Amazon Finds // Household Items You Never Knew You Always Needed

Hi loves, i’m back with another Amazon Finds post this morning sharing some of my favorite household homes that you never knew you always needed! I know I’ve shared some organizational items from Amazon before and other daily household finds but below are some products we use ALL the time and have been super helpful in our household.



1 – We’re all about a calendar in our house with everyone’s hectic schedules and this one is chic enough to not totally mess with the decor of our home. Super easy to use or erase things since it’s a white board.

2 – Glass containers are something i’ve always recommended. They’re worth the little splurge and this set is such great quality. They’re BPA free and love all the different shapes and sizes. Great deal here and they’re currently on sale!

3 – All about this guy who literally works and you don’t have to do anything! We have a lot of hardwood which this is great for. We run it once a day to pick up crumbs, dust bunnies, you name it.

4 – If you girls are trying to be more eco-friendly, these reusable paper towels are awesome to keep in the kitchen or for clean up. Easy to wash too!

5 – I love these when washing any delicates like bras, undies or swimsuits and they work well for baby stuff as well.

6 – My hubby bought this years ago for our beloved dog Louie who passed earlier this year ;( and it was a game changer for any accidents or dog hair. We’ve since used it SO many times for kid messes and just random quick cleanup around the house. So nice not to have to pull out the full vacuum every time and it really gets into little areas nicely. I love that it has a spray cleaning solution too! Definitely one of those items you never knew you always needed!

7 – This was the hubby’s idea so have to give him credit here. This can charge several things at once and even straight USB cords which is nice for allll the things. It serves as a nightlight too so all-around good multi-tasker.

8 – You girls have probably seen the kids on this in some of my pics and IG stories. We have a few in our home and they’re great for by the sink especially while the kiddos are young and we actually have these in three different areas in the house. I use the pantry one often for the shelves I can’t reach around the kitchen. It comes in a pretty light wood and white as well!

9 – We have several lazy susan’s in our pantry for kids snacks etc. and they’re also nice in beauty closets for things like makeup and skincare products! For all my Pantry Organization items, see this full post.

10 – This little gadget is awesome if you get pilled couch cushions or for any pilling on sweaters, etc. It’s gentle but effective.

11 – I always get asked about these in my closet and they’ve been a game changer! They look so nice and are a great way to store them while letting them keep their shape! They work for scarves as well.

12 – First saw this on my girl Becky’s IG and it’s awesome for cutting up lettuce SUPER quickly for salads. Love that you can just eat it straight out of this bowl and one less dish.


You girls have any other Amazon purchases I need to try ASAP? Find can also find all my other Amazon Finds right here!

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