My Go-To Tutorial for Everyday, Soft Waves (+ Giveaway)

I get a lot of questions about how I stay put together or glam with two kiddos, which first of all is a huge compliment. Maybe I don’t show it enough on Instagram, but I promise you there are hot mess days too lol. But, I will say I think it’s VERY important to remain feeling like yourself and taking time to make yourself feel good, whether you’re a mama or not. Yes life is crazy, but we all deserve to escape the yoga pants and top knots once in a while #beenthere.

I notice that when I actually do my hair, I feel SO much better and pulled together, and it honestly doesn’t take too long. So today I wanted to share my super easy tutorial for my everyday soft waves with you girls and a new hair tool that i’ve been using a lot lately, The ConAir Hot Air Brush.

every waves tutorial

con air hot brush

con air hot brush


Step 1: Air Dry

This is KEY, girls! If I started blow-drying right out of the shower, I wouldn’t have time to blow dry, so it’s all about that air dry life 🙂 I’ll let my hair air dry about 80%, which usually means showering first thing in the a.m. then getting the kids together while it dries a bit. Or, doing this at night if that’s your only chance. Having your hair semi dry makes styling so much easier and less time consuming too.

Step 2: Separate Hair

Separate your hair, no matter your length. This just lets you have less to handle at once and is SO much easier to go section by section. I pin my hair into three sections (top , middle and bottom) and start working from the bottom layer up.

Step 3: Round Brush

OK now it’s time to style. For me, it’s ALL about getting a brush that can do it all and isn’t just some flimsy round brush. I really notice a difference when I use certain brushes, and I lalalove the Conair Hot Air Brush, which I know you girls will too! It’s amazing for a sleek blowout, but it’s even better for creating soft waves with a little bounce like I did here. You girls know I’m all about a mulitasker and and The Conair Hot Air Brush is just that. It works to add volume and a pretty glossy finish as you blow dry since it spins while you dry which also helps with adding wave. Yasss! The bristles are antistatic and tangle-free which is a huge plus too.

Step 4: Blow Dry

With the dryer on high, I grab a 2″ section of hair on the bottom and start drying. To get the loose waves, wrap hair around the Conair Hot Air Brush and twirl through/blow dry as you release the hair. The twirl is key for giving you the waves, which the Conair brush does on its own and makes this even easier. I do this about 3-5x per 2″ section of hair or until the hair has some wave and is fully dry. If you girls have broken mama hair or fly aways like me, be sure to point the nozzle of the blow dryer down to tame everything.

Once I finish each section on bottom, I release the top of my hair and do the same. I make sure to dry the front pieces away from my face so that it frames it nicely.

And that’s it! It takes a few minutes longer than a top knot :), but feels SO much better. A super easy tutorial for full soft and subtle everyday waves, and this is what I do most days when I’m styling. Doesn’t get easier, mamas!

If you want to try the ConAir Hot Air Brush , you can shop it along with other Conair products at Target.


I’m also giving one of these beauties away, so if you want the chance to win one of the hot brushes, go to The Honeybee Facebook page, like the page, and answer the question on my recent FB post (Would love to know what you girls’ favorite mama’s day gift has ever been? Or one that you loved giving?) about the giveaway! Good luck girls!

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  1. Every time I use my hot brush, people ask me if I got a haircut or blowout! I always think to myself “yea… like 3 months ago!” lol

  2. I just adore your blog (especially the nutrition, fitness and beauty posts … well, that’s not entirely true … I love them all!). Anyway, I think that this hot air brush comes with two attachments (1 1/2″ an 2″). Do you use the bigger or smaller one for waves?

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