BumpDate (36,37 and 38 Week pics)

Morning loves! So its safe to say I didn’t get around to doing consistent bump dates as I would have liked this pregnancy but you have to do what you can 😉 I can’t believe we have less than 2 weeks till our little man is supposed to be here! So lets get crackin’ with a way overdue “bump date” for weeks 36, 37 and currently 38! 
(36 Weeks)
(37 Weeks!) -Sorry for the iPhone quality pics
(38 Weeks!)

How Far Along: 38 Weeks!

Gender: Baby Boy!

Total Weight Gain: about 28 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Oh heavens YESSSS! I’m still mixing in some non maternity pieces that are oversized but Target Maternity tanks, Paige maternity denimZella workout pants and these comfy sneaks  are my uniform most days! (no joke)

Sleep: Ugh…. Well we have officially entered into bad sleep stage of pregnancy. I have been have such bad back pain the last few nights and wake up a million times. I use three different pillows and nothing seems to help. Not to mention I am sick (horrible timing right?!) So I guess this is just prepping me for those sleepless nights that are upon us 😉

Miss Anything: Ummm a cocktail for sure, fitting into normal clothes, sushi, being able to use certain products and being able to  buckle and tie my shoes. Oh and to  carry on a normal conversation without being winded lol

Cravings: Nothing really comes to mind lately except Lemonade! Earlier in the pregnancy it was all about popcorn and soft pretzels! I would also add frozen yogurt but i’m not sure if that counts if you eat it all year round even when you’re not pregnant 😉

Symptoms: TONS of Braxton Hicks! Not sure if the more you have means the closer its getting but definitely WAY more now that ever before. Those crazy random sharp shooting pains in my hips/pelvic bone are back and boy do those just stop you in your tracks! Also this little man has been feeling LOWWWW for forever. I’m not sure if its a boy thing or what but I don’t remember Ava feeling this low 😉

Belly Button/Body Changes: definitely out and you know this pregnancy I didn’t get that dark line on my stomach either (yeah for that!). I also didn’t get the full head of hair I got when I was pregnant with Ava either (boo!).

Mood: This week blah! Sick and uncomfortable my hubby probably wants to steer clear lol

Best Moment This Week: We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and getting to see him makes it all so much more surreal. I’m sure most moms feel the same with baby number two but we have just been so busy trying to get everything organized and running around after Ava that you really can’t take it all in!

Looking Forward to: My next weekly appointment to see if i’ve dilated and meeting this little man of course!

Non existent at this stage. 😉 So with this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Ava I pretty much gained about the same amount of weight (just under 30lbs). My eating and working out was pretty much identical as well. I tried to be mindful of what I was eating but still indulging when those cravings hit. I worked out about 3 days a week up until about about 7 to 7.5 months when I stopped going to the gym. After that point I just did some easy walking and some living room exercises (squats, lunges etc) every now and again.
With this babe I haven’t been walking or doing those exercises as of last month. He just felt really low and I was having a lot of hip pain after walking so I listened to my body (and my husband) and am just taking it easy. I love to work out and can’t wait to get back to the gym but I definitely want this little guy to stay in as long as he can and fatten up 😉 Also with both pregnancies I started indulging a bit more with food after 8.5 months. I’m hoping all those last indulgences go to his tush and not mine 😉

On My Mind:  Okay the real talk! So of course i’m anxious about the whole labor part and praying everything goes smoothly but this time around there’s even a bit more on my mind. If you girls have been following since when I was pregnant with Ava you may remember my post about the dreaded baby blues. It only lasted a couple weeks but lets just say it’s not fun! I’m hoping that doesn’t happen this time around (although my OB says it most likely will but you’ve been down that road before so you know theres an end in site). I am even considering doing the placenta capsules so if you mamas have done that i’d love to know your thoughts! Between the exhaustion and hormones i’m just assuming the first few months are going to be CRAY ZAY trying to adjust and find that balance again (like it was with Ava).
Also now that we have a toddler on our hands as well i’m hoping she adjusts well to having a little brother and someone who is going to steal a tad bit of her spotlight. Lastly i’m anxious about having to stay in the hospital without Ava. She is such a mama’s girl and doesnt even like it when I tell her I have to go to the doctors office for a checkup! We have never been away from her over night and it makes me sad already to think about having to be away from her. We stocked up on a few new toys (for a distraction) and have the in laws lined up to come stay with her so i’m just hoping it all goes as smoothly as possible!
So any tips, advice or suggestions you mamas have is always appreciated! Anyhow sorry for the novel but finally had a sec to put a full bump date together for you!

