Cayman Islands Photo Diary + Travel Guide

Alright my loves it time for part two of our Cayman Islands recap! Sorry it took a little bit longer but these photo overload (more detailed posts) take a bit more time to put together. So here is our little photo diary and My Cayman Travel Guide sharing where to eat, drink, stay, and play!

seven mile beach

If you’re in search of crystal clear water and white sandy beaches…..ladddies look no further! There is a reason why you hear about The Cayman Islands on movies and TV shows and that’s because this place truly is stunning!  We have family in Cayman so we are lucky enough to get to go once a year and believe me when I say it NEVER gets old! If you haven’t been, definitely add it to your travel list!

Pool, eat, beach, sleep….repeat 

We are alllll about that island life.

Cayman Life is at such a slow pace (in the best way possible) and it’s so refreshing being back here. We always leave feeling relaxed and recharged. The traveling with kiddos is always a bit exhausting (because it really is a FULL day) but it is so worth it. I have to say Luca did SO much better on the flight this year. Last years experience basically had us forfeiting any long flights with him but we changed our minds at the last minute and decided to give it another go. This was the first time we ever brought our car seat on board and ladies lets just say GAME CHANGER! It was so much easier than him crawling all over us and wanting to run up and down the aisles. If you have a super active toddler definitely try bringing the car seat on the plane on your next trip!

Can we just talk about this water?! Unreal!

stella cove swimsuit

Ava has officially turned into our little fish! She must have gone swimming 5 times a day while we were there. So many of you had messaged me about Ava’s swimsuit from our insta stories. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but it’s by Stella’s Cove and they make all of these adorable suits here…

Ugh can I just freeze her at this age! xoxo


Palm Tree’s and Fresh Coconuts alllll day long!

GrandCayman Travel Guide

Tavik Swimwear Givenchy Glasses

Beach Bound

Literally living in bikinis, sandals and air dried beach hair!

(Sunnies // Lace Up Swimsuit more colors HERE // Layered Necklaces HERE and HERE)

Grand Cayman

mom style tavik one piece

Suns Out Buns Out

This boy has island in his DNA and was definitely living his best life here 😉

kim crawford sav blanc

faithful the brand dress

Already missing our nightly deck hangs with the fam!

(and lots comments on Insta about this dress so sharing it and few of my other striped off the shoulder favorites here…)

When your daughter actually asks to take a pic, you quickly oblige xoox

Where to STAY

Okay lets talk where to stay. We have a place there but we’ve explored a lot of the resorts and here are the top three I would recommend to you girls….

-The Kimpton-

The Kimpton is a pretty new addition to Cayman and I have to say we are in LALALOVE with that place. It’s definitely the chic’est place on the island with the BEST decor! It is a little bit further down than the other resorts but only about a 5 min drive or so and was super lively both times we went there.

The Kimpton gives me all kind of Miami / LA Vibes

-The Ritz-

The Ritz is always a favorite. The service is fantastic and you can’t beat the location!

the ritz cayman islands

The Ritz Grand Cayman

and lastly

 The Marriott  is a little more budget friendly and is in a great location right on Seven Mile Beach as well. They just revamped it a few years ago and the decor looks really cute.

Where to EAT

There are two restaurants at The Kimpton that are definitely worth checking out. First up it Coccoloba, a casual (open concept) restaurant right on the ocean. The vibe and view is stunning!

kimpton cayman islands

 This place is perfect for lunch + Sunset and I highly recommend the grilled fish tacos.

Misa Los Angeles Skirt

Island Life – when you can wear your bathing suit out to eat 😉

Off Shoulder Bikini // High Waist Skirt  (Similar HERE) // Earrings //Cult Gaia Bag 

kimpton cayman islands

The other restaurant you need to check out is the more formal dining restaurant (AVE) inside The Kimpton Hotel. Look how gorgeous the decor is!

Kimpton Grand Cayman

The cocktails are SOOO good and the food was incredible. This place is probably my favorite on the island.

The Ritz Grand Cayman Seven

The Ritz Grand Cayman restaurant

SEVEN at The Ritz is another favorite if your looking for another fine dining option.

Kaibo Grand Cayman

If you want more of locals vibe head on over to Kaibo. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Seven Mile Beach (headed out towards Rum Point and Starfish Point) but it’s a such a pretty spot right on the water. 


