Guest Bath Remodel + ANNOUNCEMENT!

Okay, lets not even talk about how overdue this post is but thank you so much to you girls that kept messaging me about posting my guest bathroom update! You may remember I shared Our Master Bathroom Remodel earlier this year and am so sorry I have completely lagged with sharing these Guest Bathroom pics with you girls. It was partly delayed because I searched forever but could not find the before shots that I took (I think they were on my old iPhone and did not save;( but none the less here are some shots of our finished guest bathroom and some super exciting news (at the end of the post!)….

Andee Bathroom-79

So similar to our Master Bathroom we wanted something clean, crisp and simple. We used the same flooring and Calacatta Marble as we did in our Master. The flooring is actually a tile that looks like wood and I love the gray color. A lot of you have asked about it and we are happy with it so far. I will say it can be a little “colder” than traditional wood flooring because it’s tile but definitely not a deal breaker. If you’re looking into this option we are really loving it so far.

Andee Bathroom-82

We went a little over budget on the Master Bathroom so for the Guest Bathroom we tried to stick to the necessities. Flooring, a new countertop, new tile in the shower/bath and new hardware were a must. The counter tops and shower in our guest bathroom before were just those (not so cute) standard square white tiles. Adding the new countertops made a HUGE difference!

I would have also loved to rip out the mirrors and put something else in but a few years ago we did this grasscloth wall paper (this one is by Ralph Lauren) and it was going to be a nightmare to take down the mirrors and try to fix the wall paper after so we just them as is.

Andee Bathroom-92

One of my favorite pictures of my hubby and Ava 😉

P.S. this pic is bothering me because I couldn’t get these damn towels straight for the life of me 😉 and every time I see a set of towels that are uneven I think about that movie “Sleeping with an Enemy” lol (anyone else?!)

Andee Bathroom-77

The light fixture (from Pottery Barn) and all the Crown Molding were done years ago

Andee Bathroom-75

For the shower/bath we just updated the subway tile to this rectangular version that were a little larger. I wanted to keep it pretty simple and then go a little more dramatic with an oversized shower box and some killer hardware.

Andee Bathroom-74

The paint color is a bit more gray in person but I LOVE how this color is gray but still slightly warm. We have this color pretty much throughout our entire house because we love it so much. It’s Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. If you’re looking for a neutral color definitely swatch this one!

Andee Bathroom-89

Andee Bathroom-76

Ugh how pretty is this hardware?! (from Restoration Hardware)

Andee Bathroom-85

I am so happy with how our oversized shower box turned out. We used the left over Calacatta Marble from our countertops to make the frame of it and opted for different shelf heights for all my products. (ps it does NOT look quite this organized anymore 😉

Andee Bathroom-83

Andee Bathroom-84

Andee Bathroom-90

and lastly I went with something a little different than I normally would for the sink but am so in love with this set!  ( also from Restoration Hardware)

Also we have some super exciting news ….WE ARE MOVING!!! We’re still going to be in Orange County but moving closer to the beach! I shared this news with my SnapChat fam last month and have been sharing some sneak peeks of meetings, floor plans etc on there as well and we’re just SO excited! We had been on the hunt for the perfect place literally for the last two years and found nothing that was even close to being “it” so we retired the search and decided to stay put (hence the remodels on the bathrooms). About 4-5 months ago my girlfriend sent me a link to a property that we immediately fell in love with. It was a little smaller than we had hoped for but we didn’t care, we looooved it. We were so bummed when we didn’t end up getting it but it turned out for the best because we decided to hire the architect that built that home and are now building our home from scratch! So we bought a tear down a few months ago and have already submitted our plans and hope to break ground in a couple months!!! Life is CRAZY busier now than ever before and I know this process is going to be bananas while juggling everything else but I can’t wait to build our dream home that our little ones will grow up in! I definitely plan on sharing this whole process with you girls too. So wish us luck! ;))

If you follow along on PINTEREST you probably noticed I have been pinning a TON of inspo on my FOR THE HOME board. If you want to see the direction were going in with our new build you can follow my FOREVER HOME board. I’ve pinned tons of things I’m loving for our new place!

