Cropped Blazer

I had a request to update once I  received my blazer from Forever21 I posted on last week. I have to say I really love  it and am considering purchasing it in black well!
Its more of a cream than white but its perfect for Summer. I love the cut, crisp shoulders and F21 price point!

*Click on the set for details

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  1. You look lovely as always!. the blazer looks stunning and you defo need the black version!, both are so versatile. Evn though they are from forever21, they look alot more expensive. Andee, please can i ask what iphone cover you have ? it looks so nice, and i keep meaning to ask you, , could you post a link to what cover it is please?
    G, London Town! x

  2. i am LOVING this! i've been on the hunt for an affordable white/cream blazer. thanks for posting this 🙂

    i'm purchasing this ASAP! Did you have to size up, or were you able to get your normal size?

    thanks Andee!

    xxxo, Vanessa

    1. Hi Vanessa I purchased a small and love the fit..if they had an XS i would have ordered that bc I like to size down on blazers for a more tailored fit. But you should be find ordering your normal size xo

  3. You look so fit in your previous blog post!! Great work & dedication – you are certainly helping in keeping me motivated to keep up with clean eating and exercise. Love this F21 blazer! My only problem is I never know where to wear it except for an outing with girlfriends. When I go out with my husband I feel so over dressed with a blazer. How do you pull it off?

    1. I so hear you!! I feel over dressed all the time when i am out with my hubby 😉 He likes me in jeans and flats. You really can wear it several different ways. To keep it casual I would wear with over a flowy top and flared or skinny jeans.

  4. It looks fantastic on you. Now, seeing as you've a more petite build, would you say it's true to size? I'm a medium build, but with my broad shoulders, and larger bust, I usually need to go up a size. How does it fit in the shoulders? Does it have any give at all?

  5. I love that outfit. It looks great on you. I wish I could wear coats like that but I am bigger busted and i feel cramped. Love your hair and makeup. What blush do you have on?, it looks great!!!!!

  6. I came across your blog via Decorgreat; the love it or leave it series!
    This is totally off subject but I was just on a friend’s Facebook wall writing a message to her (Kendra Jones) about her upcoming arrival and nuptials, when I was stunned to see your little Ava’s picture in her friends list at the top. I just thought wow what a small world. Total de ja vue moment. I’ve enjoyed stalking your blog lately;)!
    You look amazing for having a three month old!! Congrats on your new addition, she’s a beauty! We are expecting our second a planned c-sec on July 5 (a girl) we have a five year old son Waylon. Love the blazer also!

    1. wow it really is a small world! I went to grade school with Kendra! How do you know her?! So glad you stumbled across my blog and congrats to you and your newest addition on the way!! xo

  7. Thanks! We are overjoyed and so excited to meet her, now that it's only a week away! I went to school with Kendra also; grades 6-10. WOW!
    Well I have to tell you my favortie part of your blog other than baby Ava 🙂 is the nutrition segment. I teach nutrition to children here in Washington state where I live; so I have a passion for that as well as just food in general! Your recipes look amazing and I already have a handful I'm going to have to try after baby girl arrives; if not before. That reminds me did you have any go to snacks and/or meals you prepared before Ava was born?
    Nice meeting you here out here in blog world!

    1. oh thats so awesome! I was going back to school to become a Reg dietician but unfortunately schools been placed on hold for a few years. As for meals and go to snackS I just tried to eat really clean but definitely upped my carbs during pregnancy because I always felt so tired and like i needed energy. I posted a lot of the foods I ate under my "nutrition" section of my blog if you feel like flipping through there. Such a small world and great meeting you on the blog world! xo

  8. Love the blazer!!! What size did you get? I'm about the same size as you and was wondering how the fit was?

    1. All sold out. Darn. Thank you for posting it thought! Being a college student its great to mix and match cheap & pricey items! Keep em' coming! P.S. love your blog, nutrition, decoration, babies (future for me of course) & Ava is PRECIOUS! Also I really love the outfit pics, especially for day time & date nights!

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