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  1. I have girlfriends who have done the placenta encapsulation and say that it truly helped! One who didn't with her first and did with her second and said that when she felt a mood coming on she would take them and almost immediately notice a difference. Don't know if it is a mind thing or what…. but it certainly can't hurt. I am 19 weeks along and definitely looking into doing it since my moods are pretty serious as it is 😉 Definitely keep us updated and let us know your results if you do! Sending good vibes for a smooth and easy delivery 🙂

  2. I didn't do the placenta pills but would if I ever had another baby. I have several friends that have and really believed they helped. I had some major baby blues after my daughter and talking to people afterwards helped as well as taking medicine to balance chemical/hormones out again.

  3. I am sooo with you on the baby blues deal. I have talked about it on my blog a few times too and seriously that is the scariest part of getting pregnant again for me. I loved being pregnant, and labor/delivery went smooth, but those first few weeks were so hard because I am normally such a happy person and I really didn't feel like myself. My hubby would come home after work and I would just hand him our little guy and go cry in the bathroom. I think the saving grace for our second will be knowing that it will have an end date. With Boston one of the worst parts was worrying that it wasn't ever going to end and I was going to be that sad forever.

    Wishing you the best and I really hope it is easier on you this time.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  4. Have a big sister box stuffed with stickers and simple activities she can do while your feeding her brother.
    Have a gift ready to give her from her brother when she visits you at the hospital.
    Make sure you tell her how much you love her because she may notice other people giving her brother a lot more attention.
    Don't be afraid to ask for help with the kids if you start to notice the baby blues creeping up. Get plenty of sunshine to help with postpartum.
    Remember that you are giving Ava the greatest gift and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm praying it will be smooth and amazing. You've got this momma.

  5. We had never left our little girl until baby #2 came along. My husband came home each night to put her to bed and we facetimed right when she woke up. My sister brought her up to the hospital every day and she did so good that they spent the majority of the day with us. And auntie took her on a trip to the mall were she got a special present. Don't stress too much, she'll be fine and I'm sure she'll get plenty of attention from grandma and grandpa. Good luck!!

  6. wishing you the best on this upcoming arrival. Just wanted to comment, I am a psychotherapist and see many mothers with baby blues/post partum depression and would like you to know that every pregnancy is different. I have seen mothers having baby blues with first one but not the following, others only one of the pregnancies and others with all of them, so you just never know. It is best to go into it with the mind set that you will just have to wait and see (the mind is very powerful) and do what you can to have some self care: support from family, going out for walks, getting plenty of sun and healthy eating like you do.
    good luck

  7. You look beautiful! My babies re 4 and 18 months and I can tell you that it's a challenge to go from 1 to 2 but you very quickly find your new "normal". This is such an exciting time! The hardest part was keeping my son entertained while I was breastfeeding. And being tired ALL OF THE TIME! lol Have you considered using essential oils to help you sleep? We use Young Living oils for so much in my home, I wish I had them when I was pregnant. As a working mama they have been great for energy, sleep for everyone, keeping the sickies away and I even had great success using them to boost my milk production.

  8. I didnt have the baby blues after my first but i did get really aweful blues in the first month of being pregnant with my second. Im not sure why but I just felt like this dark cloud was luming about my head and i couldn't get out of the sad funk i was in not matter how good i knew our life was. It eventually just went away once my hormones leveled out. Im sure its similar with the baby blues after delivery, your hormones are all over the place. I think what really helps is getting out of the house, being in the sunlight, staying connected to God and praying through it, and also just being open about it with your other mama girlfriends who can pray with you and talk you through those hard weeks that theyve gone through as well. I know that always helps me. I think when we're "down" we want to isolate ourselves and be alone because we dont feel great, but if you surround yourself with community and support and are open about it, it actually helps a ton! ALso maybe doing something for yourself (once you can step away for an hour) and getting some alone time. (: Wishing you a safe, healthy delivery!! And praying for a healthy baby boy, no postpartum blues, and a smooth transition for your whole fam! Oh and last thing i thought of that has helped my little guy when i leave is trying to spend more time with ur in laws that will be watching her in these next couple weeks before hes here so she feels more comfortable with them and has a closer bond (my little guy has bad separation anxiety right now and seeing them 2 times a week has helped him a ton!) i know thats not always possible but just throwing it out there ( ;

    1. I thought it was just me! I remember having a little baby blues after my daughter & this pregnancy with my son for the first few months I felt a case of the baby blues! So weird. I hope it is not foreshadowing what's to come, but I love your advice & just wanted to share that I went through the exact same thing!

