Diaper Bag Picks

Many of you have asked about what diaper bag I decided to go with so I thought I would share my pick with you….

I went with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz a baby bag. My hubby actually picked it out as it is super soft and just folds into your body and has TONS of compartments. I also wanted a bag that was somewhat stylish and didn’t have a ton of crazy designs on it. This bag can be worn multiple ways and came with a little changing pad and travel adjustable strap. I definitely know I will get tons of use out of this bag and can even use it down the road as a gym bag or carry on when traveling.

The hubs also received his very own diaper bag haha. Love this messenger style bag for him by Diaper Dude. He is probably the one man who would have no problem carrying around a bright and frilly diaper bag but thought it was so cute someone got him this at my baby shower!

*click on the set for more details

Ava’s bag is all packed and ready to go. Here’s a link I found helpful with a list of things to pack for the hospital….


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  1. I love that MJ bag! It wasn't out when I was preggers! I actually have two diaper dude bags for Mr and let me tell you, I ended up carrying that more then my own. Very functional and great for traveling.

  2. Looks like a great bag!
    Completely off topic, but where do you get your pre-pregnancy black tank tops?
    I've been looking for a good basic one and yours always look so good!

  3. I love your h's messenger bag-ha, so cute!
    I absolutely love the Marc Jacobs bag you chose! It's perfect and like you said, you can totally repurpose it.

  4. Good choice in going with a black diaper bag- I had a Juicy Couture one with my little girl and loved loved it. Props to the hubby for being willing to carry the bag- mine always drove me crazy with stuffing one diaper and wipe in his jean pocket:) Love your red sneakers- just got some myself from nike id-they are so rad! Countdown is on- you get to meet her soon!!! Yay!!

  5. It looks comfortable and practical! Great choice! I started out w a Mia bossi diaper bag, my friends own the company. And once I realized my diaper bag was the only bag I carried after having kids, I upgraded to a Louis Vuitton neverfull and then to a goyard st Louis, which is what I use everyday now.

    You must be so excited! Are you feeling any pressure or feeling uncomfortabl yet? Braxton hicks??

  6. Great choice for a diaper bag! That's sweet that your husbnd will carry it, too. Andee, I have to say that you are one of the most chic and beautiful pregnant women I have seen. I can't believe your little girl is almost due. You are in incredible shape. You look fabulous in everything you wear. Love the fun red shoes. You've got great taste. Would you share your source for your shoes and your sweater?

  7. Haha, the dude diaper bag is funny!, good invention though. Your bag looks good, and easy to wash etc, but it might get tiring on your shoulder as its a strap..and the weight wouldn't necessarily be evenly distributed, but then again yu won't be carting in the sink or fridge! 🙂 you don't even look pregnant btw and your hair has really grown, lovely. :)x

  8. I have the purse just like the MJB diaper bag and I want to get the diaper bag soo bad just because I love it so much and it doesnt look like a diaper bag. The best part is Im not pregnant and dont plan on for at least another 6 mo. or so 😉 haha Thats how much I looove it!! great choice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congrats Andee!!, beautiful girl mashallah, you take it easy… so happy for your and your husb….. she is a little stunner!!!

    G, London Town ! x :))

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