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Some you may already know from my post last week on The Honeybee Facebook page but for those of you who dont I wanted to share the big news with you! We are officially moving to MIAMI in four weeks!!! Its something that my husband and I have been talking about for years and we cant believe it is actually happening! We are nervous but VERY excited to be making our way back to the East coast and closer to both our families!

(and if you’ve been following the honeybee for awhile you know that we lived there for a couple months last year as well)

Its always scary starting over but look forward to a new chapter! I hope you girls will continue to follow the Honeybee on its new journey! xoxo

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  1. ahhh that's so amazing- so happy for you! it's so important being closer to your families! i've always wanted to make my way out to visit miami!

  2. Congrats! I wish I was on the East coast…I would love to live in the sunshine year round. That's great that you will be closer to your families. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventures in Miami!

  3. you girls are so awesome~ thank you for all the support! Family is super important to us and weve missed out on so much because we live across the country. As much as we love Southern California i think its DEF time to give Miami a go! Although the humidity and Hurricanes im def not looking forward to! ha
    @beautygirl24 Noelle so funny you say that because so many of our friends here say that. Ive lived in OC for 12+yrs but it has never felt like home to me!

  4. Good for you Andee! It sucks being away from family, all of mine are in the South Fl. area, but I'm one of the few oddballs that loves winter weather. It sure it nice to visit though!

  5. Wow! Miami! What made you pick Miami? Where are you and your hubby originally from? And, is that your Celine leopard print bag? If so, I am SO JEALOUS!!! 😉

  6. I will totally still follow your journey to the east coast. I go to Florida regularly to visit family. Will be going to Miami in August actually. I will miss seeing a cool OC blogger though. It's always fun to see others blogging about the places that I live nearby. Gives a new perspective.

  7. Best of luck on your move!!! 🙂 We also just moved recently from SoCal to the East Coast so that we could also be closer to our families.

  8. congrats!! i've been wanting to move to ft. lauderdale, miami, or west palm beach area for a while now. we will move eventually, but i think not for another 2 years. its great that you guys have family there too 🙂


  9. So exciting! I love Miami! Last year I went there for the first time and was blown away-it is like another country- in a good way:) We stayed at the Gansevoort too! Really exciting too that you will be closer to your families- I think I take that for granted

  10. I don't comment much, but read your blog regularly and love it. Congrats on the move!! I've enjoyed your France pictures as well. Can't wait to go there in a few years!

  11. I've been to Miami only once back in college just for one night off a cruise ship, and it was amazing- I'm sure living there is fun all year round! I love me some east coast (for obvious reasons living in GA!) so congrats on your move back!

  12. Can't wait to read about your adventures in Miami, ESPECIALLY since I'll be visiting that awesome city TWICE in the next few months. Looking forward to some tips.

    P.S. you look AMAZING in a bathing suit. Happy Friday!

  13. Congrats on the move doll!!!…

    you are sooooo south beach, bikini's should be your everyday attire…although, im sad you will be leaving OC 🙁

  14. Congrats on your move! I'm going to Miami for my birthday in two weeks — can you recommend any restaurants and/or night spots? You have great taste 🙂

  15. oh Desiree how exciting! where are you girls staying?! There are ENDLESS fab places in south beach for a bday celebration! Theres STK @ Gansevoort hotel, Mr.Chows at the the W (super fab but pretty pricey), Cecconis at the Soho Beach house has a gorgeous outdoor patio. Prime112 never disappoints if you want a great steakhouse. The Blue door at Delano followed by drinks at the Florida Room there.
    Mokai night club is pretty good and you have to go to LIV at fontainbleu!
    Hope this helps!! Now you have me all excited to get there 😉 Happy early bday love

  16. I'm staying at The Shore Club and now you have me extra excited!! Thanks for all the tips — and the bday wishes! I'll be sure to post pics and update you after my trip. You are the best! 🙂

  17. @prettyinpink i am orginially from Northern VA and was born in North Carolina. (east coast girl at heart 😉 I have lived all over the world because my dad was a COL. in the USMC. I moved to Orange County for high school about 12 years ago! xo

  18. Hi JESS how fun!! If you look about 3 or 4 comments up i left some suggestions on restaurants and clubs for another girl who is going for her bday. You should def grab lunch on Lincoln. There are so many great affordable cafes (our favorite is NEXXT its like a cheesecake factory but cafe like) and they are super affordable. Great place to people watch!! Walk down Ocean ave for an EYEFUL 😉 all walks of life great people watching. Although is a bit CRAZY during holiday weekends. So just depends if you want to be all up in the craziness. The beaches are all gorgeous. Try to get in the rooftop pool at the Gansevoort its a fun pool party!

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