  9. hey Andee – you look beautiful! Hoping your cold goes away soon and you get some needed sleep before baby gets here. I'm so excited for you and your family.

    Re – baby blues. I had postpartum anxiety after I had Sofia. It was very severe and resulted in postpartum insomnia (like literally I would sleep 2hours per week). I was almost losing my mind and had to go on medication. Sofia is now 2.5 years old and I'm still slowly coming off my medication and completely put idea of more kids out of my mind.

    Baby blues are very common though and my doctors says they reside within a couple of weeks….I wouldn't worry too much 🙂 At the end there is a lot of support out there

  10. I totally want to try the placenta pills next time too… I had wicked baby blues the first time and have no doubt the second time will be a lot more difficult with a toddler running around. You look awesome, can't wait to 'meet' your baby boy! xo

  11. Just wanted to weigh in on the placenta encapsulation question. It's something that I never would have thought in a million years that I would do but, after doing a whole bunch of research, my husband and I decided that it fell into the "can't hurt, might help" category. So, I took the pills postpartum and also kept a few around in the freezer for when I was feeling down (for example, when I weaned after breastfeeding). Maybe it was just placebo, but it really worked for me, and I'm not typically the "believing" type (full disclosure: type-A lawyer here who pretty much approaches home remedies with absolute skepticism). I would absolutely do it again and completely recommend it without reservation. I have, however, read articles where people felt it did not work for them, so I think you just have to make sure you're vigilant about listening to your body when you're on them. Go, Andee, go!! You are almost there!

  12. Andee, do the placenta pills! I didn't have mine for a few days after having my son, and when I finally got them (from my doula) it was like a night and day difference! I felt strong, emotionally balanced, like I could handle anything. It was the best thing ever! I highly suggest it, I would never have a baby without taking them after! I did a ton of research on it, and have a holistic lifestyle blog so If you want to talk about it more email me servedfreshlife@gmail.com…and I'm in Los Angeles if you need any recommendations. Xx

  13. My second I was super nervous about. I struggled with my first one so when number 2 came I didn't know how I would handle. Honestly, Number 2 was almost easier because I knew what to expect. Don't get me wrong, they are definitely different (2 girls) but the basics I knew what to expect. It just seemed to come more naturally. In regards to the delivery thing…. my first I was induced…. my second I almost had in the hospital parking lot. Literally barely made it there. So I don't have any good advice on that :l I hope you have a safe and healthy delivery!

  14. Such an exciting time for you all! We found that it was really the first 6 weeks after baby number 2 was born that were a crazy time but by about the 6 week mark we had found our rhythm and settled in to a bit of a routine. One thing that really took the pressure off in those early weeks was having some meals frozen in toddler sized portions for our son. It was a life saver many times over when crazy hour hit and the baby was unsettled but we wanted to try to keep our son's dinner, bath and bed routine as much as possible. Having the freezer meals was great because we knew he was still getting a healthy dinner amidst all the chaos! Enjoy this special time and wishing you all the best for the new arrival 🙂 – Caitlin

  15. Oh mama, my heart felt the same when I had to leave my first to have my second. It was the first time ever I was away from her and she did okay. We had lots of entertainment lined up and I was only away from her for 24 hours. It was nice to get a little bonding time in with our sweetest second before we got home. Adjustment was awesome, my girl LOVED having her own personal baby doll. She was the biggest helper at 21 months old and now the biggest bossy sister at 2.6 years old! Give it time, everything works out. I never had the baby blues but I assure you all of the loving from the toddler and the baby will cure them quickly. Plus toddlers do the funniest things and say the funniest things 🙂 Prayers for a smooth delivery and a healthy bouncing baby boy!

  16. Awww, that last part is such a normal way to feel when you are having your second. My girlfriends and I were just talking about that the other day – how hard it is to have your second and feel guilty and worried about your first. A sibling is the greatest thing you can give your child in the long run. It sounds like you have everything lined up to keep her happy and distracted and she has such loving parents that she will adapt really well!