While Cayman life is really chill and relaxing there are still tons of activities on the island. Here are a few places we love and worth checking out…


Always love exploring and finding little roadside gems like this pretty shell shack on our way to the Turtle Farm.

(Two Piece Set // Straw Tote)


is definitely a place to put on your list if you have little ones. We go every trip and the kids love that they get to swim in a small pool with the turtles (and pick them up too!) The also have another section with large swimming pool , waterslides and waterfalls. We haven’t done it yet as our kids are still small but would probably be great if you’re kids are a little older.

across the street from the Turtle Farm is The Dolphin Discovery (where you can swim with them). We’ve never done it there but again will probably try when the kids are a little older.

The Ambassadors Club at The Ritz is a REALLY great program if you want a drop off option for a half day. They have to be at least 5 years old and it can be a bit pricey but they do really fun stuff  that’s educational too. Ava went two days while we were there and was OBSESSED.


Swimming with Stingrays is a must! If you stay at one of the main hotels you can book an excursion through them.

stingray city Cayman Islands

We didn’t go this trip but this pic is from last Summer when I brought my niece and nephews down.There is legit no filter on this pic…the water here really is unlike anywhere else!



(throwback to last Summer when we were there …ugh Ava looks so much bigger already!)

Starfish Point is probably one of my favorite spots on the island. It’s such a beautiful and secluded beach with tons of starfish! If you are booking a tour to Stingray City I think they also have a package where they can take to you this spot too. If you’re traveling with a large group you may want to see about chartering a private boat. I think we had ten people last year when we did so it wasn’t that pricey and it was SUCH an amazing experience. They took us to Stingray City, an amazing Scuba spot, starfish point and then docked at Kaibo for a really nice on the water lunch. We chartered ours through Cayman Luxury Charters.

There are a few other things on the island you can do besides scuba and snorkeling like the  Atlantis Submarine Tour that i’ve good things about (especially for older kiddos) and Swimming with Ponies ! (Pammered Ponies ) I can’t wait for Ava to be a little older so we can do this together. It looks so fun!


Seven Mile beach is most definitely stunning but if you want to explore where the locals hang… these are our favorite beaches that are all Instagram photograph worthy!

Surfer’s Beach

Sunset Hangs

(In LOVE with this high waist bikini and crochet trim coverup!)


(My two pieces set // Sandals // Straw Bag)

Smith’s Cove 

Is another really AMAZING photography worthy spot!

LSpace Bikini cayman islands

LSpace Ruffle off the shoulder bikini grand cayman

Lspace off the shoulder bikini

Off the Shoulder Bikini and Wide Brim Hat (Favorite EVER!  but also have a Look for less I love HERE)

and lastly…

Spotts Beach

is beautiful locals spot that’s known for great snorkeling with tons of sea turtle sightings!

cayman activities

Can’t help but smile when I see this pic #MyTribe xoxo

beach riot bikini

minnow swim swim trunks

Luca on the lookout for Sea Turtles

 I can’t handle him in these sweet little swimmers 😉

grand cayman


(Bikini Top // High Waist Denim Shorts)

I hope this recap was helpful for you girls. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below and i’ll try to answer them for you. Also if you want to see more pics from the trip with more outfit details you can see my previous Cayman Vacay Style Post HERE! 

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  1. Love this!!!! I’m slightly jealous of your vacation home spot 😜 I bought the Tavik red swimsuit and LOVE it! My only question is did you feel like it loosened up when you went in the water? Mine fits perfect dry and some suits feel bigger when they get wet so I’m a little worried! But thank you for taking the time do do these detailed posts!!! We love them!

    1. hi babe isn’t is SO good! You know I didn’t notice that at all with this one. and thank you xoox…so glad you enjoy these posts too. They are always a bit more work putting together but I also love being able to look back on them ;)))

    1. Hi love we have a car there but you could totally rent one if you need. It depends on what you’re doing. If you’ll be driving back and forth a lot a car rental would be a great idea …just make sure you are comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road though. You could totally take taxi’s everywhere too!

  2. Is there an age limit on the horseback riding? I looked through their website but didn’t see it. We have that here in FL but kids have to be 12.

  3. I love your travel guides Andee! We did Cabo because of you and we’ll be doing The Cayman’s as well!! Thank you!!

  4. This paradise place, I think, is perfect for a trip. I directly envy) … I have not yet been able to visit the Cayman Islands. Thanks for sharing!

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