Honeybee Beauty: Maybelline Pomegranate Punk

You really do take for granted all the little things you were able to do before babies… like taking your sweet time getting ready! I’ve definitely mastered the 5 minute makeup routine now. Ive posted on Maybelline color tattoo shadows before but wanted to show you a look I wore using Pomegranate Punk. I love this color! I was worried it would be too vibrant for daytime but it was just the right amount of color…
Wearing Pomegranate Punk with a little Mac Coppering on top
I love using these shadows as a base! If you want to know what other makeup products I used here’s a link : My Go To Everyday Makeup Products

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    1. thanks Steph I wish i had more time to do more frequent makeup posts! Hopefully as the babe gets older ill be able to have a little more time to play with makeup again 😉

  1. Love your beauty posts!!! You look great, cannot believe you had a baby a couple months ago. What are you wearing on your lips. Just Gorgeous as always!!!

  2. gorgeous!! just love these tattoo shadows- and they do have great staying power, which is essential for us moms right? bc who has time for touchups, when we barely have time for putting it on in the first place! good look on you andee

  3. I love these Maybelline tattoo shadows. They are cheap, come in gorgeous colors and last forever. That color looks so pretty on you! I just tried the new Revlon Colorsty 24 foundation that comes in a jar. I love it, you might want to give it a try.

  4. I've been using Bad to the Bronze during the week to work for a month straight! Actually, probably since I bought these a few months ago. They are great, love them and the cheap price 🙂

  5. wow you bring up a good point about not having as much time to get ready when you have a baby. will keep that in mind next time im not feeling grateful lol

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

    1. hi love yes the icon buttons are on the top right of my blog….the honeybee on FB and Andee Layne on Twittter…although i def check FB and instagram much more frequent

  6. So pretty! I will NEED to check this out as I LOVE colors like this. Thanks for sharing!! BTW, did you get highlights?

    1. no this is actually my natural hair color coming through! Im debating on what to do with it. I haven't had it colored in almost a year! I like it lighter but the bottom half is more black still.

  7. Your hair is always styled in such a lovely way. I read your older post where you mentioned you use hot rollers, is this still the method you use? I'd love to be able to style my hair like yours, but every time I try it keeps falling flat and/or frizzing up.

    1. Thanks Lily! This hair was from a trip to the Dry Bar. It never looks as good when I do it myself. My quick and easy hair routine when i do it are still my hot rollers.

  8. Andee thank you for sharing this! Your hair looks fabulous! What is your go to hair routine these days? I have an 8 week old baby myself and long hair like yours and don't have time to do my pre-baby blowout that I used to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks! xo

    1. i wish i could get my hair to look like this daily but unfortunately this hair was done by the dry bar! Its my splurge when i can get an hour to myself. It usually last a couple days if i don't work out so i try to make it last as long as possible. My go to quick look are my con air hot rollers. I did a post on them last year…you can type that in the search box on the right column of my blog to see it. Congrats on your new baby too!!! xo

  9. Love your beauty blog,love the simplicity when you do your eye make-up..plus this color look's great on you… and also i've been checking your Pinterest,love everything.

  10. Andee, My God you are gorgeous. I found your twitter and was wondering what lip color you are wearing in the Ladies lunch pic? I absolutely love it. Take Care of your self and that precious little mama.

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