Floral Denim Trend

Its only January but Spring pieces are already popping up everywhere! I was hesitant about the floral denim trend I’ve been seeing a lot lately. I adore it on everyone else but was skeptical to try the trend myself! Here’s fashionable mama Miranda Kerr rocking a pair…

 I wouldn’t  spend $200 on them  but I would spend $22 for a fun pair from good ol’ Target! Here’s a look from this week of me wearing some budget friendly floral denim….

Urban Outfitter chambray top, Target floral skinnies, Aldo nude pumps, Necklace from Etsy (The Altered Chain) and Balenciaga bag.

You can steal the look with some of these affordable pieces…

*Click on the set for details   (The pair I’m wearing is on the bottom left)

How about you ladies??? Are you into the whole floral denim trend?!

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    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes F21 can be a bit overwhelming and the majority of their items can look cheap but they do have some great ones mixed in with the others you just have to hunt for them ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing this- because although I like to look nice, I'm not a fashionista- so I haven't even seen this trend yet!
    Love it so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eat Cake

  2. Hi Andee,

    Looks great! Can you give up a makeup breakdown? Your makeup always looks so flawless. Thank you!

    1. thank you I'm wearing estee lauder double wear foundation, MUFE gold pigment eyeshadow with NYX black liner and Loreal mascara… on the lips just chapstick and Rimmel lip liner in tiramisu.

  3. Such lovely print! I cannot wait till Target opens its doors here in Canada.

    For me though, I cannot sport springy stuff just yet. We're sitting in piles of snow here in Ottawa and temperature is around -28Deg C. I have to wait a few more months ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Andee

    Please do more post about your nutrition and what you are eating/cooking and your portion sizes. Your nutrition posts help me so much and keep me motivated! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. You're the best Andee!! I just LOVE how your blog is for us normal girls! Not everyone can afford to spend $$$$$ on every outfit! Thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Love the jeans and you look amazing! Can you please do the mama workout you mentioned doing before? I'd love to get toned like you and it's been hard with my LO! Thanks Andee!

  7. I think your's look cute on you Andee! I bought some that are black with red florals and wore them on Christmas. They were a big hit with my gay male friends LOL.

  8. Hi Andee – Since you were on the subject of Target, I have a question! I recently bought a black pencil skirt from there. It has a faux suede panel down the front and back and is knee length. Problem is that I don't know what to wear with it on top! I have a hard time tucking a blouse into a fitted skirt because the extra material bulges. Any suggestions?

  9. Hi Andee,

    You look great and I love your style! Can you PLEASE do a piece on sneakers for working out/running. Wanted to know some of your fave sneakers that you are currently wearing or want to get! I need some motivation to start working out and i'm hoping new workout gear will do the trick! lol… THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  10. Hey Andee, you are such a fashionista!! Just wondering some of your favorite scents you wear, both perfumes and lotions???

  11. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for those white/red floral Target pants!!! My Target is sold out of them (in my size) so I might have to look online again. Love them – saw them on an ESPN show a female anchor was wearing and my hubby actually said, "you need to get you a pair of those!" And he never comments on fashion, so I knew I needed to get me a pair since he suggested it!

  12. I bought these exact pants,(I actually scored them for $11 at my local Tarjay!)but had no idea what to style them with! Thanks for sharing this look Andee, you are such a fashion inspiration!

  13. Hi Andee,
    You make any outfit look good ๐Ÿ™‚ I doubt I can pull off floral pants, definitely not with my curves lol. Love them on you though!

  14. Hi Andee — I love your blog, you have fabulous style and taste!! …I just bought these jeans from target.com today and they are on clearance for $8!!! Amazing!!

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