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It’s safe to say that I own WAY to many Mac products! I always tell myself no more and then somehow they still manage to end up in my makeup drawer 😉 Today I thought I would share my most used mac eye shadows and my go to soft smokey eye with you ladies.

 You can’t go wrong with a soft smokey eye! You can pretty much wear it anywhere and for any occasion! For my go to look I use Haux on the lid, Corduroy in the crease and Folie in the outer  corner (in a “V” motion).  For more on my go to beauty product favorites you can also check out my previous post HERE.

 I’m a huge fan of blending blending blending! It almost looks like one shade in the above picture but using the slightly different colors creates a little more depth to it. I always add a nude eyeliner in the bottom rim to make my eyes appear larger. Then I use my favorite drugstore liquid liner by NYC to create a little cat eye.

Some of my other most used Mac shadows are:
I’m afraid to ask because it may feed my eyeshadow addiction 😉 But what are your most used Mac eyeshadows?!
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  1. Gorgeous look! I am also addicted to Mac. It's just such a great brand with quality makeup. Their eye shadows are the best! My most used colors are Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, and Bronze.

  2. Gorgeous look!!!! I never wear eyeshadow. Whenever I see other girls wearing I love it but when I try it I don't like the way it looks on me. I think I need to practice more. You have the cat eye perfected. What are you wearing on your cheeks? It looks fabulous.

    1. thanks so much hun! trust me i wasn't always good at doing makeup either it took some practice 😉 On my cheeks I'm wearing peaches blush and Nars albatross as a highlighter.

  3. Hi Hun, My fav eyeshadows are romp, sable, cork, woodwinked (on the lid and crease), wedge (for the crease and my brows), nylon (inner corner highlight) and black tied to smoke it out.

    What top are you wearing in these pics, it looks pretty!

  4. girl, you are so not alone with the mac addiction, haha. BUT, I will say I'm in love with their pigments. Definitely not for everyday, but just the right pow to rev up your look for going out. My favorite one is tan. I've always been curious about their brushes. Do you use them?

    1. ugh yes yes yes love their pigments they really do make a huge difference! As for brushes I do use some Mac brushes and some other brands as well. I should do a makeup brush post soon!

  5. Were you blessed with nice skin (genetics) or do you have acne breakouts occasionally? I have acne. 🙁 Your face looks so smooth and poreless. You make everyone here jealous!

  6. Oh girl your gonna be in trouble, Here our my favs: Vex, Quarry, ( you could wear these beautifully. Vex all over the lid and smoke out with Quarry) Scene, Carbonized,Sketch and Brun, My all time favorite lip liner is Mac also its Soar. Enjoy 🙂

  7. I'm going to recreate this 🙂 You look beautiful! I surprisingly don't own Corduroy already… considering I own the whole store LOL It has officially been added to my wish list!

  8. Love the blended Smokey look! I just adore your blog and fashion style, you are amazing! Are you or could you do a post on what you would wear to a Formal Christmas Party and a Semi Formal Christmas party. Thanks!!!

  9. Love your makeup! You always looked polished in a very relaxed way. I am going to have to try get these shades now. I think it will look fab on brown eyes too. 🙂 My favorite mac shades are naked lunch, satin taupe, sable, girlie and texture. I also love carbon for smudging my eyeliner out. Thanks for sharing your go to look!!

  10. My favs are Shroom, Cork, Patina, Woodwinked, Concrete, Smut, Embark and Carbon. I think you'd like plumage and shale too. They are fun!

  11. Hi Andee, I just discovered your blog and fall in love with it. Well, to be accurate, I fall in love with your pretty face! You have some great content here. Ah, I sent you an email about a sponsored opportunity.

  12. Awesome post Andee! Been looking for this exact look! Can I ask what Nude Liner you're talking about? Sounds awesome! Gonna get these Mac shadows soon!!!

  13. Hi! Love this makeup look, your face is flawless. Can you tell me what foundation and shade you are wearing?
    Thank you so much.

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