Coming Home

As many of you know the hubby and I packed up and moved to Miami about 6 months ago to try to make it our new home. After much debate, lots of things to consider and a little one on the way to think about… we’ve weighed all the options and CA seems to be like the best fit for us. That being said were BEYOND excited to be heading back in a couple weeks!

Its definitely a bit of a bummer that it didn’t pan out the way we thought. In the end we still benefited from the move and tried something we’ve been talking about for years… so not all was lost. We only have a couple weeks left here and its been madness trying to sell furniture, arrange this move and pack up again! Moving 3 months before my due date should be entertaining to say the least so wish us luck haha!

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  1. Even though it didn't work out in Miami it's still very awesome that you tried it! You are definitely an inspiration the way you seem to embrace change and your "can do" attitude! Hope the move is smooth~

  2. Aw well you know things hapoen for a reason. And from experience I tell you that this us the best choice to be around and closer to your family when you are starting a family it really makes things alot easier for when you need support or have questions or things that come up when you are closer to family and friends it makes it all worth it.

  3. Good luck with your move! I know how you feel, a few months ago I moved from new jersey to north carolina with my fiance and young son. I dont even know what I was thinking doing that I think I was just bored.. so in a few months we are moving back to NJ!

  4. Sorry things didn't work out for you in Miami–Orange County, CA is hard to beat 🙂 Best of luck with the move and ensuing craziness. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  5. Good luck Andee and welcome back home!! I'm sorry it didn't work out but I don't blame you for coming back to CA – I'm born and raised here in S.F. and I could never leave California, love it here! Sometime I'll have to make a trip to your neck of the woods 😉

  6. Wow! So exciting!! I would love to move back to LA too, miss it so much (we used to live in Manhatten Beach)! Anyways, I will look forward to your LA posts now. 🙂 Best wishes for the move!!

  7. thanks ladies! it was a tough decision but SO happy to coming home! @Sarah good call! haha didnt even think about that! @Shayla and @Natasha glad you ladies can relate! It is so hard to find a place as amazing as OC!

  8. ahhh!!! i hate moving!! we do it 2-3 times/yr bc of my husband's job! moving is tough enough, let alone across the country and pregs! my advice is to just get rid of everything. sell, sell, sell. makes it so much easier! good luck to you guys!!

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