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I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or it’s just that #momlife, but I’m ALL about sneakers these days. I’ve always loved the casual style of sneaks, but lately, it’s what I’m in more so than anything else. Plus, athleisure is a major trend which I’m 10000% behind over here! Since you girls seem to be as obsessed with that casual street style look as I am, I wanted to share more details of this look today.


First up, let’s talk about some of my fave places to shop for sneakers. Honestly, it’s crazy how fast stores are selling out of my go-to sneakers these days – clearly everyone’s onto the sneak trend right?! But one of my secret spots to shop for pairs I’m tracking down is eBay. 80% of their inventory is actually new, which I don’t think many people know about! eBay has soooo many pairs of shoes in general, but I personally love them most for their sneaker collection – perfect for this casual everyday look that I lalalove. I even get a lot of my gym sneakers here too, but definitely check eBay if you’re looking for sold out pairs of sneakers in general.

A couple of my favorite brands of sneakers for this type of look that people forget about are Reebok and New Balance (which both are a 10 on the comfort level!). Especially love an all black pair like these New Balances (and only $55) or this other black on black pair. As for ones with a little color, this gray and teal pair is super cute, and I love the classic all white Reeboks for $56 (and are always sold out everywhere!).

Then obviously I love Nike and Adidas for  street style and gym wear too!

You girls know I love this Air Max Pair (literally have them in three colors from the last couple years) and eBay has them in SO many great colors (new in box!) right now.

These Adidas are my favorite to work out in! They’re comfy and flexible too!They sell out so quickly  in department stores but found tons of great options HERE.

I hope this was helpful for you girls! If you’re on the hunt for some new sneaks definitely

I definitely recommend checking out eBay!


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