Happy Halloween!!!!

I’m so sad were not dressing up this year! Being that I’m almost 5 months prego and its been storming here we are going to sit this one out! I hope you girls have a safe and fun Halloween and cant wait to see your costumes! I did have my girlfriend in town last week and we did some pumpkin carving! (She has more pics that she needs to email me still) but here are our pumpkin masterpieces……

My South Beach pumpkin! My last inappropriate pumpkin carving before I have to keep them “G” rated 😉

And Louie’s bat costume! haha She is ready for take off!

I think she is trying to camouflage herself with rug!

Be safe tonight ladies! xoox

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  1. hahahaha I loved the carved pumpkins, so funny.
    And Louie looks lovely in her costume.
    We will stay at home all night watching TV, then my hubby will enjoy playstation a bit, while I enjoy the computer.
    Kisses and happy Halloween honey.

  2. You look amazing and your pumpkin is funny hahaha.

    In a lot of pics (not all of them) you remind me of Christina Aguilera just with black hair. And I mean that as a compliment – she used to look really hot.

  3. hahahah…love ur pumpkin design! U look beautiful as always, Happy Halloween.

    I didn't really do scary makeup this year coz I did 4 of my friends makeup instead. I did wear a mask I had bought in Venice though…it still looked Halloween appropriate.

  4. I got the exact same costume for my frenchie Gizmo but he would not sit still to take a picture. He kept trying to bite the wings. Louie is such a cutie.

  5. you are hilarious with that thong pumpkin, brilliant. love that you dressed up your dog as a bat- we used to dress ours up until we had kids, now she's lucky to wear a collar!! but she's happy to be here and have our kids to play with so it all evens out- even if she didn't get to join our halloween dress up fun this year;-)

  6. Even though you didn't dress up, you still look ADORABLE! And so does little Lou 🙂 Also, that thong pumpkin is genius…I know my hubs would get a kick out of that haha.

  7. I knew you were having a girl haha, girl season!! congrats, i'm going to follow you on facebook now! :))

    G, london town

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