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I’ve been receiving a ton of requests on my favorite makeup products so thought I would share with you the products that are constantly in my makeup drawer. I did a similar post a few months back but i’ve added a couple new ones……

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* I’ve turned into quite a makeup junkie and LOVE hearing your favorite products too!!

My go to drug store foundation for the past 6 months has been Loreal true match (I wear W6). Its super affordable, oil free, has SPF in it and matches my skin pretty darn well! A lot of you asked what makeup I was using in yesterdays purple eyeshadow look and it was Loreal True Match mixed with a couple pumps of Mac Strobe liquid (can also use it as a highlighter) to thin it out a bit and give a subtle glow. Other highlighters I’m loving are Nars albatross and Maybellines color tattoo eyeshadow in “too cool”. I use it on the inner corners of my eyes and brow bone.
Im a huge fan of Revlon nail polishes! You never need more than two coats and they are only around $5. I just can’t bring myself to spend $20 on a bottle of nail polish. Something I will splurge on though is concealer. Being Italian I have always had dark circles under my eyes so a great concealer is worth every penny to me! Clea de Peau is my favorite (and crazy pricey)! I use Mac’s moisture cover conceal in NW20 on most days to try to save my Clea de Peau concealer. Urban Decay lip liners (and eye liners) are great! My current favorite is Wallflower. If you want lipliners on a budget check out Rimmel and NYX. They are pretty great too esp for the price. NYX pigments are another favorite of mine and dirt cheap! Laura mercer tinted moisturizer is great for everyday use. If you want more of a full coverage I like Laura Mercier silk creme foundation.
On the cheeks my go to blushes are Illamasqua and Laura Mercier. They are a little pricier but the color pay off is great and last a long time. Also in yesterdays makeup post I was wearing Revlon lipstick in Smoked Peach. Its my go to pink/nude lipstick of the moment. Loreal infallible eyeshadow is a new product I’m loving lately. I snagged a few colors and think I may pick up a couple more! Lastly Laura Mercier metallic creme eyeshadow in burnish copper is one of my favorite products. It really makes light eyes pop. (A lot of you were asking about my makeup from my baby shower and this is what I was wearing on my eyes) I hope this was helpful and answered some of your questions.

*I also posted a link on the Honeybee FB page to my girlfriends page “Makeup by Melina”. A lot of you were asking about my makeup for our maternity shoot and Melina did my natural smokey eye! She has done my makeup over the years and is super talented! I love seeing all the pics and work she does on gorgeous models! She recently worked on VS model (John legends fiancé) Christine Teigen who I think is absolutely stunning!!! If your located in OC she does great bridal makeup as well! xo

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  1. Great post!!!! I love your recommendations, they are super helpful. I love urban decay's lip pencils too. They are so creamy and soft. Are there any recs for the budget lip pencils that are comparable to UD wallflower or MAC oak. I'm always on the hunt for a great concealer and I think I am going to cave in and get the Clea de Peau. Aren't revlon lipsticks awesome? I love them and at such a great price point. Everytime I go to target I grab one and I am at Target at least once a week:)

    1. love so many Revlon products esp the lipsticks and polishes! As for a budget lip pencil for Mac Oak I would say that Rimmel makes one called tiramisu thats pretty close it I like. You just have to blend their liners a bit more as they can go on pretty thick.

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite makeup! I would also call myself a makeup junkie. 🙂 I love the Armani cream shadows (I must try the Maybelline ones you mentioned previously!) and cle de peau cream eyeliner in black. I love this cream eyeliner because it is the only thing (besides Chanel Khol in Black) that will stay in my waterline and not irritate my eyes. I use Cle de Peau's stick concealer or La Mer's concealer for my dark undereyes. I generally do not use foundations because they are all sooooooo heavy. I do however use Nars's tinted moisturizer which is really sheer and evens my skin out perfectly. For cheeks, I generally use a stain by Josie Maran or Hourglass as I feel they look more natural on me. For lips, I am LOVING Laura Mercier's gel lipsticks right now. BTW – thanks to you – Mac's Verve is one of my favorite go-to lipsticks!!

  3. Love the post! It's always interesting what other beauty freaks use. I love Illamasqua Lover. I agree with the nail polish prices too. Sinful colors is a great cheap brand too.

  4. Love the post 🙂 I was just wondering what you use on your eyebrows? do you draw them in? or are they naturally like that? They are a great shape! xx

  5. Yes!! Rimmel makes some of the best drugstore lipliners. I especially love Natural. It is a perfect nude for my lips. Love everything you use. Except for the concealer..ey yeh YAE! Pricey for sure!

  6. Ahhh love your faves, mainly because most of them are my faves too. You definitely have good taste in makeup girlie. lol I am DYING to try out the LM tinted moisturizer and silk cream.

  7. I've always wanted to try NYX liners. Any good colors? How do you like the MAC Strobe liquid? and do you know if there is a difference between that one and the cream version? I have sensitive skin and I was wondering which is best. Thx for this post, many great things to purchase, I have a Sephora gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

    1. I haven't used the cream version so i can't tell you about the difference but I also have very sensitive skin and the strobe liquid works well on my skin.

    1. clea de peau seriously is great!! Do you use any of their other products? Although you probably shouldn't tell me bc ill be tempted to shell out the cash for them 😉

  8. great products I will def give some of them a try! I use bobbi brown tinted moisturizer and love it as an everyday coverage! what do you do for your brows? They always look so polished and perfect! I wish i had your brow arch 🙂
    – Irene

  9. LOVE you blog and all your great makeup tips/favorites!! Do you tan or use a self tanner? Your skin color is beeeeautiful!

    1. thank you! No I naturally have olive skin and don't tan very often. I would spray tan or bottle tan but i also have crazy sensitive skin so can't do that either. I do love some bronzer though 🙂

  10. Andee!!! LOVEEEEE when u do make up posts!! I'm quite the make-up junkie myself and recently discovered the new Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisurizer LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! u should try it! xoxo

  11. Do you have a favorite lip balm? I have tried so many but still have not found one that I can call my fav. Thx

  12. I have to say I was surprised when I saw that you recommended a drug store foundation! I've been paying $70 a bottle for my favorite Chanel foundation for years. When I recently ran out and didn't have time for a trip to the mall I (skeptically) decided to give the Loreal True Match a try. I was even more surprised to find that I really like it! The color blends nicely & it has good coverage throughout the day. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  13. Hi I have horrible dark under eye circles ever since having my two children…I can't find anything that does that good of a job concealing….I read through your blog and saw you reference two kinds and was wondering the difference (besides price) and which you'd say is better….. Clea De Peau concealer or Mac Moisture Cover Concealer? Thanks so much!

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