Bouncy Waves

Ive been getting a lot of requests lately on how I style my hair. The truth is I hate washing and and styling my hair! I have found a super quick and easy way to tame my wavy hair and that gives it a little volume.

I go old school with my Con Air hot rollers! I just throw these babies on wait about 10 minutes for them to completely cool. Then I take them out and spray with a light weight hairspray and thats it!! I like mine more wavy and natural looking but if you want yours to stay tight I suggest misting hair with hairspray before you roll it around the roller. This will make it hold much better.

I use the larger roller set but I also have this smaller set that I take with me whenever I travel. Again makes doing my hair so easy!** Also I highly recommend purchasing some of this claw hair clips from a beauty supply store vs the little metal pins the set comes wilth. The metal pins always seem to leave a crease.

10 mins later…finished product

***Ive also had some emails about recommendations on my hair stylist. If you are in OC and looking for a new one, I HIGHLY recommend my girl Samantha at Studio 4 in Newport Beach. I have been going to her for years and she gives the best cuts and blow outs!!! Studio 4 is located across the street from Fashion Island. I think she also said she just started working at the Dry Bar newport beach on Sundays. So definitely check her out. So sad I wont have her to do my hair anymore (since well be in Miami)

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  1. Your hair always looks great! I need to pick up a set of hot rollers one of these days. I've always thought they'd be harder to use than a curling iron, but I guess I was wrong!

  2. I should probably buy a set of rollers, I hear they are much easier are your hair than a curling iron, glad to hear I am not the only one who hates styling their hair!

  3. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  4. Every time i read a blog post i think how amazing your hair is…. can you d an all hair post? 🙂 Btw i love hot rollers, they give the most natural and sexy looking styles! Unfortunately with my curly hair i need large rollers like yours but in BG its a nightmare to find such big rollers… lol Anyways…nice post hun! 🙂


  5. looks beautiful! I use a regular curling iron and spray my hair before curling; I get the results i like, but it is SO time consuming, I hardly do it unless it's a special occasion.

  6. thanks for sharing i was wondering how you got those beautiful waves! stop by my blog gave you an award just wanted to acknowledge your blog i love! xo

  7. Your hair always looks so beautiful. I've tried hot rollers before and for some reason I suck at rolling my hair on them. I think my hair is too thick or something. I mainly just stick to curling irons.


  8. thanks girls! It seriously is my lazy everyday hair do! 😉 If you girls have any products that help with humidity let me know because I know its going to rough styling my hair in Miami!!
    @Delaney thanks so much thats so kind but no I dont model. Im only 5'4 so I dont really have the height thing going for me 😉

  9. @Makeupatrist jessicariveria No you cant use these with wet hair unfortunately!
    @mary mur shop for what? I have many different places just depends on what im looking for 🙂
    @missvendella I will post my must have hair products soon!
    @fifi THANKS so much for the love!!!
    @Stephanie T My hair looks black but in person more of an dark dark brown. My hair is naturally dark brown but i do dye it a little darker

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