach bisque. If you like a brighter under eye, opt for the lighter shades that I mentioned. For something more natural/blended, go for the darker. Hope that helps!! Feel free to email me if you need anything else 😘

  8. I also struggle with dark circles and the one I love is MAC Pro Concealer, it lasts all day in S. Florida weather . It comes in a pot or a pump and I use the pump.

  9. I just wanted you to know…you changed my life with his post. That sounds SO DRAMATIC since we’re talking about makeup here, but I have deep purple circles under my eyes from thin skin and veins which are nearly impossible to cover or correct. I have tried concealer after concealer; corrector afte corrector and none have done a great job. After reading your post, I purchased the smashbox corrector and YSL touché eclat – OMG, BEST PURCHASE EVER!!! The smashbox corrector is like a miracle wand and the YSL brightener is the perfect concealer to go over top. I am so obsessed and so thankful for you sharing these finds!

  10. I’ve recently purchased the bare minerals new barepro concealer as I heard it was a good dupe for the Cle de peau… I really like it and would recommend! It’s much easier on the wallet so I bought an extra one to keep in my purse for touch ups!

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