Designer Pieces Worth the Splurge

Alright my loves today i’m talking Designer pieces worth the splurge. I’ve received a lot of questions from you girls in the past about my favorite bags, leather jackets and shoes so today i’m sharing my general rules I stick to when investing/splurging on designer items….

The most important factor to me is Cost Per Wear. Will you get your money’s worth out of it? If I am spending on a designer piece it most definitely needs to be something I will be getting my moneys worth out of.  It may cost quite a bit more than the lower end pieces but the quality will last you for years and years to come. Some questions you can ask yourself are …. Can it you wear it everyday? Can it be worn with different looks? Is the quality going to last you? Handbags, Sunglasses, Denim and Leather Jackets are ALWAYS pieces that I will splurge/ invest in because I know they can be worn countless time and the quality will last me for years. 

I bought a high end leather jacket 8 years ago and and now finally splurging on another one. 8 years to me is a pretty solid amount of time. I still wear that jacket but I was looking for more of a moto style this time around. In today’s look i’m sharing a new leather jacket that i’ve had my eye on for months….




There were so many great contenders in my hunt for the perfect leather jacket but i’m SO happy with THIS ONE. The detail and quality of it is just too good and it’s so soft! I love the that it’s a classic moto style with  just a touch of edge. You could totally wear this floral dresses in the spring. layered with a hoodie or even with workout clothes. Don’t worry inspo posts to follow 😉








Leather Jacket (look for less HERE) // Hi Low Hem V Neck Tee (live in these!)  // Cross The Body Bag // Flat Top Sunnies // Studded Sandals (Lipstick in Kinda Sexy //  Lipliner in stripdown)

As mentioned above Leather Jackets, Sunglasses and Handbags are all designer pieces worth the splurge for me. I found the leather jacket i’m wearing in today’s post at Nordstrom . I’ve always been impressed with their Designer Collection but honestly feel like this past year they’ve SERIOUSLY kicked it up a notch. They’re carrying all the top leather jacket brands like Iro, Rick Owens, The Kooples, Acne etc so it made shopping for the perfect one SO much easier. So here are some of my  favorites with some tips to stick to when buying designer pieces….

Leather Jackets

When I am looking for leather jackets I like to keep them pretty classic with a little something different. You want it the quality and style to be different enough to be spend the extra cash but also classic enough that you aren’t going to notice it was trendy a year or two later. I’ve tried on several over the past year and these were some of my favorites…

This One is the one I bought, This One a was VERY close second and This One is SO good too and half the price.I actually still have it and need to return but should so a snap/insta stories for you girls before I do.

Leather Jackets Under $500

Here are some great options i’m really loving as well and are UNDER $500 (and one of these is under $100…can you guess 😉


You girls probably already know a great fitting pair of denim is always worth a little splurge. These are 6 pairs of my all time favorite pairs…

This Pair is Crazy Comfy, I’m beyond OBSESSED with These Boyfriends (if you’re looking for a pair def check them out) and i’ve worn This Pair to death over the years.


 I am a little bit of a sunnies addict but In my defense I live in sunny Southern California and even though both my kids sleep through the night now, I still feel like dark eye circle struggle is reallll 😉 Sunnies are a no brainer for me. I feel like you can be in work out clothes and if your sneaks and sunnie game is strong, you just somehow look a little more pulled together.

I just splurged on This Pair (shared on insta stories last week that a few of you were asking about) and you’ll definitely be seeing them on instagram in posts to come. I’ve worn This Pair (also wearing in today’s post) for almost over two years now and am still just as much obsessed with them as I was when I first bought them!


Designer Bags are probably my most frequent splurge. Even pre blogging I always loved a good handbag. My biggest piece of advice is buy something that speaks to you rather than just going with the “it bag” of the season. Granted there is a reason why some of them are “it bags” bc they’re so dang cute but you don’t want to fall victim to the bandwagon cycle. Makes sure there’s just something about it that fits your vibe. Everyone is wearing that Chloe Backpack but for me I instantly feel in love with The Bucket Bag instead. I hadn’t see anyone else rocking it yet but I knew I had to have it as soon as I tired it on. Whatever your splurge make sure it’s a piece you can see yourself wearing year after year and with many different looks. Here are some of my all time favorites….

Out of all the bags I own, This One and This One are my all time favorites. I don’t know why but they both just feel like “me bags”.  I have to stop myself from buying black ones but I just always gravitate toward them. This bag is one that i’ve really got a TON of use out of. I work outside the home quite a bit and though it wasn’t intended as a work bag, it’s been so  great for carrying my lap top, chargers etc! Whether is a classic black bag that you will wear everyday or a real statement piece in a fun print/color, make sure it’s one you can see yourself wearing for years to come.  I am also heavily eyeing This Printed One and This Pretty Neutral One. What do you girls think?!


I hope this was helpful for you girls and please feel free to ask any questions you want me to answer as well! xo

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