Honeybee Beauty: High Bun

Im sure you have seen the high bun all over the place lately! Its one hair trend that everyone is rocking and I decided to finally give it a go!

I know a lot of people use the sock bun but I went the pre made route with this Bun Maker. I purchased it in black for around $3 and it was super easy to use!

*Click on the set for details

You can find them in different shades to blend with your hair color just in case it shows. How about you ladies?! Are you a fan of the high bun?! 
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  1. I love it, it looks so cute on you. I wish I could do it but my hair is above shoulder length and it doesn't look the same. What makeup are you wearing? I am looking for a natural lip color but always struggle to find one. You look absolutely flawless. Motherhood definitely suits you:)

    1. thank you so much! My lips I'm wearing NYX lip liner in peekaboo pink (or it might be peekaboo natural can't remember ) and foundation wearing loreal true match

  2. It looks great – and I love your burlap pillow in the background. I've been looking for one just like that for a while. Where is yours from?

  3. Can you please post your current skin care? Your skin looks beyond perfect. The only word that comes to my mind is flawless

    1. you to kind thank you. I am currently just using Cetaphil facial cleanser and a Khiels moisturizer as I am still breastfeeding so products I can use are limited. If you go on my Pinterest I have other favorites listed under "products I love" board.

  4. Your bun looks perfect. What do you wear on your cheeks? They always look so glowy. You wear an awesome peach blush in your pics. I have such a hard time with peach blush, a lot of them turn some kind of pink on me which I hate. Please more skincare/beauty posts. You look flawless and natural all the time and that is what I need.

    1. thank you its ILLAMASQUA blush in LOVER! Perfect peach for olive skin! if you type in "My favorite beauty products" in the search box on the right side of my blog (or you can look for it under my favorite products on my Pinterest page) I have a link to all of my go to items! xo

  5. Where can I buy the other two bracelet that you keep wearing with your "love" bracelet? I don't own "love" bracelet, but I have Michael Kors bracelet that is so similar to yours, and the other two bracelt would look amazing with it. You have amazing style. I on the other hand, have no style whatsoever, so I always look up to you :). Thank you for keeping up with this blog :).

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