Gift Guide for the Kids (and Ava + Luca’s Wishlists!)

Sorry this has taken me so long to get together but you know how it goes over here 😉 I know the Kids Gift Guide is always a big request since so many of you mamas have little’s. It’s also my one of my fave Gift Guides to put together but have to say Ava and Luca both had heavyyyy inputs on today’s guide 😉

The kids are both at such a fun age for Christmas and let’s just say they’re kiiiinda excited for all things Santa + Christmas! They’re still HEAVY in that toy stage but Ava is definitely getting more clothes and all that fun little girl stuff which you know I love. Luca is all boy and all about anything that moves fast, makes noise or is a mess ha 😉 So here we go with their wish lists! Hope these Kids Guides help all you mamas (or girls shopping for nieces and nephews) this year!

Gift Guide for the Girls + Ava’s Wishlist

  1. How sweeeet is this DIY Bracelet Set for $22? Love that it’s an art project that doubles as a gift for her friends.
  2. Ava and her friends are all about these Lil’ Gleemerz Dolls and I’m pretty sure it’s high on most kids’ list this year! Appreciate that it’s only $14 and an easy gift to throw in.
  3. No phones over here yet but this mama loves the Smart Watch Tracker and Ava would be obsessed with it in this fun pink color. My girlfriend (with an older daughter swears by these so I may cave soon!) I do like that you can get ahold of them and always know their location too.
  4. Allll about the Fuzzy Wubbles over here, and this Unicorn one is pretty dang cute. My hubby preordered one for Ava from an infommercial months ago and Ava loves it!
  5. Ava has this Amazon Echo Dot and we love it for helping with homework, bedtime stories, bedtime alarm clocks, playing music, and the list goes on. Perfect for a kid’s room or homework area!
  6. This Mini Camera is so fun for kids and Ava loves taking pictures of her and her friends (wonder where she gets it?). Great gift for all ages too!
  7. Ava is obsessed with anything Flippy…so had to call out this Sequin Lunch Bag that’s a little extra and so cute for young girls.
  8. Her list wouldn’t be complete without something Barbie like this Barbie Pop Up Camper! We went with the Barbie Dream House last year which was a HUGE hit! So this year the Camper was her number one pick! Pretty sure most girls would freak for this one!
  9. This American Doll Bed + PJs works with all American Dolls and is a great addition to the set if you girls have a doll already. Would probably work well with all kinds of dolls and “babies” BTW!
  10. Ava wore these Star Print Ugg Boots to death last year and has requested the same pair this year since she outgrew them. Like that these have a print but they’re stills somewhat neutral (come in a few colors). Good for playing around the house and school too!
  11. Another cute DIY Bracelet Kit for any girls who love DIY projects – and good for wintertime indoors. Comes with a cute little bag to keep everything together too which is always appreciated.
  12. The bag that keeps on giving and would keep her interested forever, gotta have the LOL Surprise Bag on the list! Comes with 60+ surprises inside. Plus the pink glittery bag is super cute on its own!
  13. Love this Sequin Unicorn for a little bedroom decor and to play with (and under $10 YEA!).
  14. I have a similar pair so these Faux Fur Slippers are a fun mama and me present for your daughter or a girl in your life. Soooo cozy for winter indoors!
  15. Another cute LOL Surprise Bag that’s more pearl themed- honestly if the girls are in the 4-7 range you can’t go wrong with anything LOL!


Gift Guide for the Boys + Luca’s Wishlist

  1. Lawwwrd help me with This Bounce House but it’s at the top of his list! It’s actually not huge and would be so fun when he has friends over or to get all that toddler boy energy out. You can use it inside or out and would be a good winter activity for all you girls who actually get snow 🙂
  2. I played soccer forever, so you know I like the idea of a Pop Up Soccer Goal. These are super portable so they’re good for the backyard or practice and could honestly be used for so many sports/activities.
  3. Great price on this Mini Trampoline for just over $100 and another fun present for all that energy. Love that this has a safety net too bc we don’t need any emergency room trips over here!
  4. Love these Magna Tiles for a fun indoor activity that uses a little creativity without a huge mess.
  5. Luca is obsessed with play dough so I thought this Dinosaur Play Dough Kit would be too much fun and it’s only $34.
  6. Such a cute Junior Workbench to keep out in the garage with daddy or to bring into a play room. Pretty sure this would keep him occupied for at least an hour 😉
  7. We’re def not at the phone stage yet but again love this mama-approved Smart Phone Watch that lets you get ahold of them and hold them over until they’re old enough for phones. Plus, they can take photos and some other fun games on it.
  8. Almost time for that 2-Wheeler Balance Bike! This makes the transition easier for kids with bigger wheels made for balance, and nothing better than a bike with a bow on Christmas morning right??
  9. The scooter obsession is real over here! Great price on this Kickboard Kick Scooter for under $100. It’s adjustable as they grow too YEAA!
  10. How fun is this Dinosaur Duvet Cover Set?! Would be such a fun pop for any boy’s room and I know Luca would love it.
  11. This 140-Piece Art Set is the perfect gift for any kiddo and it’s under $20. A classic!


Okay loves I have one more gift guide for you you girls and then we should be covered!! Can’t believe it’s less than two weeks for Christmas!! (You can see my For Him, 50 Gifts Under $50 and For Her Gift Guides too if you’re still looking for ideas!)

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