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With the juice craze becoming more and more popular I figured I would post my go to drink and the juicer we use. Im definitely not one of those people who believe in doing a week long cleanse of just juicing. I do however love juicing as a quick and easy way to get some added nutrients in your diet on the go!  I’ve been having green juices for years now and recommend you ladies try one too! I know it can be a bit intimidating at first but you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with how good they can be. The trick is just finding one you like.

We had two Breville juicers and ended up just recently giving one to my mom who has joined the juicing bandwagon…yeah for her! 😉 They both are really easy to use and clean.

This one is the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. This is the big daddy that we gave to my mom and her husband. Its an amazing juicer and a bit pricey $299 (on sale normally $399).

This one is the Breville Juice Fountain Compact. Its the one we use now and is only $99! Honestly it gets the job done with no complaints. If you’re new to juicing and don’t want to spend a ton of cash this one is a GREAT option!

This is my go to green drink. The majority of ingredients are vegetables with one apple for taste. I used:
1 cucumber
3 handfuls of spinach
1 apple
1/2 lemon
and a small piece of Ginger

The beauty of having your own juicer is that you can alter it to your liking. If you are just starting out juicing I would recommend starting with cucumbers, celery and spinach as your greens. Kale and parsley can pack quite a punch and you may need to ease your way into them. I personally LOVE lemon and ginger so I tend to go a little heavier on those (the above recipe should be good for beginners as I didn’t put a ton of lemon or ginger…you also may want to add one more apple or pear to sweeten it up a bit). 
This is just one of the many juice recipes I make and will definitely post more! Here are links to the two juicers I have…

*Click on the set for details

Cheers to being healthy in 2013 ladies!!! xoxo
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  1. yummy! i used to juice in high school and miss it! my goal is to get back into it this year..but so far haven`t done so well haha. seeing your health posts always gets me so motivated to be better!

  2. I'm OBSESSED with my new juicer but can't for the life of me figure out how to juice spinach? It ends up just going into the pulp side without really juicing. Is there a trick that you do to get the most out of your spinach? And now I want to juice again haha!

    1. i know! Spinach is super tricky to juice! In the heavy duty one I had no problems with it (i guess thats why its more pricey) but in the smaller one I use it still works pretty well. It didn't get EVERY piece of spinach but it got the majority of it.

  3. For years my mom made us drink juice first thing in morning everyday. We used to dread it but it's become such a habit we can't start our day without it! Our "family recipe" consists of carrots, celery and one red apple for taste. I'm the odd one out and my go to drink was always celery and green apples. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I'm passing it on to my mom! x

  4. Yum – your juice is giving me a craving! I haven't taken the plunge to buy one yet – I usually go to mother's market or whole foods to get one there, but am considering purchasing one (especially since every time I buy one it's almost $10). I like that yours seems a bit more compact – better for storage! xo

  5. Hi Andee, with the 99.00 machine can you throw whole fruits (like an apple) and veggies right in or do you need to peel and cut out core/seeds??

    love your blog!!!

  6. How often a week do you juice? Is this something I should do everyday? When should I do it? Does this replace a meal? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Andee!

    1. Hi love its totally up to you. Even if you only juice a couple times a week its a nice healthy dose of vitamins! I try to juice every other day. A lot people juice everyday. Some of my girlfriends have a juice in the morning….the glowing drink recipe from the beauty detox By Kim Synder is super popular. I prefer to have min the afternoon as a snack. Its all about to you..its just about getting the benefits of healthy fruits and veggies! xo

  7. Hi Andee,
    Do you think juicing helps keep your weight low? I remembering you saying you weigh 115( I don't believe you, you look 100 lbs!:)) Also, do you go by what you weigh early in the morning or at night? I weigh about 3-4 lbs heavier at night for some reason! Do you juice every day?
    Thanks for inspirational health posts!

    1. hi love! I promise I'm 115 😉 I do have a lot of muscle from years of playing soccer so i think that makes a difference. I usually weight myself in the morning (not everyday). it is normal to fluctuate up to 5 lbs in one day. Its just water weight etc. I don't juice every day but i try to juice every other day. xo

  8. We have the Breville Fountain Juicer and love it! We use it every morning for Cucumber (2), celery (a few stalks) & 2 green apples (makes 2 servings)…at night we mix it up with Carrots, Kale, Spinach and whatever other veggies we have on hand.

  9. Love juices and green smoothies! I always make fresh orange juice. For "green" juices, my favorite is 1 beet, 1 apple, 2-3 carrots, some lemon juice and ginger. Sometimes I add some green to this – either spinach or kale.

  10. I can't do a juice cleanse one week either! I'm the same way, I just try to incorporate juice for the added nutrients. Thanks for the recipe, definitely going to try this.

  11. Hii Andee!! My parents have this same exact juicer. It's the best juicer and it took my mom a while to find the perfect one. Thank you for your post. Another great juice is Carrot and beats, that's if you like carrot and beats. Its a great combination and great for your immune system. Have a great one!!

  12. thanks so much for sharing, my mom keeps giving me a hard time on getting one , but have no idea what one to get!
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Question…by any chance do you know if you can store your juice and if so for how long? I do have a juicer but dear god to clean that thing ugghhh it's something I'd only like to do once or twice a week. It's the Jack something or other…btw luv the blog! -leonor

  14. Love your blog! You are so inspirational! I work full-time, mother of a 3 year old and 12 week old, wife and all the other little parts that play into those roles.. I don't have much time to make my juices in the morning.. as I'm hauling ass to get home from the gym at 6:30am as it is. Can I pre-make my juices for the week and freeze them? Will they still be as nutritional? Thanks! -Kendra

  15. When choosing between the two models, would you splurge for the larger one? Is there much of a difference between the two? I have the same problem as a prior post about juicing spinach. My jack lalanne barely juices any.

  16. A question for Andee and all you juicers. Is it better to juice or to use a vitamix type blender ? Do you loose any if the health benifits from not eating the pulp ?

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