Fig & Olive Melrose Place

Last weekend we finally went to the new Fig & Olive in LA. After hearing about the NYC locations for years, I couldn’t wait for this location to open!

The cocktails were pretty tasty. I had the Cucumber Cosmo.

My husband loved the bread with olive oil tastings they brought to start.

I ordered the Branzino with aged balsamic and Stephen had the Paella. We were both a bit disappointed with how small the portion sizes were.

(Wearing DVF top, Theory wide leg pants and Jimmy Choo bag)

The crowd and decor was beautiful but overall I don’t think it lived up to all the hype. We weren’t blown away by the food but would definitely go back for drinks. Have you ladies been to any of their locations?!

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  1. You look gorgeous in red! The restaurant looks beautiful, but I also would have disappointed by the food portions. There are actually a few places in Denver that I only go to for drinks because of the same reason (I like having leftovers :)..never had a cucumber cosmo, how was that??


  2. wow, your not kidding. I would be starving after those portions and I barely eat anything lol. Looks like a really cool place to go when you want a nice atmosphere to have drinks… and aren't hungry lol.

  3. Hey Andee I'm a new follower and you've definitely made me a fan of wide legged pants!! I always thought I was too small for them but I saw on your shophoneybee blog that you're my height!!! I'm definitely gonna have to try some on!

    BTW You look stunning in your picture! The top is so gorgeous!

  4. Thanks ladies! I hate when you pay $30 for a meal and only get a few bites! @ Dani yes im 5'4 and love wide leg pants! I usually am wearing 4 inch heels with them 😉

  5. So did you use double sided tape with this top and did you have something to cover up the nips?

  6. My husband and I just ate there last Thursday, NY, and also didn't care for it very much. I also had the Branzino.

  7. Great outfit I love the top especially the color! it pops with dark hair, by any chance where you at the drybar at New Port Beach a couple of days ago? if not then you have a twin :o) That was my first time at that location such a friendly staff. xo

  8. So yes girl that was you that I saw, I believe it was on a saturday would have said hello but wasn't sure at first it was you, I've met a couple of other bloggers also which is awesome. Next time I will say hi fellow blogger! Have a good day xo

  9. Oops no girl I meant the Drybar In New Port Beach thats where I saw you a couple of weeks ago was repling back from the comment I left a while back. :0) Xo

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