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I get tons of requests on my diet and exercise routine. I do work out 3 for 4 times a week (used to be more but i’ve cut back) but I feel like what you put into body plays a HUGE roll in staying in shape. That being said here are some shots of things I had last week……

(One whole egg + lots of egg whites , Nitrate free turkey bacon, gluten free bread and half a blood orange)
* the gluten free bread tastes good but was much higher in sugar and calories than a piece of whole wheat or ezekiel. Plus it was much smaller. So I dont recommend this if your trying to cut calories. If you are GLUTEN FREE then obviously this would be a good product for you.

Vanilla greek yogurt, Tablespoon of ground flax seed, lots of organic blueberries and a couple spoonfuls of granola for an afternoon snack

Where do i start with this!!! My husband and I got down on our favorite dessert in OC. Very similar to the Buttercake at Mastros but I think this is even more rich! The pineapple upside cake at Wildfish served with butter pecan ice cream!! Insane! But hey you have to indulge sometimes!!!

Egg white omelet filled with asparagus, avacado, tomatoes and mushrooms skipped the toast and opted for mixed greens and a non fat latte.

When im craving for an afternoon sweet this usually does the trick. A double nonfat latte with a splenda and a few squares of dark chocolate from Starbucks.

All white meat turkey burger (skipped the cheese and mayo) with avacado. lettuce, tomato and side of kale salad. (If you live in OC and havent tried True Foods yet you are missing out!)

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  1. Loved seeing your meals – I think it's so important to keep a mix of mainly healthy food with some treats (like you do). You don't feel deprived AND you're still enjoying food LOL!

    I want to start incorporating flax seed in my meals – I keep hearing about how good it is – but I don't know if it is tricky to do (I think you have to grind it up per serving?)

  2. Everything looks so delicius!
    Im trying to eat healthy food, but sometimes I can't resist to fast food:( Anyway, I do exercises, mostly eat healthy food and till Im slim, I can visit MCDonalds sometimes;D

  3. andee — i admire your dedication to health and fitness. it definitely shows and you are looking great! it is very inspiring to see your workout/health posts. i wished i could do this. i love food (of all kinds) too much!

  4. @ Ella Pretty Blog: Grinding your own flax does maintain the integrity of the raw benefits- you have higher omega 3s and you can better control the quality of your flaxseed- however there are several great quality pre-ground flaxseed options to choose from. Northern Edge(the best), Bobs of Red Mill who has a gluten free variety and Barleans are amongst the better choices out there!!

  5. Andee please, please, PLEASE do a little research on splenda and sucralose… I don't want to sound like a know it all but there's lots of conflicting data out there and the overall consensus is NOT good!! Sugar in the raw/ raw manuka honey or pure non-GMO agave nectar would be much better options to sweeten your beverages!! 🙂

  6. @anonymous i TOTALLY agree! I mainly use honey/agave/ or raw sugar but for some reason when im at starbucks i cant kick my splenda habit. I guess its just easier. But Im a big believer in "anything in moderation" xo

  7. Thanks for the post, I love your health post but it's inspirational and you obviously take great care of yourself. I def. need to step up my nutrition and exercise wah. Good job on staying healthy!

  8. Mmmmm, I skipped all the healthy talk and zeroed in on Maestro's butter cake!!! I swear I work out for an extra couple hours everytime I indulge! I should definitely check out Wildfish when I'm in the area! Thanks for the tip!

  9. I eat greek yogurt with grounded flax seeds too! Except I get plain instead of vanilla and add in less than a tablespoon of strawberry jam. One of my favs!

  10. I LOVE your posts! 🙂 i have a question. Is nitrate-free bacon better then regular bacon? I heard that nitrate-free bacon has more sodium though..

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