  17. No mama advice here 😉 but just wanted to send you some love from NY and let you know you will be in my thoughts and prayers these next coming weeks! Try to remain faithful that He never gives us more than He knows we can handle. You will do great love, and Ava will too I bet (new toys alwayssss help!!) Thinking of you… Muah xoxoxo

  18. Really nice to reading your blog. I'm from Amsterdam and was looking for fashion and get linked to your blog. Beautifull pictures, lovely belly! Totally normal to feel how you feel 🙂 You will see that everything go it's self, like it's always bin that way. Sure your little girl would test u 2, take her closely to the caring of your little babyboy tell her what you are doing ect. It will all fall in place. Have faith and trust your intuition. Good luck! I will keep reading. We having our 3e boy this summer 🙂 The boys here are excided! XO

  19. Andee, you looks amazing!! Could you do a post on your skin care routine, such as moisturizer and face wash you use? Your skin is flawless! I don't think I remember seeing a post on that before, but I may be wrong! Would love to hear what you use! Thanks! xo

  20. I had the SAME experience with baby blues after having Harper & it was the thing I dreaded most about having Eloise. However, much to my surprise, I did not have it at all with her!! I was a little over-emotional the first few days, but it was nothing like the sads I had with Harper. And honestly, a lot of people told me it happens more with the first baby then the rest, so hopefully you will be okay this time around!!! 🙂 I will be thinking of you!! XO

  21. Lady, you are still so teeny and all baby bump! Looking great and in the home stretch! I hear the placenta encapsulation is really great! I had a friend do it (had tendency for other issues already) and she did fantastic! No baby blues, plenty of milk supply and so much energy! No tips for Ava, but I'm sure with extra attention from the grandparents might do the trick. I also hear about the older sibling receiving some gift(s) from the baby when she visits the hospital for the first time. HTH!

    xx Viv

  22. I love your blog and it gives me lots of incentive as a mom of two to step up my game fashion-wise. 😉 I had mild postpartum depression after our first and I didn't recognize it as such for a long time. Luckily it went away on its own as my hormones adjusted and I got used to the fact that sleep and alone time were basically nonexistent after kids (why do more people not say this??) Anyway, I think with baby #2, you head into it with such a foundation of knowledge that some things are a LOT easier! I didn't do the placenta encapsulation because my OB said she didn't think there was anything medically to back up the usage (however, she was not opposed to it) but I just decided not to. That said, lots of friends of mine swear by it, and if it can't hurt…why not? I made sure to have lots of high protein foods and lots of veggies, especially dark greens, to help my immune system, iron, and energy levels. When I'm tired I reach for the sugar, especially mid-afternoon, and the second time around I tried hard not to fall into that habit. Good luck! You're going to be amazing! And you'll love seeing the interactions between your babies! – Victoria

  23. Great post. I am looking forward to more heartfelt and honest posts since I'm 6mos behind you. This post has encouraged me to look into placenta encapsulation. I remember having some serious mood swings after my first and like you I am nervous how that will play out with a toddler running around too. Best Wishes for a your delivery and new baby!

  24. Hey mama! I literally felt like I was reading a page from my own book on this post! It's so crazy chasing after a toddler that it didn't totally hit me until I was going into labor that this is really happening!! So different than the first time! We just had baby #2 a week ago and have a 2yr old too. It was her first time without us overnight and I was so worried about that and missed her like crazy. It was good to know she was with my mom who came from out of town so hopefully you will feel the same peace of mind with your in laws. I am not going to lie this week has been a little crazy with two kiddos around but it's exciting and so glad we had some help and hubby is home for a while too. I also did the placenta encapsulation and am SO glad I did. I regretted not doing it last time. So I thought why not?! We also gave our daughter a gift that was from the baby and that was a huge hit!! She's been enfatuated with her and a big helper we've just really tried to play up the big helper part and try to be really patient with her I think that really makes a difference. And if you can I would stay those full two days at the hospital because it's sink or swim when you get home 🙂 best of luck to you and enjoy every minute especially if it's your last baby! It's not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.

  25. Definitely do the placenta capsules! I had the worst baby blues with my first baby and didn't do anything like that other than supplements. With my second baby I did do my own placenta capsules and it was a Godsend! I felt balanced and good, no lows. They literally were my "happy pills!"
    You're replacing all the nutrients and hormones lost during pregnancy and labor so the capsules replenish you and leave you feeling happy and balanced!
    Good luck and congratulations!

  26. Loved reading everyone's adivce for you! Please keep us updated on the difference the placenta encapsulation did for you, I am looking into it as well. I have a daughter about Ava's age & am having a son in July, would love for you to post about the interaction between brother & sister as they grow!

  27. Hi Andee, I am 34 weeks, live in South OC, and looking for a placenta encapsulation referral. If you would be so kind, I would appreciate it. Congrats on your sweet boy, he is adorable! 🙂

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