Bon Voyage

Hey ladies! We are finally heading off to France!! We may have internet connection there so hope to update a little while away. I will definitely be updating pics on Honeybee Facebook page!

Ive always been a big snack packer! Esp because my husband has to eat every hour on the hour or else he feels “faint” haha (I swear its like im packing snack for a child ;)Here’s a look at what I bring on board…

I try to stay away from airplane food as they can be a caloric nightmare. I always bring apples, fiber bars and fruit strips. I usually bring individual packaged nuts but had no time to run out and purchase them this trip. Anytime we are staying at a hotel I always bring a box of my low sugar organic oatmeal. Its so easy to make if you starving in the morning or dont want to pay $25 per person for room service. My hubby wanted to bring the pb2 as well which is super convenient protein to have while on vacation. Obviously the box of oatmeal and PB2 go in the suitcase and the rest of the snacks come in my carry on.

Hope you girls have a lovely week!! xoxo

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  1. I'm so inspired by you and how dedicated you are to be healthy! I'm definitely guilty of letting it all go anytime we go on vacation.. it's mental.. anytime we go anywhere we want to eat whatever we want, and then end up crying ourselves to sleep when we get home and step on that scale…

    Enjoy the south of France! I was just there a few months ago, and it was fabulous!

  2. not having a trader joes close by is so annoying! i would love to have those fiberful fruit bars on hand. what is pb2? i guess i can look it up and i'm assuming it's peanut butter of some sort. i'm always looking for good protein sources besides meat, especially for the morning.

    have a great trip!

  3. Thanks so much ladies! @lifeisreediculous I did a post on PB2 it's amazing so def check it out! @inloveaithsandiego thanks girl I'm definitely very passionate about it but when I'm on vacay you def have to Indulge too. I plan on drinkings lots of rose and having my fill of pastries 😉

  4. Have a wonderful time! 🙂 You must check out the French skincare at their pharmacies if you get some time!

  5. So interesting to see what you take with you. How do you make the porridge at the hotel – do you need a microwave?

    I see that you've taken green tea with you as well – I've started carrying sachets of my fave green tea in my handbag LOL – I feel like such an old lady – but so many places use fancy sachets that taste weird – I'd rather ask for their teabag on the side and dip in my own green tea LOL!

  6. Have a fab break ! enjoy. PLease do a what you took in your luggage and hand luggage if you can? thankyou

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