Cinco de Mayo

Hope you girls enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo yesterday. I think people in SoCal celebrate it more than people in Mexico do! I was just going to grab ONE margarita and lunch with a girlfriend but we ended up margarita tasting for 5 hours! Somehow that always seems to happen with her 😉 Needless to say we needed my hubby to come pick us up!

We celebrated @ Javiers. You must try the Newport Coast location if you are in OC. The decor and view is stunning! If you want more low key and less of a scene (which we did) try the Irvine location.

(Cucumber Margarita & Organic Margarita pictured above. Jalapeno Margi below…. all equally tasty 😉

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  1. I love your foodie updates, please do more! hehe.

    Your sooo freaking beautiful mashalla, (masallah means kinda god protect,! i'm used to saying that when praising) Anyhoo,

    You have a gorgeous face!, and i really find your blog inspiring. Keep it up gal!

    Gisella from london 🙂

  2. Heaven! I've always wanted to try Javier's, it gets great reviews! I just had a tecate yesterday. It was a friend's bday, and we went to an italian place, lol. I kind of missed cinco de mayo!

  3. I don't think I'd ever have the guts to try a jalapeno drink haha looks questionable. But the cucumber drink looks delish! Lovely pic of you and your hubby! <3


  4. Yes you ladies definitely have to try Javiers. All of their locations are great. I have been going there for over 7 years way back in the day when they first opened in a small space in Laguna. @Carrie its a perfect spot for a 30th bday celebration! @ Dani if you like a little spice the jalapeno is fantastic…but the cucumber was probably my favorite! Kind of tasted like spa water but with tequila 😉

  5. Javiers is so so good! Their margs are the very best!! You're so right about the Irvine location being more low-key…the cougars definitely come off the hill in Newport Coast! 🙂

  6. Javiers is delicious, I have been to the one in the Irvine Spectrum a couple times.
    Were you at Zaras in the South Coast Plaza Today? I think I saw you, but was not 100% sure so I didnt go over to say hi. Now im thinking it was you, and feel bad I didnt say hi =(.

  7. Please can you do a hair care post, the shampoo you use and hair masks etc? Your hair is lovely.

    I had split ends on my hair but really didn't want to cut it, seeing as i am growing it out, for a week i was putting in virgin coconut oil, about 5 inches from the ends, and the split ends are disappearing and my hairs alot shiny and smooth 🙂 Just a natural tip for you.

  8. LOVE these pics!! When my hubbie and I lived there this winter, we went to the Irvine one ALL the time! They have the best margaritas! We were just talking about how good they were on Cinco de Mayo actually 🙂 Looks like fun! xx

  9. @Sarah Yes I was there!!!! I knew you were in Ca but didnt realize you were also in OC. Wish you would have said crazy to see people in person from our blogging world 😉
    @Lindsay and @Natsha I love the Irvine one because I feel it is a little less of scene! Natsha you are so right about the cougars at the newport location! xo

  10. I wish I had now, I was pretty sure it was you =). I do not live in the OC I was out there visiting my older sister. I go out there a lot for shopping though, I live abt 40 min away.

  11. I had no idea you could get different flavoured margaritas – I've been missing a trick there! Good to know it's not just my hubby that gets dragged out to pick up my friends and I when we've had one too many, ha, ha!! Thanks for your comment – need to find a post with your doggy in it now! Following 🙂 xxx

  12. You have some rockin places to eat and drink out there in the OC! I'm jealous- I totally let Cinco De Mayo slip by this year. Oh well, margaritas are good year round!!

  13. I'm a new follower and I love all of your posts! You have great fashion taste. Can you please make a post about your ring, I only see a tiny glimpse of it in pics but I am sure it is GORGEOUS!! I would love to see what it looks like! ;]

  14. Just found you blog and love it! Those margaritas all look divine and so creative. I’d love to try that jalapeno one. What a wonderful way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

  15. OK seriously …day I have had…just want that last cocktail to be IN MY HAND and not in a picture. Looks DELIC!
    Hope you had a happy cinco de mayo!

  16. Just visited Javier's today at Crystal Cove thanks to your recommendation. The Jalapeno Rita was divine!!! Thanks!

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