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  1. FINALLY! Love the bathroom! I can’t wait to see the new home too! Perhaps you’ll do a full home tour of this one before? Would love to see little Ava’s big girl room! Love your blog 🙂

  2. Love this post! Your blog is so inspiring, and that “sleeping with the enemy” reference OMG, I think about it every time I see can goods that aren’t faced the same way. lol, Good luck with your move.

  3. So exciting! I can’t wait to see the design + style of your new home 🙂 I love the way your guest bathroom turned out. We have marble in our bathrooms too and I just LOVE it!

    1. thank you so much love! xoxo And really loving the marble in the bathrooms so far! The kitchen it gets so worn but think it holds up much better in our bathrooms!

  4. What a gorgeous remodel!
    That is SO exciting about the move. I know how you feel about searching for the perfect house…the market is SO not buyer friendly right now and there isn’t much inventory at all.
    We are also thinking of buying a major fixer-upper right now instead of having to buy a home that someone else designed to their preferences….Did you buy in Newport Beach/East Side Costa Mesa? That is where we have been looking and would love tips on how to navigate that process!!!

  5. It looks gorgeous! How do you find the marble countertops? Are they high maintenance? I’ve heard marble is super porous so I always wondered about using it as a countertop.

    1. you know I love them in the bathroom because there’s not as much wear and tear. In the kitchen howeverrrr as much as I love the look my hubby refuses to get them in the next home …so well see;)

  6. Yayyy! On building a house!!! So exciting!!! We hope to do that in the next couple years!! May I ask who your architects are for reference?! Do they have a webpage?
    Thanks so much!!

  7. Sleeping with the enemy – LOLOLOL!!!!! I totally think the same thing when my towels are not hung straight… I guess I have to get used to that living with all boys! Congrats on the new house – can’t wait to see how you decorate it. BTW love that pic of your hubs and daughter too 🙂

  8. It’s beautiful Andee! I love it! I’m so obsessed with marble-look bench tops at the moment and yours is perfect! How exciting that you are building too! I can’t wait to follow along your process. We are building our first home at the moment and it’s so exciting (albeit a little crazy haha). Xx

  9. So pretty!!! Love your style. Can’t wait to see your modern farmhouse, which we hope to also build in the next few years.

  10. We are building our home (for a year now!!) and oh my it’s sooo hard for me! I can’t wait to get in when it’s all done but I really haven’t appreciated the process ? wish you all the best and can’t wait for your photos!! ?

    1. oh i would be lying if i said I’m not anxious about all the decisions that are going to have to be made (feeling exhausted already and we haven’t even started!) lol

  11. LOL @ Sleeping with the Enemy! Bathroom looks amazing!!! So happy about your news and a little envious! Hubs and I have been looking for what feels like waayyy too long. Have some more appointments this weekend. Wish us luck!

  12. I just love your bathroom remodel. Clean and classic. You have great style and thanks for letting us get a peek! I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore paint colors too…Revere Pewter is fab. I ended up painting several rooms in my house Bleeker Beige, But Revere was a runner up. Last but not least, yes, every time I straighten towels or line up soup cans I think about poor Julia Robert’s escaping her abusive husband. I can still hear old Martin Burney screaming “Laura” into the wind! Ha.

  13. Can you adopt me and my 2 boys?! Lol! Sleeping with the Enemy – the towels and the canned goods! Good luck, momma…you got this!

    1. Did you ever find out the answer?? I’M having trouble with my contractor on this & would love to know how its done

  14. I’d love to know how you attached the shelves in the niche also. I’m in the midst of having our shower tiled and our contractor is fighting me on the shelves… he doesn’t know how to attach them!

    1. Same!! I would love to know more about how the niche shelves are attached.
      Im also working with a CONTRACTOR on a reno as we speak (we are using quartz though) and he says its not possible….and im like bruh… how did all these people online do it then?

      I’ve tried to look it up myself but i guess this style ISN’T as common as the huge separated tiled in wall cavity-type niches are, or the prefab boxed ones are. So i have had no luck.

      The tile guy said “liquid nails, maybe? But it likely wouldn’t be strong enoguh in the long run”

      I just assumed it would have some kind of inside groove or mount or anchor of some sort to support it

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